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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa by Late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri, Bachok & Wat Tendong, Pasir Mas.

omposing begins on 16 June 2016.

Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa by Late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri & Wat Tendong
Featuring the Great General Khun Paen  Thuk Darb  Fa Thuk Look Kuman ( Clasping Lightning Sword & Kuman ) made and consecrated by late Than Long, one of the great disciples of Phrakru Viriyasangvorn @ Than Kru Lek of Wat Ariyakiri, Bachok. This khun paen was believed to be consecrated in between BE2519 – 2523 in Wat Tendong a.k.a Wat Chinpradittharam, Tendong, Pasir Mas Kelantan and was later brought to Wat Ariyakiri and safe kept by Than Long before distributing it to the devotees.
This Khun Paen Thuk Dard is actually the 2nd bacth khun paen made by late Than Long. The first batch khun paen is Khun Paen Phim Lek made of Wanj Roi Peth and Phong patamung and Itijea.
 Than Long’s 1st batch Khun Paen Phim Lek
According to Phor Luang Keaw ( retold the same story lines by Late Phor Kae Taharp, from Beris Kubur Besar ). Late Than Long did not satisfy with the power embedded within the first batch Khun Paen plus the 1st batch khun paen is easily to break. In order to complete his wish to make a superb unlimited power of Khun Paen amuletPlease bear in mind that, this Khun Paen is the effigy of General Khun Paen amulet – NOT the effigy of the Great BUDDHA as depicted in most Phra Khun Paen votive tablets. Than Long went for deep Chudong in Songkla deep forest and met a white robes Achan – Phor Mor. This Phor Mor was a great guru endowed with superb Vicha Metta Mahaniyom Mahasaneh stuff – making of Phong Metta Endu.
According to Phor Kae Taharp, in order to learn this rare  Metta Vicha, ones MUST enter the deep forest alone for  Chudong ( deep forest Samdhi ) and recite the  Metta Khatas provided. The most difficult part to be accomplished - Ones should stay alone ( NAKED to be exact ) for 7 days in isolated area and reciting certain verses in deep concentration. At certain level, ones will be VISITED by the arahant / reusi / spirit ( Some said it was Khun Paen himself and his Look Gumarn spirits indeed ). These UNSEEN guidance will HAND OVER the secret ingredients and guide on how to make Metta Mahaniyom Mahasaneh stuff.
 Than Long’s Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa
The related story was retold to late Phor Kae Taharp by his guru – Mor Dee in Tanjung Beliat / Belit. His guru, Mor Dee emphasized that when he went to meet the same guru / achan ( forgot his name ! ) that taught late Than Long in Songkhla, he being told that one of the monks from Tendong, Malaysia came and learnt Vicha Metta Endu – Khai Hean Khai Rak, Khai Hean Khai Tak. Phor Kae Taharp added that, according to late Mor Dee, only a few could able to complete the ritual and mastered the whole vicha. Some were giving up their wish to gain this metta endu vicha as they could not bear the obstacles and hindrances during the 7-Day deep Samadhi.
Than Long’s See Pheung Kha Khai
To cut it short, just go and ask around some old folks around Pauh Lima-Aril and Pasir Mas – Tendong particularly, ( Bomoh lineage ) you will be told the same story on how this superb Khun Paen Thuk Darb Thuk Kuman was made. Perhaps you will be narrated the same story line and plot as I shared above. Most of veteran Kelantanese Phra Kreung enthusiasts knew this great story.
In making this  Khun Paen, Late Than Long used his secret blended ingredients that later he named / called as  Phong Saneh Darm ( Black compassionate grinded powder ). This Phong Saneh Darm were mixed / blended of various PHONG ( powder ) such as;
1.  Phong Metta Endu
    ( Powder of loving kindness ).
2.  Namman / See Pheung Naree Phai
    ( Love portion / Ointment of “Woman is defeated” )
3.  Phong Petnarthang
    ( Mixed minerals / ores ) from his master in Songkhla, Thailand.

 Special blended Phong Petnarthang
These specially blended Phong Petnarthang ( grinded ores powder ) were mostly stuffed at the Khun Paen’s belly and lap. Some were scattered around Khun Paen’s sword and Look Kumarn.

There was a rumours regarding the EXTRA SECRET ingredients in this khun paen, some irresponsible parties claimed that late Than Long stuffed this Khun Paen with Namman Prai Phee Tai Hong Thong Klom ( female who died in tragic way with an unborn foetus / child ) thus this Khun Paen contained a fierce roaming spirit. Meaning to say that, this khun paen is not suitable for Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia  ( fears of ghost ). For that, I would like to RUBBISH the claim and emphasis that, as far as my gurus concerned, late Than Long didn’t use / stuff this khun paen with Phee Tai Hong or Phee Tai Hong Thong Klom’s remaining. Late Than Long only used Phong Phrai Kuman ( widely used by most of Guru / Achan / Monk in creating Khun Paen or Kumanthong amulets ).
The Phong Prai Kuman was properly blessed and gone through the most difficult process in making Phong Phrai KumanBUATD PHEE.  To ‘ordain’ the roaming spirits so that they could not harm the wearer / worshipper  (won’t back fire !). In gaining the Phong Phrai Kuman, ones should get help from Achan Pachaa ( cemetery caretaker ) and Phor Mor ( white robes guru ) to fulfil the do’s and don’ts.
Friend of mine, doubt on this Khun Paen Thuk Darb Thuk Kuman’s sacred power. He said he can’t feel the power of this Khun Paen, for him it is just like any ordinary and newly made khun paen. As I said before, this khun paen contained Phong Prai Kuman. If you hang or wore it with other powerful Buddha or Monk votive tablets, or perhaps Taos’s 灵符 Chinese Deity Talisman. This Phong Phrai Kuman will never able to work or show off its 100% real power. If you wanna try the real power of this Khun Paen or other Phrai Kuman stuff. Try not to wear / hang it together with the others POWERFUL Buddha or Monk or any other Khan Tuar or Khan Khun Saaei Takruts.
Made in Wat Tendong @ Chinpradittharam, Tendong ?
Made in Wat Ariyakiri, Pauh Lima, Bachok ?
How many pieces were made and consecrated ?
Why there are two phims / colours made ?

There're no official record and documentation on where, when and the quantity of this Khun Paen was made. As far as I concerned ( Do correct me, if I’m wrong / misleading ! ). The are 2 types of this stunning khun paen, the first phim is TOTAL BLACK colour whereas the other version is mixed BLACK and GREY colours. Some may claim and say that the black is the 1st bath and the black and grey is the 2nd or redo batch.  For your information, there’s no such 2nd or redo batch for this khun paen. According to Phor kae Taharp ( Than Lek’s disciple and used to FOLLOW late Pok Lor ), there’s only 1 batch  / phim of this khun paen. Than Long made and consecrated it in Wat Tendong before he moved to Wat Ariyakiri after ”a crisis”  in Wat Tendong.
The BLACK version is the one that been distributed in Wat Tendong and part of it in Wat Ariyakiri. The BLACK GREY ( is actually mud tainted ) version was distributed in Wat Ariyakiri after they discovered the BUYUNG @ TEMPAYAN ( Jar ) containing Khun Paen and Phra Nang Phaya. After BAH KUNING or YELLOW FLOOD ( mud flood ).
After the flood, the Sangkri ( caretaker ) who was clearing and washing the mud from Than Long’s Traditional Herbs room - chapel basement by chance discovered both of Phra Khun Paen and Nang Phaya ( some were sunken in the thick mud soiled water and some were not ). They brought out the Khun Paen and Nang Phaya and placed it onto the papers to dry it under the hot sun for certain periods. That’s why some of  the Khun Paen were tainted with mud on the reverse side – the papers soaked the water and mud from beneath ( reverse side ) of the Khun Paen. Whereas, the totally mud tainted khun paen were discovered after the flood and the mud was already dried off.
To conclude the discussion so far, both phims of khun paen - mud tainted and mud tainted free ARE THE SAME KHUN PAEN AND BOTH ARE GENUINE KHUN PAEN THUK DARB that made and consecrated by late Than Long . So far I have met 2 amulets enthusiasts that used to share the same version of this mud stained Khun Paen story  ! Dun believe me blindly, go and ask around for in depth information on this ! Do correct me, if I’m wrong / misleading !

Images taken from other internet sources 

Images taken from friend's FB page and other internet sources 

Mud tainted free Phra Khun Paen
During his life time late Than Long used to help many people to solve their UPS & DOWNS, mostly on spiritual and marriage problems. Late Than Long was famous for his healing ability by using traditional herbs @ medicines. All walks of life, including Malay R ulers used to visit late Than Long to seek his help. Having said that, the old tarred road leads to Wat Ariyakiri was tarred during late Than Lek’s reign and  was fully tarred during late Than Long eras AFTER both of them GAVE A HAND to one of the Malay Rulers to cure his spiritual illnesses. Than Long is a kind hearted guru monk. He is willing to help the needy -- regardless their races and belief.
Than Long’s Kraduk Kae Palakid
This palakid was hand crafted by Than Long using old elephant bone. This palakid is rare indeed, not many people know about this palakid origin. They thought that it's a normal bone palakid that can be found in amulet shops shelves. 4 years back, I used to see this palakid (a piece)  still available and is safe kept inside the antique display shelf (right hand side of the main hall) in Wat Ariyakiri. If i'm not mistaken, it was kept inside the red plastic plate together with others broken amulets.
Than Long’s Metta Mahaniyom Maha Phokasap Phayant
This printed metta phayant was made by Than Long when he was resided in Wat Tendong. All together there're 3 colours made ( red, yellow and white ). Some may mistakenly thought / claimed this phayant as Bangsek's creation because of the khom and angkhara styles. The inscribed khoms was copied from late Tok Raja Khron's phayant. Late Than Thit of Wat Machimaram, Jubakar also used to produce the same style of  yantra ( according to some sources, this paper yant was inscribed by his looksit / novice monk ) to be distributed to his devotees during his 2006 birthday celebration.
 Than Thits’s Metta Mahaniyom Maha Phokasap Paper Yant 

 Than Long’s Rak Yom

This ONLY 1 bottle Rakyom was given to my late mom  by Than Long. According to my mom, Than Long said this Rakyom was made of MAI TAI PHRAI wood, ( Normally Rakyom is made of Ton Rak Son - love tree and Mai Mayom - Star Gooseberry tree that then being  soaked into Namman Hom @ Jan ). My mom couldn't remember the  actual story  regarding this Mai Tai Phrai  by late Than Long thus she couldn't explain to me in-depth on its. The only thing that she could recalled was this wood was collected in the area ( large area ) that ONLY one of this wood lives ( Tunggal - one of its type in the area ). This wood  died by natural mother nature process. Perhaps my friends out there could help me to shed the light on the type of wood that late Than Long made to craft this Rakyom. Perhaps he is using the same Ton Rak or Mai Mayom that Tai Phrai !!!!
Mai = Wood
Tai = Died @ Dried
Phrai =  Ghost ?????
Mai Tai Phrai =  ?

Than Long’s Metta Khata 1
Om Look Nok ........
Bing Khao ………….
Pak Meurn .........,
Lar Meurn ………
……………. Look Bau
……………..Look Sau

Than Long’s Metta Khata 2
Nak Choo Leuird
Mak Choo …….
Ukh Choo …….
Akh Choo …….
………….. Khai Tak
………….. Khai Rak
………….. Khai……..
Thang Ying Thang Chai

omposing ends on 24 January 2017.

Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk
sadhu ! sadhu !

Monday, October 31, 2016

Phra Phutanimit VERSUS Phra Samnak Khun Paen Uk Tik

Composing begins on 9 March 2016.

Featuring the humble collection of another Southern Thai Great Guru Monk -- Chao Khun Phairoj Narathikhun @ Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij (Luang Pu Plub) of  Wat Rachsamosorn, Ampur Rueso – ( Resok ) Narathiwat Province.  Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij was ONE of Tok Raja’s @ Luang Phor Khron Wat Uttamaram Bangsek great disciples and among one of the hundreds SAKSIT Southern monks, Not many people ( especially NEW KAKI @ Newbie ) know about Chao Khun or Phra Kru Phairoj and his stuffs. If you are the real amulets lovers @ collectors, you should start to collect and own his stuffs right after you finish reading this posting. Goreng bang, jangan tak goreng ! Hahahahaha ! 

The miracle ! After Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij Moranak (demised) his body was never decomposed, miraculously  and naturally mummified instead ---by natural forms of mummification and preservation. This is not an easy thing to be happened, the human body is meant for decomposition, and the process will occur rapidly after death.

"You live, you die, you rot !"

At least, for most of us will do. However, there have been people throughout history whose bodies have stubbornly refused to decompose as expected. These "incorruptible" corpses are often the remains of people said to be saints or revered figures. Are these bodies miracles, scientific curiosities, or fakes?

Chao Khun Phairoj Narathikhun @ Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij's mummified body happened by natural forms of mummification and preservation not because  of Embalming Processes. Embalming is the art and science of preserving human remains by treating them (in its modern form with chemicals - Embalming Fluids) to forestall decomposition. The intention is to keep them suitable for public display at a funeral, for religious reasons, or for medical and scientific purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.

As ONE of Tok Raja’s @ Luang Phor Khron Wat Uttamaram Bangsek great disciples,  Chao Khun Phairoj used to reside in Wat Uttamaram for certain periods. According to late Phor Mor Keaw, Phra Kru Pairoj learnt RARE wichah from late Than Kong. Some of the rare wichah were ..........

*   To tame the wild animals.
*   To call upon the flying 
bird to stop onto his palm. 
*   Saadong Klab ( rebound the -Ve into +Ve ).
*   Khongkrapan Chatri ( invulnerability ).
*   Gambang Ton ( invisible before enemies eyes ). *   Metta Endu ( mahaniyom and mahasaneh ).

One of the rare wichah -  wichah to call upon the flying bird to stop by onto his palm  was only taught by Than Kong to his selected looksiks – in Kelantan, late Than Thit, the former abbot of Wat Maisuwankiri, Bukit Tanah, Tumpat ( Late Than Dee’s uncle ) was endowed with this wichah. Phor Mor Cau Nan used to share the story about late Than Thit and this rare wichah. Phor Mor Cau Nan said, late Than Thit recited the khatas and used his right hand to wave at the flying bird and pointing directly onto his left palm. Amazingly, wild Ketitir ( Turtle Dove  ) flew and stopped onto his palm and flown off a few second later.

Phor Mor Cau Nan added that late Than Thit refused to teach and pass down the wichah as he said once you learnt the wichah you have to practise it and once you have practise it you ought to misuse, when you misused it you have to bear the consequences - AYUT SARN  !

Phor Mor Cau Nan and Nen Chuan ( another Than Kong's looksik ( hearing impaired ) from Chap Sa Hang @ Lemal, Pasir Mas  - demised last 8 months ) asked further the reason why Than Thit refused to teach them. The only response that they got was........

" Mai Dai, Yar Rian......... Ayut Sarn"
Cannot, don't  learn....... you will short-live)
Back to the discussion ........ during his lifetime Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij made few batches of amulets. Phra Kru Pairoj  SPECIALLY MADE 2 BATCHES of amulets after he had got a mysterious dream which ordered him to consecrate a special phim amulets to give away to the devotees ( especially police and arm forces ) in order to help them to overcome the obstacles and hindrances, gain safety and to fight fearlessly during the battlefield. The 2 batches of amulets are called ;
(1)  Phra Phong Phuthanimit 2504
(2) Phra Samnak KhunPaen UkTik 2509

Phra Phong Phuthanimit 2504

Phra Phong Phuthanimit 2504  was made in 3 phims. The phims are……. 
1.  Phra Yod Khun Phon (Khun Paen Nang Thaeng)
2. Phra Phuthak Leela (Khun Paen Kha Jing)
3. Roobmeurn Phra Kru Pairoj Sasanakij

Phra Yod Khun Phon or widely known as Phra Khun Paen Nang Thaen
by locals @ certain parties

( 1st batch and special phim with Bodhi leaf  marks and janrakh coated)

( 1st batch @ broken block )

1st batch @ 2nd block )

Why there were 2 blocks ? 1st batch and redo batch ? Certain parties claimed that, the very 1st batch of Yod Khun Phon a.k.a Khun Phaen Nang Thaen is Phim Block Taeg ( broken block line ). The natural marks of broken block that only be discovered during the pumping process. The new block was made in order complete the making process.

Another source regarding this phim is ( according to some local folks in Resoe ) actually there were 2 blocks made for this Yod Khun Phon and no such as redo block for this phim. The 2 blocks were made at the same time and by chance, during hand moulding processes one of the block was cracked / broken.  Correct me, if i'm wrong !

The major contrast between the 1st and 2nd blocks are the hands posture and sitting base.  The 2nd block comes with a narrow hand posture ( narrow shoulder, elbow and wrist ) whereas the cracked block comes with wide shoulder, elbow and wrist. The sitting base ( left and right knees - bench ),  can be seen clearly whereas the broken block the bench is hardly to be seen.

Roob Meurn Phra Kru Pairoj

Phra Phong Phuthak Leela Phong Phuthanimit
or widely known as Phra Khun Paen Kha Jing by locals @ certain parties

Out of three phims of Phra Phong Phuthanimit made, Phra Phuthak Leela can be considered as rare phim because of the limited numbers made and the super power embedded. Phor Luang Keaw said that, in early stage of making this  Phra Phong Thepnimit Phra Phuthak Leela Whises AnuPhap Roi Pet (108). Phra Kru Pairoj brought the PHONG THEPNIMIT    to Bangsek and the phong was properly blessed by late Than Kong during 3 months Khao Phansa periods. 

This rare phim of Phra Phong Thepnimit Phutak Leela is sought after by Phrakru's amulets die hard fans because this was the only phim ( rare and limited numbers )  that being brushed with lacquer. There are two types of surface of this Phra Leela, the plain surface and the lacquer-brushed surface.  The lacquer-brushed surface items are rather easier to verify than the plain-surfaced   due to the nature of lacquer that used to harden the amulets.

This batch of amulets are special indeed. Local folks used to mention........ "Run ni, Run Phisek, Mi Winjan Achan Khong, Winjan Khun Paen, Khao Phratab Sung Plugsek Torlod Phithi". During the Phithiphisek the spirit of Phra Khun Paen (General Khun Paen's spirit) and the holy spirit of  Luang Pu Khong (Ancient Khun Paen's master) through a medium to bless the amulets.  This batch of amulets were kept in the ubosot and be blessed continuously by Phrakru Pairoj for 3 months of Khao Vansa retreat. Correct me, if i'm wrong !
In general, this Phra Phuthak Leela endowed with superb power of Sadong Klab, Maha Amnaj, Khong Khraparn Chatri, Maha Ud and Metta Endu. Local Resoe used to share his experience while wearing this phim. He went to consult a dentist. During the treatment procedure, the dentist unable to give a local anaesthetic jab, the needle could not penetrate his gum. After several attempts, the dentist failed to carry out the procedure. The man then handed over his Phra Phuthak Leela to his wife before the dentist proceeded with the jab and miraculously the dentist was able to carry out the task and successfully to extract his rotten tooth !



Phra Samnak KhunPaen UkTik 2509


Phra Samnak KhunPaen Uk Tik 2509 @ Phra Phong Khongcaichum (followed the secrets of making Phong Khongcaichum by Achan Chum Chaikiri) was made in 4 phims. All 4 phims are in Lang Baep (凹凸  imprint ). Khun Paen effigy is in 凸  design and Luang Pu Kong ( Ancient guru of General Khun Paen ) effigy is in 凹 imprint. The 4 phims are…….

1.     KhunPaen Om Dap Holding a sword )
2.    KhunPaen Pluk Kumarn (Evoking 
the Gumarn )
3.    KhunPaen Samadhi ( Meditating Posture)

4.   KhunPaen Nang MeungTouches Both Knees )
KhunPaen Pluk Kumarn Lang Baap (凹凸  imprint ) Luang Pu Kong 

 KhunPaen Nang Meung Lang Baep (凹凸  imprint ) Luang Pu Kong

This Phra Khun Paen made of various Phong (sacred powders ), including Phong Thepnimit, Phong Chang Pasom Klom, and left over Luang Pu Khong's bone fragment ( powder ) from Achan Chum Chaikiri.

PHRA PHUTHANIMIT BE 2504 and PHRA SAMNAK KHUN PAEN UK TIK BE 2509 were blessed in 2 different grand ceremonies for 3 days and 2 nights. On both ceremonies, Phra Kru Pairoj was the master of the ceremony. These grand chanting ceremonies were, also co-blessed by other Southern Great Achans such as;

- Achan Chum Chaikiri,
- Luang Phor Dum Tuyong,
Achan Nam QaewJan of Wat Donsala,
- Luang Pu Khong of Wat Ban Suan Phatthalung.
- Others Southern great monks from Khao Or's line, - The spirit of Phra Khun Paen ( Khun Paen's spirit ),
- The holy spirit of  Luang Pu Khong ( Ancient 
   Khun Paen's Guru ) 

These 2 batches of Phra Kreung (Phra Phuthanimit and Phra Samnak Khun Paen Uk Tik ) were sought after by Achan Chum Chaikiri's diehard fans, even some parties claimed these 2 batches of Phra Kreung as Achan Chum Chaikiree's creation. Achan Chum's close looksik used to share his own story when he revealed that Achan Chum PERSONALLY KEPT few pieces of these batches ( Yod Khun Phon and Phra leela Phong Thepnitmit ). His looksik added that, Achan Chum claimed that these 2 batches of Phra Kreung are as good as his earlier 'Khao Ork'  batches of Phra Kreung.

These phra kreung are superb for all round purposes (of course ONLY for those who believe in  the Buddhakhun of these batches of Phra Kreung ) such as;

 i.     Sadong Klab (Rebound the bad to good), 
ii.    Metta Maha Endu (Admiration @ Compassion), 
iii.   Klad Klaew (Escaped from Mishap),
iv.   Khongkrapan Chatri (Invulnerability)
v.     Maha-Ud (Bullet Proof ),

vi.   Nir-Antarai (Prevent Danger, Fire @ Accidents)


Other Phra Kreung by Phra Kru Pairoj
Besides of these 2 grand amulets, there were another creations from Phra Kru Pairoj such as;
- Phra Phut-Raj Chathorn Sin Ha (5), 5" Ong-Bucha
- Phrakru Pairoj's 5" Ong-Bucha 2504
- Rian Luang Pu Buddha-Raj 2507
- Phra Kring Buddhasila 2511 - Lor Boran
Phrakru's Loy Ong - Pump
Phrakru's Rian Sema 2517
- Look Om etc

 Phrakru Pairoj 5" 'Poon' Ong-Bucha 2504

Phrakru Pairoj's 'Neur Poon' 5" lap Ong-Bucha 2504 ( Resin + Plaster materials, 100% same materilas with late Achan Chum's Ong-Bucha)  is the new item collected to complete the collection of Phrakru Pairoj's. This bucha looks brand new because the previous owner well kept & preserved this bucha. The previous owner kept this bucha inside the glass display cases. TQVM Mr Law for helping me to secure this superb bucha.

Rian Phra Phut / Buddha Raj 2507

Phra Kru Pairoj Alpaka Rian 2517

Phra Kring Buddhasila  ( Lor Boran ) 2511
Besides Phra Phuthak Leela, this Phra Kring Buddhasila also can be considered as the best creation ever by Phra Kru Pairoj's. This ( lor boran ) Phra Kring Buddhasila Neur Thongleurn Rom Dum material is very rare nowadays. The feature phra kreung was made of various  types of ancient metals including the broken ancient temple bell, broken Buddha images, broken narpan (ancient plougher), ancient cannon / cannon ball and etc -  As per retold to me by late Mor Keaw. If Mor Keaw ever bluffed me, just consider that i'm bluffing u all too kay ! The Kring Buddhasila was then stuffed with rare Phong Itije and Phong Buddhakhun before being sealed with clay and coated with the latex from janrak tree for the greatest power.
This Phra Kring Buddhasila was / is popular among Thai Police and Army for its Buddhakhun Soung Cing Cing  (Real embedded power) and Prabsobkan (real life experience)  of Khlew Khlad / Khlad Khlew Plokpai (drive away danger and mishap) and Khan Satra-Avut (Protection against all types of weapons). Correct me, if i'm wrong !

Base on writer's own experienced this Phra Kring Buddhasila endowed with 108 powers. Writer used to utilise the embedded power of this phra kring to perform a wichah on a ( clues / causes / remedies )  bed ridden man because of spiritual problem  and a mechanic ( poor business ) because of voodoo / black magic influenced.
Friend of mine ( Mr Law ) shared his old time story regarding this Phra Kring Buddhasila. He said that, he used to talk to Resoe local folks and they claimed that during the Phuthapisek ceremony many devotees witnessed the rare phenomenon when they saw some clear direct light / ray shone directly into the Ubosot. Go and grab one !


Phra Phut-Raj Chatorn Sin Ha ( 5 )
"Nai Song Kid, Tang Thanakcai Shang Thuai"

This Lor Boran Phra Phut-Raj Chatorn Sin Ha was made by his looksik and was handed over (Shang Thuai) to Phra Kru Pairoj to be blessed and distributed to the devotees.

FYI, this blog post was completed on August 16 but because of the friendly request from my friends to hold my horse and delay the posting of this post, I have to reschedule the posting to end of October. The only reason given to me is..... after your posting, for sure some of the Phrakru's Phra Kreung price will sky rocketing ! Hahahahahahaha 'Ou Booo' ?

Guys, dun believe me blindly, go and ask around those who so-called themselves as a bunch of EXPERTS in VERIFYING all types of  Phra Kreung & Kreung Rang ! Bear in mind that i'm not an expert  here. Frankly, me ? Small potatoes indeed !

See ya !

Khata for Phra Kru Pairoj amulets …………..
General Khata ( all purposes )
Khata Peun Taeg @ to broke or jam the fire arm
Khata for Metta Maha Endu..........................
Sorry ! Dotted lines je yang dapat dikongsikan di sini. Takut nanti ada plak para achan BIJAKSANA yang MAHA QUALIFIED lagi SELECTED  kata saya ni hanya pandai boasting via blog aje, actually saya ni KOSONG ! Ya, saya ni KOSONG & SEMBANG kencang je bang !

Sooooooo what ???
Composing ends on 15 August 2016.

Merely sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
 wie.sukhihotu din daeng 16 !


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