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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Petch Phayarthorn (Thep Sanaha Version)

Wat Ban Huaytuey ( Luang Phor Da Juntadharmmo ) This is a very powerful amulet indeed, blessed by Luang Phor Da, disciple of Phra Ajahn Mun Puritando. These were made by special order for devotees only. They were not mass produced or released to the general public and as such you will not find these for sale in amulet shops anywhere. We are very fortunate to own this single example, and we believe it to be exclusive to Petch Phayarthorn (Thep Sanaha Version) amulets are highly respected by devotees for the power to attract females along with success in love. Amulet features on the front a glazed porcelain Thevada (an angel in Sanskrit) Posed in ethereal grace, being idolatrized by two semi naked consorts. A thevada is an angelic being that lives in the lower heavens of Buddhist cosmology. Actually the name of the amulet, Thep, is synonym for thevada The reverse of this unique amulet is made from soil collected from seven temple cemetries around Thailand, many auspicious herbs (Nua Wahn) and embedded with sacred objects, associated with love and protection. Three takruts, genuine 24K gold, Sterling Silver and copper, a genuine fresh water pearl, uncut semi precious stones including genuine ruby, a section of holy robes worn by LP Da himself, Dokmai Ruk Sorn ( a flower respected for love attraction) ,and a silver plate with unique code (code 196 of 199 amulets) Luang Phor Da said that prior to asking for help from this amulet the following ceremony should be performed. He also said that in doing so, the worshipper should respect Lord Buddha third sil (taboo) prohibiting adultery. Sacred ceremony The ceremony should be organized on Monday night before or on the full moon only. The worshippers must prepare nine incense sticks along with the following: 1. Five kinds of fruits (one of them should be young coconut) 2. A bottle of liquor 3. Foods and desserts 4. Nine pink roses (without thorns) At the beginning of the ceremony the worshipper must respectfully think of the virtues of Lord Buddha, Dharma, and Sangkha (monks), their parents, teachers, and Luang Phor Da Juntadharmmo of Wat Ban Huaytuey, Karasin. The worshipper must then invite the sacred souls that protect the auspicious materials used in the creation of the Petch Phayatorn) amulets to bless them and help them succeed in their desires We are in the process of preparing a lot more information about this amulet, which will be posted within the next week or so The following khata should be chanted to activate the amulet. Khata Ohm Pra Pettayathorn sadej john yoo bon veha Ku ja riak hai mueng ma Ku jashchaihaimueg paisuhong……….. (Name of the worshipper’s lover ) Ku Jachai Hai Mueng Pai Somjornkubduay(Name of the worshipper’s lover) Ti Kumlung Lubsanit Nitra Mao Mua Nimit Kidwa Gu Masomsooduay Jong Ribpai Kamhuay Kamnong Kamklong Kamta Kamdin Kammahasamutsaisin Kamsirinmon Kampapayont La Artun Pai Terdpor Chaiya Prasittimae Ohm Jittung Ma-reso So-ma-re Arkujchahi Ittiwut Tubpho Arkujchahi Ohm Theprumluek Mahathep Rumluek Truengjit Truengjai Trueng Nai Pratai (Name of the worshipper’( over) Hai Sadoong Yun Roong Yun Kum Yalub Yanon Bonfook Bonmon Rumluek Truektueng Rumpuengjuengma Nungta Koitom Koichomtair ngao Nungbab Krungklao Piromchomchuey Prapai Jao Uey Jong Mapudduangjit (Name of the worshipper’s lover) Ma Soo Duangjit Gu Pud Ao Duangjit Gu Pai Soo Duang Jit (Name of the worshipper’s lover) Na Pookjit Mo Pookjai Buddha Pook Alai Tar Hai Krumkruan Yahai Runjuan Puanjit Puanpun Tueng Gu Yu Ruenmidai Rong hai Mahagu Ahi Jittung Piyung Mama Ohm Sitti Sawahom Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulet.Com

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