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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sharing another superb and very hard to find KHREUNG LANG by late Phra Kru Viriyasangvorn @ Than Kru Phut  @ Phor Than Phut of Wat Pathumviharn @ Wat Balai, Bachok.
PALO KAIN collection 01
This PALO KAIN was made somewhere in between 1979 – 1990, before Than Kru Phut reached parinibanna. There were at least 3 batches of Than Kru Phut PALO KAIN. The 1st batch was made without Janrak coating. The 2nd  and 3rd batches were coated with janrak but according to some sources ONLY the 1st was coated with thick janrak and the 2nd  and 3rd batches were also coated but only with thin layer of janrak. That means all batches were coated with janrak. Correct me if i'm wrong ! Than Kru Phut PALO KAIN expert, help me to shed the light !
PALO KAIN collection 02
 According to Kampung Balai old folks actually there were many batches of this PALO KAIN, some were coated and some were not. There were three types of this PALO KAIN, Some were made to be wore / tied at waist ( long and short sizes ), some were made as arm band ( pha prajiout ) and the remaining were made as wrist band ( for children n teenagers ).
PALO KAIN collection 03 -Arm  Band & Wrist  version

 In making this PALO KAIN, late Than Kru Phut sought help from old Bomoh resided in Kampung Balai including my late guru, Phor Kae Taharp from Beris Kubur Besar. According to Phor Kae Taharp, Than Kru Phut used clothes from his old bed and pillow sheets, old time chivorn, yellow cloth used to wrap Buddha statue and white cloth ( newly bought, especially for the second batch PALO KAIN ).

 Than Kru Phut, Phor Mor and his close disciples hand inscribed various YANT / KHATA AKHOM onto the clothes, some Phor Mor said Than Kru Phut ordered his disciples to inscribe 108 Yants on the clothes. The clothes inscribed with various yant then will be PLUGSAEG & went through a rigid and complicated PHUTAPISAEG ceremony before cutting it into small pieces and SPUN it into PALO KAIN.

  the yant mark / ball point pen ink trace

The spun PALO KAIN then soaked into janrak extract for several days inside the Ubosot. The prayers and plugsaeg conducted personally by Than Kru Phut until he satisfied with the withi made. Phor Kae Taharp said, during the NGIAP ( lonely or mute ) PLUGSAEG & WITHI, Than Kru Phut selected ( picked up ) one by one the PALO KAIN that already PEIN ( completed n ready to be used ).

Phor Kae Taharp added that, during the PHUTAPISAEG, Than Kru Phut personally asked for a try of SAENG LAY - K'nese Hokkien dialect ( meat offering - normally pig's head and pork ect ),  BAI SRI ( white cooked rice offering with salted fish wrapped in banana leaf),  KHAO TOG ( popped rice ), and MARK PLUE ( betel leaves ) to be offered to the KHUN KRU, THEWADA and his TARJAI !

There were couple of miracle stories on Than Kru Phut’s PALO KAIN for the Malay language version of PALO KAIN miracle, you guys can refer to my earlier post POWE OH POWER the finale . My late brother in law owned the 1st batch of this PALO KAIN ( waist version ) and used to wear this PALO KAIN during his service as an army. My brother in law used to share his superb experienced on PALO KAIN. He said PALO KAIN superb for KHONG KRAPAN & KHLEW KHAD.

 Phor Kae Taharp added that, Than Kru Phut’s PALO KAIN ( arm band version ) was originally made for Muay Thai instructor and fighter. Than Kru Phut said that, this arm band is a superb Kreung Lang for bravery and conquering enemies / opponents. The arm band also can be used to evade danger.  My personal experienced of wearing this arm band, I do believe this PALO KAIN ( arm band version ) not only can be used to evade danger but also will make you invisible before enemy’s eyes and subdue your enemy anger especially when you are in a great danger ! I still remember vividly the incident when the parent ( student’s father ) confronted me after the corporal punishment was carried out to his son. His son accused me to make up a story and purposely set him up, soon after school his father came to my house with the intention to SETTLE  the case by SETTLING me – hurt me I guessed !
I saw the father and his son keep on LOITERING around and passing by my house main gate with their car for several times. They stop by and asking the neighbour bout my house where about, they couldn’t locate my house. He phoned me up and asked my where about. He said he was outside of my house but I wasn’t around, he said he wanna meet me. I can hear the loud commotion and complaining. I told him that I just arrived home, I went out to greet him, before stepping out from my house, I recite the special mon / khata to acitivate the PALO KAIN.

 “ Om Hanuman Tua Ku, Iktikriktik ……………………”

 ( incomplete verses )
Arm Band / Pha Prajiout
Upon seeing me coming out from the house, he used his fore finger ( luckily not the middle one ! ) pointed at me …….. pissed off and tried to say something ( swear words I guess ) but he seem struggled himself to find the suitable words or phrase ! Mr Lim my neighbour came and stood near to this guy, I went near to him and used my right hand ( tied with PALO KAIN at that time ) to TAP onto his left shoulder twice, he looked shock and stunned. Speechless, not even one word uttered ! He looked at me and seem forgot about every thing ! Miracle power of the Than Kru Phut’s PALO KAIN / Pha Prajiout ?

Another superb story regarding this PALO KAIN is PALO KAIN can be used as fighting gear ( hand glove ) as we seen in ONG BAK movie, Tony Ja used a rope to tie and bandage his fist before fighting. The rope works as a glove / gear to support and tighten the fist for the better punch. My Malay friend in Bendang Nyior, used to use Than Thit PALO KAIN to tie and tighten his first before  joining the Muay Thai competition organised by Kelantan Muay Thai. He said the experienced are unexplainable, he feels the strong and unlimited strength of fist power during the fight. Hahahhahahaha, I should try this !
to be tied like this I guess !!!
Nowadays, PALO KAIN gained popularity among Kelantan Phra Kreung / Kreung Lang die hard. The exchanging hand cost / price also extremely high and can cost you up to your nose. So far, I GUESSED there is no fake / imitate PALO KAIN found  / circulating in Kelantan amulet market as not many people know bout this superb PALO KAIN and there is no or less demand for that's the good thing and the price will remain low and affordable but precaution must be taken as YOU may be conned ! Instead of renting Than Kru Phut PALO KAIN you may be ended renting / buying PALO KAIN made by Phor Mor ( Bomoh ), PALO KAIN made by Than Plein ( the current Wat Balai abbot ) or perhaps with Than Thit PALO KAIN ( the earlier batch, white cloth ) ! So beware !
PALO KAIN by Than Plein

 PALO KAIN by Phor Mor
PALO KAIN by Than Thit ( 3rd batch )

 The are some PROFESSIONAL MARKERS / DISTINTIVE DESIGNS between PALO KAIN made by Phra Kru Phut, Phor Mor and Than Plein. The secrets between these three batches of KAMPUNG BALAI PALO KAIN couldn’t be discussed openly via my blog. I dun want to make another mistake by sharing the precious information regarding KREUNG LANG ( Tongkat ) but been misused and twisted by several irresponsible party to gain money ! These guys USED my name and blog contents to convince the naïve buyer. Some of them even reproduced the tongkat by using, imitating and inserting the MATERIAL purposed by me. To cut it short, contact me personally If you guys need the PALO KAIN information, F.O.C !

 Merely Sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk

sadhu ! sadhu !
wiesukhihotu13 !

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