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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tongkat by Achan Tawee Dum

Featuring the new collection of Mai Thaw by Achan Tawee Dum - Cambodian Achan. This Mai Thaw was originally brought to me by my steady net frens. They asked my favour to CHECK and TEST the power of this Mai Thaw. These 3 guys run an amulets shop in Johor and Penang. They brought 12 pieces of this 30 cm long (approximately ) and 9 pieces of pen type Mai Thaw.

It is a beautiful creation of medium sizes of Mai Thaw. At my first glance and after being told as Achan Tawee Dum's stuff, it doesn't attract me at all. ( Use to keep tongkat from prominent gurus and from Than Kong lineage stuffs perhaps ). But after trying / testing the power of this Mai Thaw........ not bad ! The power is superb and upon plug saeg this tongkat, the tongkat pointed to my bucha altar and directed me to Phor Than Kong statue. Pointed straight to the Mai Thaw hold by Phor Than Kong ( statue ).

To cut it short..... Achan Tawee Dum's Mai Thaw is GOOD and worth to be kept ( based on my experienced and knowledge of course ). Not trying 2 b smart and helping others to sky rocketing the Achan Tawee Dum's Mai Thaw.

Before leaving my house, this fren handed over one of the tongkat to me and said ............ 

".....the one that you used just now and as token of appreciation  ! "

The Mai Thaw is superb for Khan Phai, Khlew Khad and Maha Amnaj purposes. Perhaps can be used as Phor Mor tools ( discarding / dispelling ghost and evil spirit and making holy water ). This medium size of Mai Thaw is convenient to carry - fit in sling bag. Ha ha ............

  close up pic

 code and serial number.

Achan Tawee Dum's signature printed on the side of the head of the tongkat.

Achan Tawee Dum's photo with his signature.

Beware and dun be cheated ! This Mai Thaw is neither from Wat Uttamaram, Wat Mai Naparam nor a creation of Kelantan's temple  !

Merely Sharing !

Shadu ! Shadu !
Sabbe Satta Sukhita Hontuk !

wiesukhihotu10 !

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