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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minyak Pengasih Belangkas - Phor Mor Keow, Lubuk Stong, Rantau Panjang.

Featuring my rare / personal item. Namman Meng Da ( Kelantanese Thais Pronunciation ) by my grandpa - Phor Mor Keow.  Phor Mor Keow uses the fat gathered from both female and male fat and eggs including both fat from their sexual organ during their mating season. Phor Mor Keow will only grad the both Belangka when the male horseshoe crab select his  female mate and cling onto her back.
As far as i concerned, NONE of Phor Mor Keow stuffs ( namman metta / sanaeh or see pheung ) uses the corpse remaining /  namman prai. Including this Namman Meng Da. Phor Mor Keow uses pure oil from Dok Thong, Senduduk Putih, and Cempaka Telur

 Belangkas ( mating )

cempaka telur


Without using a single drop of namman prai and a single piece of human corpse remaining, the Namman Meng Da still embedded with a superb power of charming and opposite sexes attraction. My grandpa made this bottle specially for me when i was in teaching college ( 22 years old ). I need to prepare RM27.12 for PENGERAS of this Namman Meng Da and my name and date of birth was written on a piece of white kradat wau and the betel leaf stalk ( used in the making - reciting khata akhom ceremony ) was cut into small piece and inserted together with the kradat wau in the bottle before dipping the extracted oil from horseshoe.

Phor Mor Keow  made / chanted / blessed this Pengasih Belangkas only on full moon day ( selected months only - not during khao phansa ). Phor Mor Keow said that, this Namman Meng Da is a good yet powerful charming stuff. The charmed / targeted person will fall in love with you, like and stumble upon seeing your face. For married couple, your spouse will love and keep clinging onto you until death apart both of you. 

You no need to dip into your targeted person food of body part as normal namman prai / metta  used to be. What you have to do is just pray / say your wishes by mentioning the targeted person name / nick name, then you only need to apply the oil at your eyebrows once and just carry it with you at all time. When you meet your targeted person then recite the khata ...........................

Nakh Ee ........ ( for woman  ) Nern,
Nakh Ai .......... ( for man ) Nern,
Heain Nar Khu, 
Chop Ku,
Heain Nar Khu,
Rakh Ku,
Heain Nar Khu,
Nam Tar Tokh.

Personal experienced..........

SUPERB !  The only word that i can used to describe the power of this Namman Meng Da.

merely sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk!
sadhu ! sadhu !

wiesukhihotu10 !

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