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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Luang Phor Kalong Qiew Qaew - Meed Mor

A beautiful example of LP Kalong's Meed Mor, 1st batch, all hand carved. This meed mor was consecrated by Luang Phor Kalong for almost two years, through seven blessing ceremonies beginning in BE 2548 and culminating at Wat Suthat at the end of BE 2549.

Na mo tad sa, Pa ka wa toa, A ra ha toa, Sam ma sam put tad sa (3times)
Ta toa a pa rae na vi cha yang, 
Na put tha sam ma jak kra wut thang
Mo go na da ma no, 
Sam ma jak kra wut thang, 
Gat sa pa put tho 
Ar wut tho jak kra wut thang, 
Koa ta mo ro ha hi toa, 
Sam put tho jak kra Wut thang, 
Met tri yo sam put tho na wa ar wut tho 
Sam put tho jak kra wut thang
Pa sa cha a pa ra ou a pa toa ta sa ta, 
Put toa ta toa Sa ma hae su ra tad sa ma,
ta sa pa ka wa ta sa ie ga wi ti sa ma tad sa tae ta 
Luang Phor Kalong tells us of various applications for the Meed Mor. 

1. Discard the effects of black magic 

2. Enhance leadership and Metta (love & kindness), protection from accidents and personal injury. 

3. Exorcise any resident evil spirits. 

4. Place blade tip in water to make holy and can be used to prevent bad dreams and repel bad luck and used to repel water to repel bad luck or bad dreaming. 

5. Protect against the influence of other powerful talismans.

6. Protection from animal bites. 

7. If kept at home will give the worshipper prior warning of impending danger such as fire or theft. 

8. Whilst traveling into remote areas such as jungles or forest you should apologise to mother earth by using the Mit Mor to cut a circle into the earth around yourself. The circle will become an invisible barrier against malevolent spirits and wild animals. 

9. Hold Meed Mor between your teeth whilst transversing any water. Protection from animal bites and water spirits. 

10. If you have an abscess, use this Mit Mor to lightly draw a circle around the infection whilst praying with the katha. The abscess will diminish. For serious cases, use this Meed Mor to draw an X mark in the air over the infection, within a few days, the abscess will heal within days. 

11. As a cure for poisoning. Dip the blade tip in water whilst reciting the katha. Administer the water orally. 

12. If inflicted by black magic which manifests as localized bodily swelling, use the Meed Mor to gently touch the affected areas, chasing the afflicted areas to the extremities of the body. 

13. To exorcise evil spirits that use the human vessel. Apply the blade of the Meed Mor directly to the patients head, or nape of neck, whilst reciting the khata. Also can be used in conjunction with holy water. 

14. During pregnancy, use the Meed Mor to make holy water, administer orally. Child birth will be less painful.  

Another Facts 

• Don’t show off to others by making them aware you own a magic weapon. 
• Don’t help others with its powers unless requested. 
• Don’t use the Meed Mor to make money for yourself. 
• Don’t use this Meed Mor kill anything 
• Don’t use this Meed Mor to harm another person 
• Don’t commit adultery. 
• Don’t take this Meed Mor into houses of ill-repute 

Adapted & Adopted from Thai Amulets.

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