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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luang Phor Sakorn


The Holy Instructor Manunthammawat or Luang Phor Sakorn is the most admired disciple and inheritor of Buddhist supernatural powers from the Venerable Grandfather Tim Isariko. An expert in supernatural and ancient medicine since childhood, he was formerly known as Sakorn Paisalee, born to farming parents on Tuesday, 3rd February, 1938, or the ninth waning day of the third lunar month. 

His birth occurred in direct accordance with the ancient proverb that says that a person born on that day will possess exceptional abilities and meet with great success if he chooses to follow those abilities and, if evil, will possess incomparable wickedness. It also said that a person born under this sign would have an interest in supernatural powers of a spiritual kind. His father’s name was Mr. Ku and his mother’s name was Mrs. Nid. The Venerable Father Sakorn was born at Ban Thai Thung, Mu 2, Tambon Nong Krab, Amper Ban Khai (Ban Thai Thung is also the birthplace of the Venerable Grandfather Tim). 

The Venerable Father Sakorn’s siblings consisted of his sister and himself: Luang Phor Sakorn began primary education at Grade 1 when he was five years of age at Wat Nong Krab School and attended there until he completed Grade 4. In 1947, he left school to help his father and mother with rice farming. In his free time, he would go to Ban Lahaan Rai in order to study the supernatural with Mr. Lor and Mr. Thad, both considered experts on the subject at that time. He also regularly served the Venerable Grandfather Tim and was counted upon as a young disciple to whom the Venerable Grandfather Tim showed kindness whenever calling upon him for his service, due to his personality and interest in the supernatural from childhood. 

As he grew into a young man, he gained possession of supernatural powers, which he never used to destroy others, but always to help his peers. At the age of 20 years, his mother and other relatives joined in arranging his ordination ceremony into the monkhood at Wat Nong Krab on Wednesday, 4th June, 1958, with the Holy Instructor Jantharothai (the Venerable Father Ding) presiding over the ceremony and performing the ordination ceremony. Wat Pai Lom was the place of his instruction and where he received the name of “Manunyo.” 

Once ordained for the monkhood, he travelled to Wat Lahaan Rai for the Buddhist Lent, where he became a disciple of the Venerable Grandfather Tim in order to dedicate himself to learning holy disciplines and Buddhist supernatural powers from the Venerable Grandfather Tim. He received instruction in various chants in their entirety from the Venerable Grandfather Tim who held nothing back, fully instructing him in all aspects. He studied until he had developed a clear understanding of these matters and was adept at performing them. 

Once he had developed expertise in the supernatural matters that he had studied, a love of these aspects led him to seek instruction from the Venerable Father Peng Sasano at Wat Lahaan Yai, who had formerly served as a royal guard for Krom Luang Chumphorn Khet Udomsak and studied in the powers of the supernatural with the Venerable Grandfather Suk at Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao. Possessing the power of invulnerability, he would demonstrate this by writing one single letter of ancient script on a lead slate for someone to attempt to shoot, whereby the bullet would never leave the gun. 

When Luang Phor Sakorn had sufficiently been instructed by the Venerable Father Peng, he received advice from the Venerable Grandfather Tim to go and study with the Venerable Grandfather Hin at Wat Nong Sanom, during which time he was blessed by the Venerable Grandfather Hin’s imparting of his knowledge. After his study of the supernatural with the Venerable Grandfather Hin, the Luang Phor Sakorn travelled to study with the Venerable Grandfather Som at Wat Ban Chong, Amper Phan Thong, Chonburi Province, who was yet another monk possessing supernatural powers in the eastern region. 

Luang Phor Sakorn studied until he had completed a regimen of courses, his curiosity and interest leading the Luang Phor Sakorn to receive instruction from many and various other great masters of the supernatural as follows: 1960 A.D. Travelled to study with Professor Chiang Kham in Rangoon, Burma 1963 A.D Studied with Professor Sin at Wat Na Wang, Amper Bang Lamung, 1975 A.D Travelled to study with Professor Supot in Cambodia. 1980 A.D Studied with the Holy Professor Sumon Kham Siang in Sri Saket 1982 A.D

Studied with the Venerable Father Bunyen at Wat Chang Nok, Nakorn Ratchasima 1983 A.D Studied with the Venerable Father Khun at Wat Ban Rai, Amper Dan Khun Thot, Nakorn Ratchasima 1984 A.D Studied with the Venerable Father Akhom at Wat Dao Nimit, Petchaboon 1985 A.D Studied with the Venerable Father Beum at Wat Prasartkin, Prachinburi Luang Phor Sakorn further studied with various and many other great masters in the use of supernatural powers including both monks and laymen. 

Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulets. 

  Khun Paen Pong Plaai Guman - Pim Yai Luang Phor Sakorn Manun-yo, sacred monk of Wat Nongklub, Bankai District, Rayong Province, was a close disciple of Luang Phor Tim Isarigo, the famous sacred monk of Wat Laharnrai, Rayong Province. He has recently launched a new series of amulets, which are without doubt the most eagerly anticipated series of this year. These amulets like most amulets released by Ajahn Sackorn will all disappear from the market very quickly indeed as they are all snapped up by collectors and devotees of the temple. Indeed many of these amulets were no longer available months before the launch. 

Those that possess amulets blessed by Luang Phor Sackorn cherish them because of the untold number of personal experiences, bringing about great faith in this extraordinary monk. This new series is called Trimas 51, which comprises of Phra Khun Paen Pong Plaai Guman (last version), Takrut 4 Klur, and Look-om Pong Plaai Guman amulets. We are proud to be able to present a number of amulets from the Khun Paen family, including this beautiful amulet made from white Plaai Guman Powder and studded with real gems on the reverse. A special copper code has also been added to prevent fakes. Amulet is supplied in the original temple box along with a katha. 

All these amulets are superb for those worshippers that wish to call upon better fortune into their lives, and particularly those who are facing economic problems. Apart from that these amulets are also powerful talismans with which to increase charm and attractiveness. Other than Luang Poo Tim, Luang Phor Sakorn also learned many sacred sciences from Luang Poo Peng, another sacred monk of Wat Lahanrai, who was very famous for his sacred spell, "Na” that could protect all worshippers from bullets and many other kinds of dangerous weapon.

Even Luang Poo Tim used to tell his worshippers that if they were unable to find Phra Khun Paen amulets blessed by himself, they should use those that were blessed by Ajahn Sackorn as they were equal in power.Sacred Materials - Khun Paen Plaai Guman. Phra Khun Paen Pong Plaai Guman (last version) are made of many kinds of sacred materials such as Luang Poo Tim 's famous Pong Plaai Guman powder, Wan Dokmaitong, Wan Saboolerd, Klur-taolong, Pong Mahasaneh 108, sacred pollens,Wankalong-rung, Din 7 Parchar(soils collected from seven graveyards),etc. 

Apart from the sacred materials, Luang Phor Sakorn also used many kinds of sacred spells to increase the sacred power of the amulets such as Rachwatra, Chutratong, and Trinisinghe, and even the day on which the sacred amulets were pressed was Monday16th of June B.E.2551, Monday is believed to be one of the days associated with charm. Objectives To renovate the temple. 

To build new monks’ houses. To renovate many other buildings at the temple. Luang Phor Sakorn revealed that he used special sacred incantations and sacred sciences of Luang Poo Tim and Luang Poo Peng, both who had told him that these amulets should be created when the world was facing an economic crisis. Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50
  Luang Phor Sakorn of Wat Nongkrub and Luang Phor Sin of Wat Laharnrai, both disciples of LP Tim, the famous sacred monk of Wat Laharnrai, joined to create a sacred series of Takrut amulets known as "Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 ", created strictly according to the sacred sciences of LP Tim. Sacred Materials 

Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 amulets are made of several kinds of sacred constituents as follows: LP Tim's Pong khun Paen charming powder Pong Prai Guman Powder(red and black) Wan 108 sacred powder Changpasomklong charming oil Wan Dokmaitong charming powder Wan Taolong charming powder Rukson charming powder Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 amulets are respected for the sacred power that could help worshippers succeed in love and businesses, whilst at the same time offer protection from danger. 

These amulets were blessed by a number of sacred monks including Luang Phor Sakorn and Luang Phor Sin, namely; Luang Phor Tone of Wat Khaonoi Kiriwun Luang Por Joi of Wat Nongnumkiaw Luang Por Charn of Wat Bangbor All worshippers agree that the power of these takruts is identical to those created by Luang Phor Tim.


  1. About the takrut made by LP Sakorn you published here, what i understand there were two batches made. The one which concerted and chanted by LP Sakorn and LP Sin is shorter then the one you published here as Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50. The one you published here is longer. I have two of the takruts and the what so called "Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50" shorter and was given to me recently. You can reach me via (msn). I am here to learn and share and dont have any intention to challenge you. TQ

  2. Wooo, thanks bro,

    Thanks for the infos and comments. Actually i have zero knowledge bout LP Sackorn amulets. Just read it from the poster and other blogs and posted here just to be shared.

    let see whether we have a fate to share the great info bout LP Sackorn' amulets. Hope can learn more from you bro.

  3. The one you have is more expensive and longer than the one chanted by both LP. Dont said learn, i am learning from you about tok raja amulet and you blog is informative. TQ I am going kelantan this coming December, any nice temple i can go, this is my third visit at kelantan. Any nice temple at Golok. I went to golden boat, tok raja's temple and the sleeping buddha temple before on my last two visit

  4. Thanks again bro,
    R u running any amulets shop / booth ?
    Bout the temple in Sg Golok, perhaps u should visit Wat Weng, Nikhom, Sungai Golok. This wat also produced some good and high quality of Tok Raja amulets.

  5. I am just a collectors and i dont sell amulets. Thanks for the information

  6. there are gumanthongs below... consider a spirit amulet or not? Thx.