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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wat Uttamaran New Released Tok Raja's Amulet

Than Boon's first batch. ( Temple code at top left ) Than Boon 2nd batch. ( Without temple code ) Tok's Loket made by Than Boon, small and average sizes( 2552 ) Tok's Loket made by Chau Khun Mit

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Legendary Luang Phor Thuad of Wat Chang Hai


Luang Phor Thuad, Somdej Jao Pakora Wat Chang Hai Pattani. Legendary monk of Thaiand. Luang Phor Thuad's amulets are very famous and one best holy items from Thailand. Said that any amulets with image of Luang Phor Thuad bless strong protection against evil/darkness and protect wearer from all dangers. Wat Changhai is situated at Naparu, Koppo District, Pattani, Thailand. It was built over three hundred years ago. It was also the place where Luang Phor Thuad gained Enlightenment.  
Luang Phor Thuad was born 1582 in Suan Chan Village, Chumphol Dustrict, Sathing Phra in Songkla (Southern Thailand). His parent were Mr. Hu and Mdm. Chan, a poor couple living in the place of Shrentthi Pan, the wealthy landlord. His parents name their child as “PU” (meaning crab). 

One day his parent took PU ((Luang Phor Thuad) was less than 6 months old) out to the rice field and before going to the field the made a cradle by hanging a cloth between two trees for the child to sleep in. After sometime out in the field working, Chan turned around to check out her baby and to her surprise she saw a large snake curled up around the child’s cradle. Chan cried loudly in fright and those in the distance as well as Hu quickly rush to check out what was happening.


hey found out that a snake had curled up around their baby and was observed by others. To their surprise, the snake did not harm their child. With the old belief that this snake might be the Buddha’s created vision, they prayed to the snake and offered flowers and rice cake. The snake then uncurl itself, spit out a Crystal Translucent Gem and left the child. In astonishment, the baby was still asleep with a crystal gem that emits rainbow colors beside his neck. 

The crystal gem was properly kept and given back to PU when he was grown up. Even today, the crystal ball is still installed as Wat Phra Kho in Songkla with many stories of its miracles. When PU(Luang Phor Thuad) was seven years old, he was send to stay with Abbot Chuang, his Bikkhu uncle, at Wat Kudi Luang and further his primary school studies there. Then at 15 he was ordained as a novice monk and lived with Phra Khru Saddhammarangsi at Wat Sri Ku-Yang (at present in Ranod, Songkla). 

At the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk by same as his preceptor. “Samiramo” the Buddhist name (Chaya) was given to the new monk. Three years of his monkhood under the guidance of Phra Khru Ka Derm, he studied Dhamma and bali Language till its basic introductory is completed. Later on, he wanted to further his studies of Buddhist scriptures in Ayudhya. After obtaining permission to leave from his preceptor, accompanied by Mr. Inn the passenger ship owner and they left for Ayudhya. 

Three days after sailing off the open sea, suddenly storm and rough sea starts to rock the boat. The boat had to be anchored till the sea becomes calm before proceeding with their journey again. During this hard times, they’d consumes all of the fresh water as well as foods. Out of anger and frustration, other passengers on board including the owner vented their anger by blaming and cursing Bikkhu PU and exclaimed that he’d brought to them bad luck and wanted to expel him down from the ship. Then Bikkhu PU rose and others look on, he dipped his foot into the sea to draw a circle. 

Then he told the sailor to fetch fresh drinking water from the sea from where he’d circled with his feet. The sailor then perform what was told and tasted the water himself, after satisfying his doubts and found to be drinkable like normal fresh water. Soon after sufficient fresh water were collected and stored for the rest of the journey, they proceed with their interrupted journey. After realizing the ability of Bikkhu PU, all on board kneeled down to beg their pardon from him, and the owner invited him to use the boat again on his next trip. 

When arrived to Ayudhya, Mr. In took Bikkhu PU to reside in Wat Khae and offered Nai Chan, his servant to follow Bikkhu PU as his close assistant. After business is done by Mr. In, he left and sailed back to where he’d came from. In Ayudhya while Bhikkhu PU had studied Buddhist scriptures at Wat Lumbalinavas. During that time the King of Sri Lanka are challenging with the King of Siam to translate all of the golden alphabets into the Buddhist Scriptures to the correct order within seven days. 

If all the requested be met and finished in time, the King of Sri Lanka would then give all of the treasures transported in seven boats to the King of Siam as prize. Otherwise the King of Siam will have to pay to the king of Sri Lanka he failed. The King then summoned those learned monks and persons within the capital city a Ayudhya, no one could meet with this challenge. Six days of anxiety of the King had passed. 

At last it was known that a young Bhikkhu named PU or Samiramo with great abilities, and was summoned to translate all of the golden alphabets into the Buddhist Scriptures to the correct order. The young monk went to the assembly, paying his respect to Maha Sangha and King, then encountered with seven Brahmins from Sri Lanka. 


Bhikkhu PU (Luang Phor Thuad) started to rearrange the golden seeds into the Dhamma according to Buddhist texts with no difficulties. The 84,000 units of the golden seeds were all used up except seven seeds left missing. They were Sarn (Dhamma-sangani), Vi (Vibhanga), Dha (Dhatukotha), Pu (PUggala-pannatti), Ka (Kathavatthu), Ya (Yamaka) and Pa (Patthana) which are the heart of the seven scriptures of Abhidhamma Pitako. 

The young monk turned to the seven Brahmins and asked if they had kept the missing golden seeds. When they were given, the complete rearrangement of golden seeds into Buddhist scripture of Abhidhamma was finished on the 7th day, the Brahmins as the Ambassadors of King Sri Lanka had then given all the treasures of 7 boats to the young monk but he turned everything away and gave them all to the King. Being favorite to King Ekadasaroth of Ayudhya with his knowledge and wisdom, Bhikkhu PU had been bestowed upon the Sangha title of "Somdej Phra Rajamuni Samiramagunupamacarya" the most higher rank ever given to any other wondering monk before in the country. 

Somdej Phra Rajamuni Samiramagunupamacarya or Luang Pu Thuat had stayed in Ayudhya to have advised to the King many ways till his old age and then asked for permission from the King to go back his home town. The King had permitted with a promise to give all the supports requested by Luang Pu Thuat in turns of his virtuous deeds. 

When Luang Phor Thuad was back to Wat Phra Khoh, he found the Wat mostly ruined and thus sent a message requesting the support to restore the temple to the King. King Ekadasaroth was pleased to respond to Luang Phor Thuad needs, he gave all supports to the said monastery and graciously issued the Royal Degree on Dedication of Land and People of about 250 families nearby Wat Phra Khoh as beneficial temple. 

The Royal Decree was later successive to Wat Khian possession and given to prince Damrong Rajanubhab in 1913. At present the document was kept in the National Library in Bangkok. Luang Phor Thuad had spent his life spreading the Dhamma for benefiting the people without impartiality. 

Lastly, he took leave from Wat Phra Khoh along with a young novice to preach Dhamma and helped people at various places in the South up to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. His second permanent residence was at Wat Changhai, Pattani. His date of passing away was not certain. Through his supernatural power and miraculous virtues, Luang Pu Thuad manifest through vision and dream seeking to produce the first amulet of him initiated in Wat Changhai 1954. 

Amulets of Luang Phor Thuad have shown many miracles to individuals carrying it. From there onwards, many batches of his amulet pendants were produced. The popular one’s have been documented in the book titled "Luang Pu Thuat: The Story of His Life and Amulets". I

nfo Adapted & Adopted From Other Net Forums.

Hakikat Yang Hakiki

Apabila kita bercakap tentang kemujaraban, keampuhan dan keajaiban sesuatu TANGKAI atau AZIMAT yang dihasilkan oleh para sami siam dan mahaguru atau bomoh( Amulets ). Kita sering cenderung untuk mencari dan mendengar cerita-cerita pelik, ajaib dan sukar diterima oleh akal fikiran untuk dinilai dan diangkat sebagai satu petanda bahawa sesuatu azimat atau tangkal itu benar-benar hebat, mujarab, dan ajaib ! 

Tangkal atau azimat yang dihasilkan oleh seorang mahaguru yang hebat tetapi tidak ada sebarang berita yang digembar-gemburkan sering dianggap kurang hebat atau tidak mujarab. Kita sanggup membelanjakan ratusan malahan ribuan ringgit untuk MEMBELI atau MEMILIKI tangkal atau azimat terbabit tanpa berfikir panjang ! Pada tanggapan kita, cerita-cerita yang dibawa bersama-sama tangkal terbabit adalah benar dan merupakan satu petanda atau bukti kehebatan sami atau mahaguru terbabit. 

Beberapa keratan akhbar yang dipotong dan disunting lalu dimuatkan ke dalam majalah himpunam azimat serta tangkal menyemarakkan lagi proses PENJUALAN dan secara langsung atau tidak membantu MELARISKAN penjualan azimat serta tangkal terbabit. Sebenarnya kita alpa bahawa sesetengah daripada wacana @ artikel yang disunting dan dimuatkan itu hanyalah gimik semata-mata. Sesetengah daripada kita jahil dan tandus..... terlalu mudah untuk mempercayai berita-berita serta cerita-cerita yang kononnya memaparkan kehebatan azimat/tangkal mahupun seseorang sami terbabit. Kita sering lupa bahawa, sesungguh dan sebenarnya keratan-keratan suntingan akhbar terbabit merupakan keratan atau suntingan daripada beberapa majalah PICISAN tentang azimat/tangkal/sami atau wat siam yang membanjiri pasaran negara jiran kita. 

Kandungan yang terpesong serta menggembar-gemburkan sesuatu cerita sebeginilah yang menyebabkab ianya dipandang enteng oleh pengumpul-pengumpul sejati azimat dan tangkal. Malah adalah tidak keterlaluan jika dinyatakan bahawa di negara jiran..... akhbar-akhbar serta majalah sebegitu sudah wujud sejak berabad yang lalu dan memang tidak mendapat tempat dalam kalangan pengumpul-pengumpul azimat yang sejati ! "Tin Kosong Biasanya Kuat Berbunyi ", " Kokok Berderai-derai Ekor Bergelumang Dengan Tahi " dan " Diam Ubi Berisi " merupakan peribahasa yang tepat untuk menggambarkan situasi di atas. Sebagai salah seorang pengumpul azimat / tangkal siam yang masih baru dan setahun jagung dalam dunia azimat siam ini ( Thai Amulets World ).

Ingatan saya pada pengumpul, peminat, dan pencinta azimat yang baru ingin berjinak-jinak dengan dunia azimat serta tangkal siam. Elakkan daripada terpengaruh dengan cerita-cerita dongeng, tidak masuk akal dan bombastik apabila mengumpul azimat. Beberapa perkara yang harus diambil berat semasa proses pengumpulan azimat adalah : 1. Ketahuilah siapa penciptanya / pembuatnya ? 2. Siapakah sami / mahaguru terbabit ? 3. Apakah objektif penghasilan azimat / tangkal terbabit ? Pastikan ianya bukan dihasilkan oleh orang luar yang menggunakan nama sami terbabit. Seelok-eloknya mestilah azimat yang dihasilkan dan dikeluarkan oleh wat. ***** teruskan bersama saya untuk ulasan yang lebih mendalam berserta contoh2 keratan akhbar dan cerita2 yang digembar-genburkan demi tujuan mengaut keuntungan dan cerita2 disebalik kejahilan yang memakan diri sendiri.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Special Yants

Plahlai Phueag Mahalap/ Plahlai Phueag Sanaeh thaeragwad / suea-thai-fa

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Luang Phor Kalong Qiew Qaew - Meed Mor

A beautiful example of LP Kalong's Meed Mor, 1st batch, all hand carved. This meed mor was consecrated by Luang Phor Kalong for almost two years, through seven blessing ceremonies beginning in BE 2548 and culminating at Wat Suthat at the end of BE 2549.

Na mo tad sa, Pa ka wa toa, A ra ha toa, Sam ma sam put tad sa (3times)
Ta toa a pa rae na vi cha yang, 
Na put tha sam ma jak kra wut thang
Mo go na da ma no, 
Sam ma jak kra wut thang, 
Gat sa pa put tho 
Ar wut tho jak kra wut thang, 
Koa ta mo ro ha hi toa, 
Sam put tho jak kra Wut thang, 
Met tri yo sam put tho na wa ar wut tho 
Sam put tho jak kra wut thang
Pa sa cha a pa ra ou a pa toa ta sa ta, 
Put toa ta toa Sa ma hae su ra tad sa ma,
ta sa pa ka wa ta sa ie ga wi ti sa ma tad sa tae ta 
Luang Phor Kalong tells us of various applications for the Meed Mor. 

1. Discard the effects of black magic 

2. Enhance leadership and Metta (love & kindness), protection from accidents and personal injury. 

3. Exorcise any resident evil spirits. 

4. Place blade tip in water to make holy and can be used to prevent bad dreams and repel bad luck and used to repel water to repel bad luck or bad dreaming. 

5. Protect against the influence of other powerful talismans.

6. Protection from animal bites. 

7. If kept at home will give the worshipper prior warning of impending danger such as fire or theft. 

8. Whilst traveling into remote areas such as jungles or forest you should apologise to mother earth by using the Mit Mor to cut a circle into the earth around yourself. The circle will become an invisible barrier against malevolent spirits and wild animals. 

9. Hold Meed Mor between your teeth whilst transversing any water. Protection from animal bites and water spirits. 

10. If you have an abscess, use this Mit Mor to lightly draw a circle around the infection whilst praying with the katha. The abscess will diminish. For serious cases, use this Meed Mor to draw an X mark in the air over the infection, within a few days, the abscess will heal within days. 

11. As a cure for poisoning. Dip the blade tip in water whilst reciting the katha. Administer the water orally. 

12. If inflicted by black magic which manifests as localized bodily swelling, use the Meed Mor to gently touch the affected areas, chasing the afflicted areas to the extremities of the body. 

13. To exorcise evil spirits that use the human vessel. Apply the blade of the Meed Mor directly to the patients head, or nape of neck, whilst reciting the khata. Also can be used in conjunction with holy water. 

14. During pregnancy, use the Meed Mor to make holy water, administer orally. Child birth will be less painful.  

Another Facts 

• Don’t show off to others by making them aware you own a magic weapon. 
• Don’t help others with its powers unless requested. 
• Don’t use the Meed Mor to make money for yourself. 
• Don’t use this Meed Mor kill anything 
• Don’t use this Meed Mor to harm another person 
• Don’t commit adultery. 
• Don’t take this Meed Mor into houses of ill-repute 

Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulets.

Luang Phor Kalong Qiew Qaew - Tiger Authentic


Biography of The Reverend Father Kalong Kiew Kaew Luang Phor Kalong is recognised as one of Thailand's true Guru monks, practised in the arts of meditation, telepathy and magical incantations. He was born on a Saturday in the second lunar month of 1919 at Klong 7, Pathumthani Province. 

His mother was from Supanburi Province– she was Luang Phor Niam's younger sister, making Luang Phor Kalong the nephew of Luang Phor Niam of Wat Noi Temple, who incidentally was a senior master of Supanburi Province. Before his birth, Bang, an old man living opposite was fishing in the night.

He saw a Reusi holding a young child's hand who walked into the house. When the Reverend Father Kalong grew older, he became very interested in studying magical incantations. He entered priesthood when he was 20 years old at Nabun Temple (Wat Nabun) Klong 7 District, Pathumthani Province.

The Reverend Father Niam officiated in his ordination. After that, the Luang Phor Kalong studied meditation and magical incantations from many senior masters, for example, Luang Phor Niam of Nabun Temple, Klong 7 in Pathumthani Province, Luang Phor Chang of Kien Kate Temple in Pathumthani Province, Luang Phor Auad of Klang Temple, Klong 4 in Pathumthani, Luang Phor Chaem of Takong Temple in Nakhornpathom, Luang Phor of Natangnok Temple in Ayudhaya, Luang Phor Thongsook of Tanoadluang in Petchaburi, Luang Phor Jan of Nangnoo Temple in Lopburi, the Lord Abbot Indrasamacharn (Ngern) of Indrawiharn Temple, Bangkhunprom, Bangkok and Luang Phor Somchai of Khao Sukim Temple in Chantaburi He practiced the same way as Luang Phor Sook of Pakklong Makhamthao Temple in Chainat. 

In fact he became the Reverend Father Sook's disciple at the same time as Khun Klaklangpachon, a close subordinate of His Royal Chumporn. Regarding Suthatthepwararam Temple, the Reverend Father Kalong followed Luang Phor Niam of Nabun Temple to attend a sacred ceremony to celebrate the Buddha image "Prabuddhachinnarat Indo-China" at Wat Suthat in 1942. It was there that he had a chance to meet the Patriarch Pae of Suthat Temple. 

Afterwards, he studied the art of smelting metals and how to to smelt new metals. He also studied the scriptures and the sacred art of creating the Phra Kring amulet from the Lord Mongkonmuni (Sonthi). He studied with the Reverend Father Chamlong (passed away in 1997) Luang Phor Kalong was the best disciple and a confidant of the Lord Wisuthacharn or the Lord Pae, (passed away in 2001) who was the direct disciple of the Patriarch Pae. The 

Reverend Pae had said that he studied meditation and perceived many things from many masters while meditating, for example, the hermit Poochaosamingprai (the one who led him down to earth), Maha Brahma Chinapanchara, and other masters who have passed away. There are also many masters who have co-operated with Luang Phor Kalong – some are still living, whilst other have now passed away. An interesting story is that of Luang Phor Toh of Pradoochimplee Temple with whom he meditated with on many occasions. 

They originally met at Wat Indrawiharn, Bangkhunbrom. Luang Phor Toh had pointed at Luang Phor Kalong while asking Luang Phor Chaem of Nuannoradit Temple who this monk was, and from where he came. He had said that he had never met a monk with such strong powers of telepathy 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Luang Phor Dam of Wat Suntidharma

Each amulet is embedded with a silver takrut to the base. Special batch embedded with gold takrut. Phra Sarin Dharmapalo (well known as Luang Phor Dam) of Wat Suntidharma, Banthaisamart Village, Arunyaprates District, Srakaew Province, is a specialist in Khmer black magic sciences that have been accepted for their sacred power for a very long time. Recently Phra Sarin Dharmapalo presented a new series of sacred Guman Thong amulets that are probably some of the most attractive guman for a few years. 

1 Before invite Luang Phor Dam’s Guman Thong amulets into your house you must light five incense sticks and ask for permission from the sacred soul, who protects the house. 

2 Worshippers must truly believe in Luang Phor Dam ’s sacred power and amulets. 

3 Every time a worshipper leaves his house he should take the Guman Thong with them 

4 If worshippers need help they should light five incense sticks to pray and ask for assistance. 

5 Worshippers should usually worship Luang Phor Dam’s Guman Thong amulets with flowers, sweets, beverages (particularly red-color sweet drink.) 

6 Every time worshipper consumes food they should always invite the Guman thong to eat with them 

7 Worshippers must not ask for something impossible from Luang Por Dam’s Kumarntong amulets. 

8 If worshippers’ wishes are fulfilled, then a small reward should be given to the Guman Thong. . Sacred katha to worship Luang Phor Dam’s Guman Thong amulets . Ahi Kumar Ahi Koma Hingsa Ahi Tanung Ahi Ahara Pochanung Lohitung Varung Sutta ( 3 or 9 times )

Kruba Dhamamuni Lukrok Thep Rit Kee Peum

Kruba Dhamamuni Thitadharmo, a senior monk at Wat Suanpa Buddha Stansupraditmethi, recently created this series of Lukrok Teprit amulets because he wanted to help preserve the ancient magic science and at the same time also help those that are interested to own a genuine example. 

Actually it is a well known fact that originally Lukrok amulets were made from the corpses of babies, often kept in some form of vessel to protect the house from thieves. Moreover it was also believed that Lukrok amulets could help increase worshippers’ charm and as such was quite popular in Thailand. As you can imagine the use of actual infant corpses is now illegal, and such amulets are now created with other materials. Indeed these particular amulets were created from raw materials such as nails used in coffins of seven dead pregnant women, obtained from seven graveyards, metal from the frames used to support corpses during cremation, ancient sacred knives, Rae Torahode and Hinsaketdao. 

Furthermore the senior monk also used silver and copper plates, engraved with many kinds of sacred spells such as ;

Yant Akarn 32, 
Yant Kumnerd Lookkrok, 
Yant Mairtart, 
Yant Mahapoot, 
Yant Maharit, 

To ensure increased power and efficacy. Kruba Dhamamuni Thitadharmo divided his Look-krok Teprit amulets into two groups according to the creation processes:  

Group 1: Lukrok Teprit amulets, which passed the Chairnammun Sanaerang Kamasutra blessing ceremony. All amulets in this group were immersed into sacred oil, made of sesame oil boiled with four kinds of sacred Thai plant, namely; Wan Kumarntong, Wan Nangkum, Wan Phaya Kaidang, Wan Saboolerd. Luang Phor Kruba Dharmamuni Thitadharmo said that whilst he boiled the sacred oil he also recited a sacred spell 108 times whilst adding “Nam Man Prai” into the oil to help increase the sacred power. The Nam Man Prai was prepared during time previously spent whilst traveling in Cambodia. (Nam Man Prai is a special type of black magic oil, collected from corpses of pregnant women who have died. Actually this process involves using a candle which is held under the chin, the resulting oil is collected into a small vial. This type of oil is known to help increase opposite sex attraction.
Group 2: Lukrok Teprit amulets, which were passed the Sipeum Sanaerang Kamasutra process. Luang Phor Kruba Dharmamuni Thitadharmo created sacred charming wax called “Sipueng Sanaerang Kamasutra”, which was made of several kinds of auspicious Thai plants and trees such as Kanoon, Maroom, Mayom. All the materials were recited with a sacred spell called “Mont Nang Uppasorn Yuasawas” . 

These ceremonies were organized on two full-moon nights and several Friday nights (only Friday nights before full-moon nights were considered proper.) The Lukrok amulets were embedded into a silver box of charming wax, by this way worshippers would be helped by both the sacred power of Look-krok and the charming wax. 
Direction to worship Lookkrok Teprit amulets 

A) Before you invite the sacred soul of Lookkrok into your house, you must burn three incense sticks to ask for permission from the sacred souls, who protect your houses otherwise the Look Krok may not be able to enter. 

B) You must place the Look-krok Teprit amulets onto a shelf, separate from other Buddha Images, otherwise the soul of Look-krok may not be able to work for you due to fear and respect of the power of Buddha images. 

C) You must worship Look-krok Teprit amulets with a floral wreath, water or sweetened drink or dessert.

D) Then you must recite the following sacred spell three times to call the soul of Look-krok to drink the water or to eat the dessert. 
Natutesung Tato Punchunti Pocha Nanung Mesun Ye Arkuch Chuyya Arkuch Chahi Omettunti Rotun Tungte Tacha Runtu Mae Suppae Mettung Jittung Jittung Mettun Ya Suppa Lokusming 

ONLY 599 amulets were created. 

Adapted & Adopted from Thai

Kruba Keow Ma Inn Ku / Inn Thong

Kruba Keow Ma of Wat Rong Doo,Payao province. 89 years old. ( Passed away ) He studied about Vipassana Meditation follow Kruba Keow Ma who has deep knowledge of Visha and is highly respected in Thailand. Kruba Keow Ma has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this Guru Monk. Many people throng to meet Kruba Keow Ma. They need for his help. They believe Kruba Kiew Ma has power securing good fortune in business .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Petch Phayarthorn (Thep Sanaha Version)

Wat Ban Huaytuey ( Luang Phor Da Juntadharmmo ) This is a very powerful amulet indeed, blessed by Luang Phor Da, disciple of Phra Ajahn Mun Puritando. These were made by special order for devotees only. They were not mass produced or released to the general public and as such you will not find these for sale in amulet shops anywhere. We are very fortunate to own this single example, and we believe it to be exclusive to Petch Phayarthorn (Thep Sanaha Version) amulets are highly respected by devotees for the power to attract females along with success in love. Amulet features on the front a glazed porcelain Thevada (an angel in Sanskrit) Posed in ethereal grace, being idolatrized by two semi naked consorts. A thevada is an angelic being that lives in the lower heavens of Buddhist cosmology. Actually the name of the amulet, Thep, is synonym for thevada The reverse of this unique amulet is made from soil collected from seven temple cemetries around Thailand, many auspicious herbs (Nua Wahn) and embedded with sacred objects, associated with love and protection. Three takruts, genuine 24K gold, Sterling Silver and copper, a genuine fresh water pearl, uncut semi precious stones including genuine ruby, a section of holy robes worn by LP Da himself, Dokmai Ruk Sorn ( a flower respected for love attraction) ,and a silver plate with unique code (code 196 of 199 amulets) Luang Phor Da said that prior to asking for help from this amulet the following ceremony should be performed. He also said that in doing so, the worshipper should respect Lord Buddha third sil (taboo) prohibiting adultery. Sacred ceremony The ceremony should be organized on Monday night before or on the full moon only. The worshippers must prepare nine incense sticks along with the following: 1. Five kinds of fruits (one of them should be young coconut) 2. A bottle of liquor 3. Foods and desserts 4. Nine pink roses (without thorns) At the beginning of the ceremony the worshipper must respectfully think of the virtues of Lord Buddha, Dharma, and Sangkha (monks), their parents, teachers, and Luang Phor Da Juntadharmmo of Wat Ban Huaytuey, Karasin. The worshipper must then invite the sacred souls that protect the auspicious materials used in the creation of the Petch Phayatorn) amulets to bless them and help them succeed in their desires We are in the process of preparing a lot more information about this amulet, which will be posted within the next week or so The following khata should be chanted to activate the amulet. Khata Ohm Pra Pettayathorn sadej john yoo bon veha Ku ja riak hai mueng ma Ku jashchaihaimueg paisuhong……….. (Name of the worshipper’s lover ) Ku Jachai Hai Mueng Pai Somjornkubduay(Name of the worshipper’s lover) Ti Kumlung Lubsanit Nitra Mao Mua Nimit Kidwa Gu Masomsooduay Jong Ribpai Kamhuay Kamnong Kamklong Kamta Kamdin Kammahasamutsaisin Kamsirinmon Kampapayont La Artun Pai Terdpor Chaiya Prasittimae Ohm Jittung Ma-reso So-ma-re Arkujchahi Ittiwut Tubpho Arkujchahi Ohm Theprumluek Mahathep Rumluek Truengjit Truengjai Trueng Nai Pratai (Name of the worshipper’( over) Hai Sadoong Yun Roong Yun Kum Yalub Yanon Bonfook Bonmon Rumluek Truektueng Rumpuengjuengma Nungta Koitom Koichomtair ngao Nungbab Krungklao Piromchomchuey Prapai Jao Uey Jong Mapudduangjit (Name of the worshipper’s lover) Ma Soo Duangjit Gu Pud Ao Duangjit Gu Pai Soo Duang Jit (Name of the worshipper’s lover) Na Pookjit Mo Pookjai Buddha Pook Alai Tar Hai Krumkruan Yahai Runjuan Puanjit Puanpun Tueng Gu Yu Ruenmidai Rong hai Mahagu Ahi Jittung Piyung Mama Ohm Sitti Sawahom Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulet.Com

Achan Perm's Phra Khun Phen


Special batch of Phra Khun Phen Um Nang, with woman's Naman Prai and kaduk Pii from the forehead. Archan Perm, 38 years of age, is a high ranking Cambodian White Shirt Magic MASTER living in East Thailand. He is a specialist of making effective love charms. This special edition of amulet is made of just a bottle of Naman Prai and a bone taken from forehead of a lady is inserted into the bottle. According to Achan Perm, this batch khun phen is a limited edition. In addition, master said that he has decided to stop producing this kind of high level naman prai amulets. 

Naman prai is something very difficult to collect in Thailand because burning dead body to collect corpse oil has become illegal. It is very hard to persuade any families to donate the naman prai to the masters for making amulets usage. Therefore this bottle of powerful naman prai has become a treasury amulet. Especially, master swore that he is not making it anymore, unless for charity purpose. Achan Perm admitted that this khun phen is so much powerful than his previously made amulets. Naman Prai is the best ingredient of making powerful love relationship amulets. 

Archan Perm spent ages to collect just a little of corpse oil from 3 young pregnant ladies which they were passing away in accident. In other word, this khun phen is a superb class amulet to seduce your targets to move many steps faster to drop into your arms. Frankly, it is for sure the most powerful love relationship amulet in these years. What you have to do is begin to make your wishes to this naman prai, if the user smelled a strange female used perfume while being alone, especially at night. The user personally smelled it means that naman prai spirit has arrived and also the best timing to make your whishes. This is important for all users of this khun phen to know: First of all, user have to get the targets to know he/she is existing and then this khun phen will only started to help he/she in the ways which are stated in below. 

1.Instantly make targets feel that the wearer is the most special one. 

2.This khun phen amulet is not just a secret weapon for the wearer to go after their targets but in fact this khun phen can make wearer’s targets to chase the user back. 

3.Always capture the wearer’s targets attention and maintain the wearer’s lovers eternally loyal and totally faithful to the user alone. 

4.For working purposes, this khun phen will helps wearer to develop a solid good relationship with the bosses, clients and as well working partners or colleagues. 

5.The wearer will have continuously strong sex appeal and enhance more chances to meet up opposite targets. 

6.During the first meet up, wearer wills definitely giving opposite target a very good impression and the target will be missing the user days and nights. And the target will not know what actually make him/her missing the wearer so much. 

7.Wearer will has supreme sex attraction power to the opposite sexes and thw wearer will become super confident towards their targets. 

8.Get back that "girl/guy from the past". It could be a crush or a lady/ men whom you missed out because you did not know how to pursue her/him last time. It can also be your ex-gf/bf or former husband/wife. 

9.Your lovers are so charm by you and emotionally dependant on you. They will not be able to leave you.

10.Turn enemies to become friends. Turn friends to become best friends. Turn best friends to become lovers and will be popular among them. Believe it ! 

Adapted & Adopted From Thaland-Charms-Amulets.

Achan Perm's Inn Ku / Ee Per

Special batch Yin Thong with nam man prai. Made limited pieces. Achan Perm is a cambodia archan who lived in Thailand. He is a master of making effective love charms. This Iin Thong (love couple) locket inserted with a piece of woman's kaduk pii behind( bone taken from the forehead). With specially added khata and yantra by Achan Perm. Currently this piece of locket is in high demand and Archan perm has stopped making this amulet. One of the best amulet for love and attraction. Used to enhance love relationship, marriage and also save back a broken relationship. 

Khata to enchance Inn Thong / Inn Ku: 

Namo put ta ya , 
Na On Jai Rak, 
Ma Chak Ma Non 
Kod Put Soum Kod Yod
Rak Saneha 
Tha Ched Nam 
Ta Ma SuYa 
Hen Na Ku U 
Mi Dai Rong Hai
Mahaku Sawaha
Ar Ka Cha Yah,
Ar Ka Cha Hit
Jit Ti Ji Tang 
Pan Thang 
Pi Yang Ma Ha 

Chant 7X 
More Facts About This Inn Ku/Inn Thong: 

1.This Inn Ku / Inn Thong amulet is a secret weapon for the wearer to go after their lover or target and instantly make your lover or target feels that you are the most special one. 

2.Always capture the your lover/target's attention and maintain the your lovers eternally loyal and totally faithful to the you. 

3.Inn Ku will helps you to develop a solid good relationship with the your bosses, clients and as well your working partners or colleagues. 

5.You will have continuously strong sex appeal and enhance more chances to meet up opposite your lover/target. 

6.You will has supreme sex attraction power to the opposite sexes and you will become super confident towards them. During the first meeting/outing/dating, you wills definitely giving opposite target a very good impression and the your lover/target will be missing the your days and nights. 

7.Your lovers are so charmed by you and emotionally dependant on you. They will not be able to leave you. 

8.Turn your enemies/foes to friends. Turn your friends to become best friends. Turn best friends to become your lovers. Special batch Ee Per with Kaduk Pii. Made limited pieces. 


Believe it !

Adapted & Adopted From Thailand-Charms-Amulets.


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