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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mai Kru Thep Satra BE 2541 

Featuring the Mai Thaw @ Mai Kru Thep Satra @ Tongkat BE 2541 by late Than Dam, Wat Mai Naparam, Takbai. Thailand. This is a very rare piece of Than Dam maik kru with wanj Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’ ( body, head and bottom ) and ( head and bottom )
In BE 2538 - 2545, Than Dam had produced various types / batch with differs style of unique designed mai kru. These are some examples of it ………………

1st type     è    body made of mai ngiu dam ( black wood ) with steel head and botto
2nd type    è    body made of mai rak with steel head and bottom
3rd type    è    body, bottom and top of head made of wanj ( all wanj material )
4th type    è    body made of mai phayom with  bottom and top of head made of wanj
5th type    è    body made of mai phayom with phra pidta yant yong at top of mai kru
6th type    è    pen type mai kru with wanj pidta Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak on top and bottom.
7th type    è    maai dee prik 
8th type    è    various pen ( casing ) mai kru

Mai Kru Thepsatra @ Mai Kru Wanj Pidta Phon Tok Mokhak Rak BE 2541


 Code 222
Code 555
These 2 pieces of mai kru ( 3rd type ) with 222 and 555 serial codes. As stated in my earliest post – Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’, these mai kru were rented in BE 2542 at THB2000 together with the BE2536 Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’. This limited edition mai kru is made of wanj Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’ ( wanj used as body, top and bottom, serial no 555 & wanj used at the top and bottom, serial no 222 ) inserted with many kind of sacred-materials. Check out the materials used !

These mai kru were made for closed disciples and not to be rented out openly. Than Dam said all of his mai kru were rented out right after phuthapisek / plugsaeg ceremony ends.  Most of the mai kru were pre booked by the disciples and devotees and were rented out before they were on the display shelf. This mai kru has been kept in my safety box for more than 1 decade and this year round I have decided to fully utilize of it for healing purposes. Although the power embedded within not as superb as Than Kong’s and Than Chan’s but it is still a superb healing tool ( minor cases ! )  
 Hand Inscribed Yant by late Than Dam
I still remember vividly the date and day when I first used this mai kru to help a girl who has been possessed by PHEE PRAI. The girl came to my house with his 3 male companions. Thais Amulet Die Hard of course !  We were chit chatting while having an evening Yam Char in conjunction with Water Snake Chinese New Year celebration. Our topic on that day was on Southern Thai’s and Kelantan’s guru Phra kreung / Kreung Rang including Than Dam’s stuffs. All range of Phra Kreung / Kreung Rang  were brought out and been placed on the tea table. While observing, chit-chatting and exchanging our P.O.V. Suddenly the girl reacted strangely by pulling her hair, shaking and banging her head harshly. The girl then keep on shouting and yelling in Thais ( although she can’t speak Thais, not even 1 word in Thais ! ).

“Ploy Ku ……Ploy Ku ……. Ploy, Ploy , Ploy Ku !“
“ Ai Sadt ( cursing in Thais ), Ploy ! “
Shocked with the girl’s reaction, we tried to calm her down. It took 4 of us to calm her down. While seated on the sofa, the girl struggling to free herself. The girl kept on shouting and yelling in Thais. My immediate action was to grab Than Dam’s mai kru and pointed to her, straight onto her forehead. While holding the mai kru & keep on murmuring the short Mai Kru’s MON ( Khata akhom ), the girl reacted more harshly. She started to yell and curse me. After touching her forehead with the end tip of the mai kru the girl keep on shouting ........
Ai Sadt ( cursing in Thais ), Ploy ! “
“ Ai Sadt ! “

 A few second later she cried and begged ………

 “ Chep Chep, Yar Luang Phor, Yar !”
“ Khor Thot, Luang Phor, Khor Thot…… Yar Nah, Luang Phor ! “

After forcing and convincing HER ( Phee Phrai ) to introduce herself, then the phrai started to communicate …………

Ma Chak KhrunthepMahaNakhon, Cher Kanya Malee, Ayut Sip Et “
“ Nau, Nau, Ploy Ku !“

SHE said she killed herself after her boyfriend dumping her for another girl, she hung herself under a tree in front of her boyfriend’s house and hope to give a GOOD lesson to her boyfriend. She said she wanna go home but she couldn’t find her way bcos of her roaming spirit has been TIED and USED to produce love amulet including Namman Prai Phee Tai Hong,  she followed the girl since the girl owned Inn Koo amulet soaked  with Namman Prai. Her’s Namman Prai !!! ( Oil condensed from various of part of the corpse – extracted from her body parts, including chin and forehead ).

The girl then fell unconscious. I went to my bucha room and provided her some NAMBOON and she gained conscious few minutes later. Then we went to the room and lighted up the incenses and conducting Bucha Phra and simple ritual to transfer merit to Prai Kanya Malee.

“Annica Watasaangkhara Upatawayataminu ………………………………“

Right after the ritual, the possessed girl said that she saw a black shadow entering her body via her head and she saw several people gave chased on her and tried to kill her. That was the time she started to scream and then she saw an old monk approaching her and recited some incantation and at that time she feels pain, fainted and the she couldn’t remember anything after that. When I asked her, who was the monk, she said she only saw an old monk with a walking stick. She doesn’t recognized him but vividly saw his fierce face with little moustache when pointing the walking stick ( long mai kru / tongkat I guessed ! ) toward her and the monk then vanished  before her eyes and she fainted !  Who is he ? Than Kong ? Than Dam ? The questions  remain unsolved until now !

To cut it short, after that day on I decided to make a fully utilize of this mai kru ( Serial number 555 ) as a supportive mai kru. Nowadays, Than Dam’s Mai Kru were sought after by many devotees as a superb substitution of Phor Than Kong’s and Than Chan’s efficacious mai kru.  It is very hard to find indeed.  Some were well kept and refuse to let go even thought been offered by the high renting price. Same goes here, I had been offered SD700 for this piece mai kru. Even I’m been offered sum of RM 2222 ( because of the 222 serial number ! ) Sorry Bro Sam and Bro Hong, the mai kru is not to be rented out it is my treasure of life to be passed down to the next WI’s Generation !
hahahahhahahahaha !

 Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !

wie.sukhihotu 13 !

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