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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Phor Mor Keow rare stuff - See Pheung Maha Metta Naree Phai

Featuring another rare collection of mine. See Pheung Maha Metta Naree Phai ( Charming Wax - Woman is defeated )

The remaining of the wax after more than 14 years. ( given to me in year 1996 ). Just half of the wax in the box / container left. The smell of this wax is nice and pleasant. For this see pheung, i couldn't get much info on it. Dun really know and sure bout the materials used to create this see pheung. 

The only thing that i know is, Phor Mor Keow  says that he added a special blended CHARMING stuff gained from late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri. Pengeras for this see pheung is RM 2.12. The rest is on Thamboon based.

The see pheung is still in its original box / container. Perhaps somebody out there who have had visited Phor Mor and own this see pheung wanna say / share something.

 Personal Experienced,;

Is a good stuff for charming purposes ( male and female ). Although been called as Naree Phai See Pheung. My sister used to share a great story about this see pheung, until she stop using it because of superb attraction. Attract not just gud people but even people who you dun expect to be / dun wan. Superb tool to gain attraction from people around you, even people who you dunno will smile or nod a head upon seeing you.

Merely Sharing !

Shadu ! Shadu !
Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu10 !

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