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Friday, November 4, 2011

Takrut Maha Rar Ngap Chakapat

Presenting and sharing the brief infos on great takrut – Takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”. Takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” is among of the thousand great takruts made by great guru monk. In my point of view, takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” perhaps is the greatest among the great takrut because of its application and super natural power embedded / lain within the takrut.

Takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” said to be endowed with 108 super natural power of;

* If one carries it, he will be safe wherever he goes.
* If he has to meet his enemies or competition, victory will fall upon him.
* If safe keep in the premises, it will safeguard the premises against fire, break in, 
* If safe keep in the premises, it will help to change the bad CHI / energies
* If safe keep in the house, it will vibrate the harmonious  vibes among  the residents.
* If one keeps inside the car, it will help the owner to safe guard the car and put the mishap at bay.

The great yant  “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”

The great takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”
According to late Phor Mor Chau Nan, the words / phases… ‘Maha Rar Ngap’ means power to stop or obstruct or defeat whereas, ‘Maha Cakhapat’ means the ultimate King. Generally takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Chakhapat” is endowed with a superb power of……….

i.      Maha Lap ( endow with bundle of great fortune )
ii.     Maha Metta ( to be loved by others )
iii.   Maha Sanaeh ( opposite sexes attraction )
iv.    Maha Niyom (effect of loving-kindness )
v.      Maha Phokasap ( great wealth – windfall luck )
vi.    Maha Amnaj  ( great charismatic power feared by people, posses of authority power )
vii.   Klaew Khad (free from all harms and mishaps )
viii.  Khan Phai ( protection for general safety )
ix.     Khan Khun Saie ( warding off bad people / back stabber / smite enemies )
x.      Kong Kra Phan Chatri ( invincibility and invulnerability )  
xi.     Khan Sai Yar Satd ( protection from Black magic )
xii.    Khan Tuar ( Body protection )
xiii.            etc

Therefore takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” is worth to be kept. Nowadays, it is hard to find a skillful guru monk / achan who can inscribe Maha Rar Ngap Yant / Khom to be made into Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat takrut and not many guru monk / achan who are really mastered in this Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat takrut making. The guru monk / achan / teacher who wanna make takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” must be a great patience, compassionate, high in meditation and of course strong in wichah sciences. “ 

There is a wide spread news on the present guru monk that REALLY qualified to inscribe / make takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”. Thai people believe among  present guru monk that qualified to make / produce  takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” is Luang Phor Sai Thong. Luang Phor  Sai Thong is popular with his takrut making skill, he is said to be possessed / endowed with wichah power of takrut making sciences and the takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”  by Luang Phor Thong Sai is said to be possessed with supreme power and is the best among other takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” makers.

Luang Phor Sai Thong photos.

 Various  example of takruts of “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”

The great yant / khom of “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” to be inscribed must be followed by specific incantations before any khata akhom begins to be inscribed on the takrut plate ( normally black lead ). After the complicated inscribing processes are completed, the lead takrut will be rolled then the takrut is plugsaeg again before been knitted with the strings. The takrut can be in any sizes. Range from 5cm to 30 cm long. Most of the takrut are in giant sizes, this is because of its complicated yant / khata akhom. Some of the takrut sizes determine by the purpose of making and the most important thing is easy / convenient to carry except if you wanna put it at home ( altar ), the bigger size of takrut is most preferable then.

The actual size
Sample of rolling takrut process

LP Sai Thong is inscribing the takrut

LP Sai Thong plugsaeg the takruts 

The example of takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat 

An average sizes of the feature “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” takrut is 1.2 kg in weight ( approximately ), 30 cm (12 inches) in lengths and 4.5 cm ( 1.5 inches ) in diameter.  It is made of old “Takua Dam” (  black  Lead ) and  knitted 2 types of colourful strings.
The example of takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat

An average sizes of the second feature “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” takrut is 1.2 kg ( approximately ), 30 cm (12 inches) in lengths and 4.3 cm ( 1.3 inches ) in diameter.  It is made of old “Takua Dam” ( black  Lead ) and knitted with black  colour strings.

My takruts “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” on my home bucha altar
Katha for Takrut Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat 

There is a specific khata / incantation to increase the supreme power of this “Takrut Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”. Incantation can be recited according to the worshipper wish ( s ). The incantation of this takrut can be fulfilled in 3, 7, 21 times. According to Luang Phor Sai Thong, it’s much better if the incantation can be done / recited according to the Buddha’s Day. Meaning to say that, the incantation is recite according to the 7 different days of the week, each day represent the different times of recitation until the sum of the recitation is accumulated 108 times or less or more per week. For instance ………

   6   times
   15   times
    8  times
    17 times
   14 times
   21   times
   10 times

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahantho Samma Sammbuddhasak
Phikyo Theyva Manuk Sarnang
Phikyo Brahma Nakmut Tamo
Phikyo Naga Supar Nakyang
Phikrijin Sriyang Nakh Makh Mi Hang

Ikh Tikh Paramita Tingsa
Ikh Tikh Sappanyu Ma Khatta
Ikh Tikh Pothik Manuk Phatto
Ikh Tikh Pikh So Chaktey Nakmo
Ikh Ra Char Kha Ta Rak Sar
Tikh Hang Cakh To Ro Tikh Nang
Pikh Sam Rar Lo Phut Sat Phut
So Makh Nakh Kha Rikh Tha Tho
Phak Sam Samg Vik Sakh Tae Phak
Kha Budh Phan Tho Tham Wa Khak
Wa Tho No Akh Makh Makh Wa
Ak Vik Su Nutt Sar Nuk Tikh

Nakh Mor Budh Thak Yakh
Yakh Thak Budh Mor Nakh

Bak Rak Mang, Bhaghava
Makh Akh Ukh,  Bhaghava

Nakh Mor Phut Thakh Yakh
Nakh Makh Phakh Thakh
Chak Phakh Kha Sakh
Makh Akh Ukh
Ukh Akh Makh

According to my present guru Phor Mor Cau Narn, presently 84 years old from Tanah Merah. ( Not late Phor Cau Nan – my another guru, passed away in late 2009  ) used to say, those days, takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat” is tied to their main pillar of the house when the new house is to be built. Some are buried in the centre area of the house or the 4 corners before the house is built. Some of the wooden house, the owner will tie the takrut on top of the house roof’s pillar ( inside ). They believed that the takrut will help the family members to live in harmonies, protect the house from various negative elements ( thief, burglar, fire, wild / poisonous animals, evil forces and etc ), prosperity, longevity, and etcetera. According to Phor Mor Cau Narn, for the modern houses ( ready built ). You no need to dig and bury or tie the takrut.  It is enough if you place the takrut at your house bucha altar or even can be tied or hung at your house’s main door frame ( inside ).

During King Naresuan The Great era takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”  is used by the Thai great warrior during their fight / battle with their enemies. According to the Thai battle history and legend, King Naresuan The Great for example used to use this takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”. King Naresuan wore the takrut at all times and he regconised its effectiveness requested the takrut to be made for  all his platoon leaders to enhance their skills and lead them to victories. This takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”  to be believed to help and bring the victory to the troupe led by the king.

Nowadays, takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”  is highly sought after and the price for this type of takrut  can cause the price up to the nose.  Even though we are afford the higher price, few are willing to let go, you can’t rent it over amulets shelves and market either….. the genuine and effective one of course ! Normally the takrut “Maha Rar Ngap Maha Chakhapat”  was made by request and not to be rented out over the counter.

merely sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

sadhu ! sadhu !

wie.sukhihotu11 !

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