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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sorry for the inconvenient caused ! Many bloggers keep asking me why my recent posts were incomplete and almost all the posts were left with ....???.... Well, as i said before, those blanks were purposely left to the expert to leave his comments on Kelantan's stuff. They commented on me and even scolded me with a swear / harsh words by saying that i'm such a **** and good at bluffing people. Until now none of them drop by and share their thought, experiences and expertise ! So, now we know that...who are the real **** and good at bluffing. Sorry no heart and hard feeling. " Tham Di, Dai Di " Sadhu ! Sadhu ! wie.sukhihotu09 !

1 comment:

  1. Feel Free to visit..if u disagree do make an effort to come up with a blog to share with us your thoughts..I would love to learn from you as well. Don't be selfish..that's not the spirit!

    No point of scorning Wie for his dedication to Tok Raja, Pho Mor Kiaw and many great gurus..

    Do have to say that I admire Wie's gut to unravel some of the unethical things being done by some unscrupulous temple over charging by putting an extremely high price on items blessed by current reputable Gurus. Wie, YOU D MAN!

    No one was born to know everything..even Dharma was transmitted thru the memory of Ananda. We wasnt there that time or maybe if we did we went thru reincarnation and forgot the whole thing..If for a sparse of moment Ananda forgot something or perhaps interpret some teaching to his taste..hmm then we would've been deviated for 2552 years..Not that bad until we turn out to be criminals or etc..nothing in the Dharma taught us bad or evil things..When in Doubt, use your own conscience..make sure our action doesn't inflict any harm to any people or any living beings..Sweet and simple!

    Wie, thanks for all the Great Info! Keep on Updatin!