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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inherited “ Kreung Lang” from Wat Phikulthong, Terbak. Tumpat.

Inherited “ Kreung Lang” from Wat Phikulthong, Terbak. Tumpat.

Sharing my Inherited “ Kreung Lang” of Wat Phikulthong from my late beloved Mother ( made by and given out by late Than kru Daeng ) . In brief, my mum was born and grown up in Tumpat, Kelantan. My grandmother’s house was situated just next to the only one cinema ( former Lido Cinema ) in Tumpat, situated at intersection of Jalan Besar and Jalan Kampung Besut.

During her younger age, my mum second house was Wat BorMek, name used / called by local folk to indicate Wat Phikulthong Vararam. She grown up and learnt Thai language in Wat Phikulthong. Before getting married and moved to Din Daeng ( Tanah Merah ), Wat BorMek and monks in Wat BorMek were her guidance. Than Kru Daeng or Phor Than Daeng was my mum’s “FATHER”. She called late Phor Than Daeng as “FATHER” - “PHOR” in Thai and not as LUANG PHOR – the venerable one. Late Phor Than Daeng used to call my mum as “LOOK” – daughter.
My mum spent most of her times in Wat BorMek. Whenever she be in Wat BorMek, my elder auntie ( deceased )and younger auntie will accompany her. Sometimes they will put a night there ( in a Kuti ). After my mum married and settled down in Tanah Merah. My younger auntie moved from Jalan Kampung Besut and resided in Jalan Besar, Tumpat after the Lido Cinema was torn down to give away for the development project.

During her OUTING, HELPING and STAYING in Wat BorMek, Than Kru Daeng teaches my mum, aunties and other local folks about Buddha and Dhamma. Other than that, my mum said Than Kru Daeng will give away some of the KREUNG LANG to my mum. Some of the KREUNG LANG were made by Than Kru Daeng while others were brought back from other temples after attending the chanting ( pluksaeg, phutapisek, withi ) ceremony, including Kreaung Lang from local temple, even from Thai and India.



My mum rented 7 SAKSIT PHOR THAN NAR DAM BUCHA from Than Kru Daeng with RM 70 each. My mum brought back 4 painted black n 3 golden colour buchas. The 5 buchas were given / divided between my siblings. According to my mum the other 2 buchas were damage and broke into pieces

1 bucha at my hometown in Din Daeng.

2 buchas at my elder sister home in Peringat.

1 bucha at my house in Grik.

1 bucha at my 2nd sister home in Din Daeng.

TAKRUT PITSARMORN – Using vintage tooth paste tube

These 2 pieces khat Eow ( waist taktut ) were given by late Than Kru Daeng to my mum. My mum said these two takrut given to her in early 80s when she met Than Kru Daeng for his help ( court case – land possession case ). The origin of these takrut were unknown but according to my mum, Than Kru Daeng said these takrut were made by vintage tooth paste tube ( lead / tin ).


As in my previous post on ………… these phar yant were given to my mum when my mum moved to Din Daeng ( built a new house ). These phar yant were to be placed at 4 directions of the house ( main and back door’s frames, room’s wall )


These only 2 pieces takrut Karn Barn were given to my mum to be placed / hung at the doors frame ( main and back doors ). These takruts were permanently hung at my hometown door’s frames since late 1970s. Please be noticed that the Mai Thaw Karn Barn ( above Than Kru Daeng’s takrut ) was made my late granddad – Phor Mor Keaw and not from Than Kru daeng ! The photos were taken in fews years back so it bit messy with dirt and web on it ! Hahahahahaha baru original !


This Luang Pu Tho amulet was given to my mum when my elder and 2nd sisters were away from Kelantan for work. My mum consulted Phra Kru Daeng and she was given 2 pieces of this Luang Pu Tho. 1 well kept by me and the other 1 is with my elder sister. I used to show this Luang Pu Tho to my friend and he said this is the fake Luang Phu Tho. Stumbled with his comments, from that day on I had never shown this Luang Pu Tho to others because afraid of malicious judgement and interpretation as the FAKE LUANG PU THO ! Whether is fake or not it is a treasure for us ( WI’s Family )because it was given out by late Than Kru Daeng to my mum.




UNIDENTIFIED KREUNG LANG 1 – believed to be from India

These 5 pieces of unidentified kreung lang were believed originated from India, but the origin of these amulets were remained unsolved. It were given to my mum by late Than Kru Daeng to be distributed to others. My mum said she only kept 5 pieces out of 20s given to her. May be late Than Kru Daeng expert could help me to shed the light of these amulets, especially the material used ……. Mercury ???


According to the infos gathered from the various sources, this Phra U-Thong was made of mixed fragments of many old Phra Kru from Supanburi such as Phra Kampaeng Soq, Phra Mahesuan and other amulets from Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat and other temple in Supanburi. Mass chanted from 69 great monks in B.E.2510. Made for soldier troops during Indo-China and Vietnam war.

Merely Sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu12 !

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