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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Somdej Bankhunprom Yai Dai Dee

Thai Recent Years Great Guru Monks were invited to the plug saeg ceremony The background of Pra Somdej Bankhunprom amulet. The Phra Somdej Bankhunprom amulet was originally created by Samiantra Duang, who was the predecessor of the Thanakoses family and was also a royal official during King Rama V 's reign. He had created 84,000 amulets and kept them in the big pagoda at Wat Mai-amataros. On the occasion Somdej Phra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri gave him a bowl of sacred powder to mix with the remaining sacred materials for the creation of an amulet, later known as "Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom amulets". In B.E.2500, the pagoda was broken by some thieves who tried to rob the amulets. As a result the temple commission decided to sell all the Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom amulets to gain donation money for the temple renovation. In B.E.2549 these new amulets above were created, but on this occasion they were created according to the ancient regulations. Phra Racharhutanaphorn, the abbot of Wat Intrawihara, was the Chairman of the project, and Phra Kru Pibattananukul, the acting abbot of Wat Mai-amataros was the Vice Chairman. The creation processes was strictly adhered to and was in accord with ancient regulations of Somdej Phra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri. These regulations include instruction on how to blend the sacred powders, immersion in scared waters and creation of the mould etc. The committee Praprommolee (President) General Ruengroj Mahasaranonda(Co-President) Pra Racharhutanaphorn, chairman of the project Prakrupibattananukul, Vice Chairman of the project. Prakrupaladsuwattanasamthikul(Ceremony Organizer) Luang Phor Koon Parisutho was invited to start the holy ceremony. He lit the candles, recited the sacred spell to create sacred water and sprinkled the sacred water onto the sacred amulets for more than 1 hour. After that Phra Prommolee, Phra Racharhutanaphorn, and other 10 senior monks joined in unison to recite the Chinabunchora spell. This ceremony was organized at Wat Intrawihara(Wat Bangkhunprom-nai). It was the great ceremony because it was the first time that Luang Phor Koon had been invited to recite the sacred spell and create sacred water. This ceremony took place on May 26, B.E.2549. The prime purpose of this occasion was to help increase the magic power of the Pra Somdejbangkhunprom Yai-Dai-Dee amulets. Three further Buddhist ceremonies for the amulets as follows: The 1st ceremony was organized on June 3, B.E.2549, at 4.29 p.m. at Wat Mai-amataros, on that occasion Somdej Phra Maha Teeracharya, the abbot of Wat Chanasongkram presided over the ceremony and joined with other senior monks to recite the sacred spell for the amulets. The 2ndceremony was organized on June 30, B.E.2549, at 4.29 p.m. at Wat Intrawihara, on that occasion Luang Phor Perm, the abbot of Wat Pomkaew, Ayudhya province presided over the ceremony. The sacred ceremony was held in front of the biggest Pang-umbatra Buddha image (or Buddha image's holding a bowl ), which was created by Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri. The 3rd ceremony was organized on June 19, B.E.2549, at 5.19pm, the sacred ceremony called Paritratabhiseksompojsermbaramee and was organized to further increase the magic power of the amulets. On this auspicious occasion Somdej Prabhuttacharya and other senior monks joined together to recite the sacred spell and HRH Princess Ubonrahattana presided over the sacred ceremony. The ceremony was organized at Wat Intrawihara, Bangkok . Purposes To build a tower to keep the book of Phra Traipitdok (Lord Buddha's Teachings) at Wat Sankharam, Sukhothai province and to build a meditation centre at Wat Khao Yai The combination of the Phra Katha Chinabunchora spell of Somdej Phra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri, and original amulet fragments of Phra Somdej Bankhunprom, ensure that these new amulets will be highly efficacious and full of magic power. Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulets

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  1. Very interesting history of Som Dej Buddha amulets from Thailand! I think most people don't understand the care that goes into making the amulets - it is very strictly controlled circumstances that the great Som Dej amulets are created under - and I'm better for having known the story! I have a small blog about Buddhist amulets on blogger too - at Thai Buddha Amulets that you can visit if you want. You have a lot of information here - I will start reading through it today! Cheers and good luck to you. Metta, Vern