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Thursday, August 4, 2011

AMULETS that HELP us to gain WEALTH and HEALTH !

AMULETS that HELP us to gain WEALTH  and  HEALTH ? 

Anybody ? 
Do you believe in that ?
Do you have / own such amulet ?
Do you know any temple / monk that produces such amulets ?
Where i can get / rent those amulets
Does this / Do these  amulet (s) endow (s) with such super natural power ?

That were some Qs asked by my frens regarding the super power of wealth and health fetching amulets. Most of us nowadays getting crazy of these type of amulets which to be claimed as been BLESSED by / with super power of helping the wearer to gain WEALTH and HEALTH.  Upon hearing of these WEALTH and HEALTH most of us tend to MELT and KNELT to the claimed. As a result of this propaganda, without giving a 2nd thought, we tend to CC ( cash and carry ) and PP ( pay and pack ).

CC and PP without thinking it is a costly action and cause us lost hundred and perhaps thousand of Bank Notes to the noneffective amulets / talismans. Upon CC & PP, most of us hoping that the amulets / talisman will HELP us to gain WEALTH and HEALTH. We prayed for it. Offered the amulets with various offering as it should be. Chanted the SPECIALLY FORM incantation without fail. Brought the amulets to the temple to be blessed and blessed, again n again. Sought and consulted guru / monk advices to ensure the super power of the amulets won't be decreased or deteriorated. 

After a series of HARD & TOUGH WORKS, yet we still stuck and hooked to the old unchanged luck.  We tend to blame the amulets, blame the monk, blame the temple, blame the seller, blame our luck, blame our destiny, blame our bosses, blame our system, blame our government and yet to the extend of blaming our ancestor. THE BLAMING GAMES BEGIN !

WEALTH    ??? 

Well ............ still haunted with pile of DEBT !  

HEALTH    ??? 

Well .......... still consulting HEALTH CONSULTANT !

LUCK        ???

Well........... still visiting the MKT premises ( Magnum, Kuda, Toto ) !

The reality ( the discussion are based on the previous Dhamma talks by my late Grandpa - Phor Mor Keaw ) to be accepted are .............

* We can't expect a bundle of bank notes drop from the sky just because we are wearing the super power wealth fetching amulets.
* We can't expect our career improves or changes just because we owned and believed the super charismatic amulets / talismans.
* We can't expect our broken relationship to bloom just by hanging a powerful relationship booster and opposite sexes attraction amulets.

Bear in mind that, our present kamma bound to the our previous kamma. What we have in this present year / lives are the KAMMA of our previous lives. That's something crucial and a must for all Buddhist to believe and hold on firmly. Our PRESENT KAMMA reflected our PAST KAMMA. We sow the fruit from the tree that we have planted. We reap the crops from the planted seeds. As stated in CAUSE & EFFECT SUTRAS,

The Buddha Speaks of The Karma Sutra  
* Cause And Effect * 
Once upon a gathering at Lin-Shan Assembly, where 1,250 followers attended, Ananda, one of the chief disciples, after circling thrice with folded hands around Sakyamuni Buddha, bowing in respect, humbly asked : "In the present dark age, where the majority of our people are indulgent in unrighteousness, disrespectful to the Buddha's teaching, unfilial to their parents, immoral, miserable and sordid, among them some are deaf, some blind, some mute, some idiotic, some handicapped in other aspects, the most people inured to killing... could we understand the cryptic and fundamental principle or what consequences each individual is to suffer eventually for his deeds, My Lord, would you kindly explain there to us ?"
Buddha said ........

  To understand your previous-life,

Look at what you have in your present-life. 
To have a preview of your next-life,
 Examine your daily act in this life.

Effect : Why in this-life you have cars and various transportation facilities?
Cause : Because you have repaired broken bridges and paved roads for the benefit of other in your previous life.

Effect : Why in this-life you enjoy longevity and good health ?
Cause : Because you set free sentient-being in your previous life.

Effect : Why in this-life you have houses and building ?
Cause : Because you have donated food to monasteries in your previous life.

Effect : Why in this-life you are so prosperous and happy ?
Cause : Because you have donated money to build temples and public shelters in your previous life.

Effect : Why in this-life you are pretty and handsome ?
Cause : Because you respectfully offered flowers to the Buddha's altar in your previous life.

Effect : Why in this-life you are so intelligent and wise ?
Cause : Because you were a devout Buddhist and a sober vegetarian in your previous life.

For indepth reading with the simplify version, kindly browse this link;

Phor Mor Keaw once added that, what we have in our present year ( at least until 40 years old ) is  reflected on what we have done in our previous lives. That means, started from the very first day of our lives ( born till 40 years old ), our lives - our kamma is BOUND & EFFECTED by our past actions. Meaning to say that, whatever lives that we have to go through now is depend on what we DID in our previous lives.  

Phor Mor Keaw added that, no use of hanging the super wealth and health fetching amulets because your past kamma will never ever be varnished and super power amulets can't help you to improve your life, double your assets or keep you young and healthy. Phor Mor even advised me and said that ..........Whatever you do will definitely come back to you, sooner or later ! 

The other interesting part of Phor Mor Keaw Dhamma talk was ; our past kamma will only bound and affected our present lives until  an age of 40 YEARS old. After age of 40s, our past kamma will not affected our lives anymore. The life after 40s is bound to our present lives kamma. That means, in order to receive / enjoy a good present kamma, we have to practise a good kamma ( good deed ) before reaching our 40s.  Meaning to say, the things that we did  / committed in our early age will definitely affect our present lives..
Hahahahahahaha, dizzy ? Aku lagi pening !
To simplify the discussion.......things that you do / commit now ( born til age of 40s ) will affect your present life ( life after age of 40s ). Things that you did /  committed after age of 40s  ( present life) will affected your next life kamma. ( born until age of 40s in next life ). Meaning to say, all are interrelated. Things that we do / did  in this or previous life, for sure we will get it back, it will keep on coming back to  us !  Faham ??? Klu tak faham juga, kena cari sifu yg betul2 arif. Wa pun hanya dapat setengah gelas, carilah mereka yang penuh sebaldi !

Jadi, andai saya ada amulets yang boleh mendatangkan kekayaan, kenapa pula saya nak jual ?
Jadi, andai saya ada amulet yang boleh panjangkan umur, kenapa saya tak guna sendiri ?
Jadi, andai saya ada amulets yang boleh memberikan tuah, kenapa saya tak beli MKT sendiri ?
Jadi, andai ada amulets yang boleh buat berkuasa, kenapa saya tak guna dan masuk politik ?
Jadi, andai ada amulets macam tu, kenapa  nak jual dgn RM sedangkan boleh dapat POUND !

Jadi......jadi.....jadi, semua itu tak ada ! Jangan tertipu !

In a nutshell, super duper trooper power amulet or talisman could not help us to gain WEALTH, HEALTH & LUCK. Faith and believe per se, won't help us to ensure the super power amulets / talisman to be as effective as claimed by guru.  But....our PAST & PRESENT  KAMMA will do. Believe it !

Merely Sharing !
No Hard Feeling !

Sadhu ! Sadhu !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wie.sukhihotu11 !

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