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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phor Than Kong Famous BE 2505 Taolit........part 1

Featuring my personal collection of the famous Be 2505 Taolit of Phor Than Kong.  These taolit were made and blessed by Phor Than Kong ( Tok Raja ) himself.  These Phor Than Kong's taolit were then distributed by late Chau Khun Chan during Phor Than Kong cremations day. According to my grandpa, Thamboon         ( renting price ) for the BE 2505 Taolit was just RM 5 per piece.


During the cremation ceremony, this Phor Than Kong's  BE 2505 Taolit were put inside the baht ( armbowl ) with a donation box beside the baht. At those time my grandpa said he had just RM 10 in his pocket and he had only rented those 2 pieces ( as attached photos ).

The first feature taolit face, legs and hand were worn out due to the traditional way of casing ( wrapped it in a yellow or red clothe ) and this taolit originally wore by grandpa himself. He said that, he will wear this taolit when he wanna Tham Withi ( bomoh tingy ) or travel for a long distance. The second feature taolit was still in 90 % perfect, but still a bit worn out here and there because of open casing.

Some amulet expert said that......WORN OUT a bit, here and there were ONE  of  the crucial aspects that indicate the originality of the amulets. If the amulets were released / made some 50 years ago but still in 100 % perfect condition then you need to be worried ! Altho there's a case of 100 % perfection but it's very very rare indeed. Before making any purchasing / renting / exchanging, you should ask in depth and consult the expert to verify.


Below is the redo batch of the famous Taolit of Phor Than Kong by Chau Khun Mit. This batch of taolit can be used as a substitution to the highly sought after of Phor Than Kong BE 2505 ( as above ). FYI, all Wat Uttamaram amulets has gone thru a rigid and complicated processes and ceremony of making and of course has been blessed accordingly to the Phor Than Kong's secret and katha.

Some novice collectors were cheated and rented this new batch of  taolit as  the old BE 2505 Taolit. Some irresponsible amulet sellers / collectors simply dipped this new batch taolit into special blended chemical and even hand scratch the taolit just to make it worn out and look older.

How to differentiate the original BE 2505 taolit and the imitate one ? As for me ( novice and inexperienced in this amulets world ), the simplest way to differentiaite  the original BE 2505 Taolit is..... in creating BE 2505 Taolit, Phor Than Kong used the selected YELLOW BRASS, while the redo batch taolit was made of RED BRASS. Used the sharp object and scratch any part of your taolit ( normally the base / bottom ) and you will see the result....whether in yellow or red brass / copper !

But now in this technology advanced, it's hard to determine the amulets via scratch and see. The amulets con men even smarter that we ever thought. Sometime it's beyond our thinking. they're willing to do and spend thousand perhaps to copy cat and produce the fake amulets.  In determine your BE 2505, kindly consult the expert please !

Nowadays, amulets from Wat Uttamaram ( especially Phra Pidta Phakhawan ) are highly sought after for it efficacious to ward off ill-fortune and to provide protection to the wearer, it been said that amulets from Wat Uttamaram also superb in auspicious luck fetching. This piece of Tok Raja Taolit redo batch from the Phor Than Kong's BE 2505 block / mould was rented from Wat Uttamaram in early B.E. 2544. The thamboon for the newly made taolit is RM 50 per piece.

Due it popularity, this older batch taolit made by Chau Khun Mit was out of stock. Recently, Wat Uttamaram abbot, Than boon had released a new batch of Tok Raja Taolit. The renting price ( thamboon ) for this new made BE 2552 Taolit is RM 89. This batch of taolit comes with a box ( first time ever ! )

In a nutshell, it doesn't matter if you are just able to own this new batch of BE 2505 Phor Than Kong's Taolit. It's still a superb taolit. The good and efficacious amulets doesn't depend on its prices, year of making, and its rareness. As my grandpa's all depend on your faith and believe ! Even the RM 10 one, if you get it from wat, thamboon it with your heart, believe and have faith in Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, the CHEAP amulet that you have rented are much better than the propaganda, expensive, fake and immitate famous amulet !

Merely sharing...........................

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !

wie.sukhihotu09 !


  1. HI. Mine is worn out as in the first pictures. Scratching the base, reflects 2 colours , front portion is yellow colour while the back portion is red colour. What does this mean?