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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long Kuan @ Chau Kuan @ Tok is leaving us for Parinibanna !

Photo adapted from

Chau Kuan @ Long Kuan @ Tok is passed away due to the old age and suffered from serious asthma. Last  3 / 4 weeks when i was in Kelantan, i went to mete him but his house is empty / locked. According to kampung folks, he was admitted / hospitalized  in Kota Baharu for several days because of his bad asthma and health deteriorate  due to old aged.

It's a big lost to the Kelantanese Buddhist and Bangsek folks. Last time i met him was on May 2008 ,during school breaks. I went to pay him a visit and collect my Mai Thaw from him. It been 6 months with him, since i brought the red Mai Jangrak / Jangrak wood to be inserted with the yants / khom. 

I brought the blank jangrak wood tongkat him in November 2007.  Actually, he kinda refused to make any Mai Thaw anymore, he said .......

" Ku Kae Laew, Khian Yant Mai Dai... Mai Hean Laew ! "
(  I'm too old, cannot inscribe yant any more, can't see well )

After convincing him and he finally agreed but he said it will take quite sometimes to finish it and i have to wait for at least 3 to 5 months. He said the hollow part of the tongkat must be in 13 cm deep. He kinda surprised when i said that, i knew bout that and already made 13 cm long / deep hole.  I asked him what are the materials needed, for his Mai Thaw, he said he just  need to insert the mai thaw with  khom ( yant inscribbed ), nothing more !

It's true when it's takes almost 6 months and when i collected the mai thaw, he smiles at me and said ..........

" Mai thaw tham arai, mor neh ? "
( own mai thaw for what, wanna be a bomoh ?)

After a short conversation with him, i asked him whether he still have the Mai Thaw Pakka - Pen Tongkat ? He smiled and said .........

" Mot Leaw "
( Finished ) 

I reply this to him ...........

" Tham pakka mai dai mai ? "
( can make the new one for me ?)

He smiled , stood up and went to his drover and searching for something, after sometimes he came back and gave me 2 pieces of Parker Pen - Mai Thaw Pakka and said it was really last two pieces. Dunno why still have 2, he thot it was finished taken by Penangites. Ha ha, it was my luck day.  He said the clips of the Parker pen are rusty and bit faded and i might not like it. I just grabbed the pakka without any sigh. Rusty ? Must be kept for a long time i guessed !

I asked Chau Kuan further bout his Mai Thaw Pakka - Pen Tongkat. Especially the types of khom that he inscribed and the materials used. He just smiled and kinda refused to reveal his pen tongkat's secrets. I guessed i know what to do when you ask him a question but he / she just smile at you. Acccording to his looksit and Bangsek folks, Chau Kuan used a special type of shinning paper as its pen tongkat yant and it look likes Aluminuim Foil. Chau Kuan stuffs experts out there might have something to be share !

After the short conversation ( not fluent in Thai, spoke Kelantanese Hokkien, Malay and broken Kelantanese Siam language ). I paid him the thamboon ( RM200 each for Pakka Mai Thaw ) and special red packet ( angpow ) for the inserted yant with khom for my jangrak mai thaw and KRAPP him trice before leaving. Well, these 2 Mai Thaw Pakka and Jangrak Mai Thaw such a special TONGKAT instead , because i had never owned any of his stuffs before. It will be my treasure then !

If i could back to those year  ( 2007 ) and meet him again,  i would beg him and bring the BLACK SHIRT, 3 meters long of PLAIN / WHITE CLOTHES, 1 piece of "DAI DIP" ( benang basah ), PENGERAS and "PHAN" .......... presented to him and  WAI KRU him as my guru !

"annica watasang khara..................."

sadhu ! sadhu !
wie.sukhihotu10 !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Featuring the super rare Phor Than Kong's Bucha Plague. Very very rare amulet instead. Phor Than Kong Bucha Plague ( holding a tongkat with an arm bowl, phra pidta on top right hand side and Yant Nak Mo Phut Tha Yak on top left hand side ).

This super rare plague was made of mixed sacred powder. The original plague was made without frame. The plague was framed in order to give an extra protection and to avoid it from damage. There are no proper documentation on this plague and the exact date / year of this plague was made was unknown. The volume / pieces of this plague also unknown, but according to Than Kong stuffs - Kelantanese, especially from Bangsek, this plague was made in small quantity and only distributed to the closed disciples of late Than Kong, Than Chan and Kru Thong.

plague without frame

There are three different version story of this plague. Most of the amulet collectors, especially Tok Raja die hard fans say that this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan but the making processes was led by late Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong.  The second version of the infos stated that this plague was made by Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong and was well ONLY blessed by late Chau Khun Chan.  The third version of the story is this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan and  Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong during Phor Than Kong eras and WAS blessed by Phor Than Kong himself.

According to my grandpa, this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan and Kru Thong. Both of them were involved in this bucha plague making processes. Whether our late Phor Than Kong DID BLESSED this plague or NOT ......... tak sempat la pula i tanya !  Ha ha ........confused right ? I also confused bout this. Perhaps, Phor Than Kong's stuffs experts out there wanna break the silent and say something to shed the light !

Personal home bucha altar with the plague placed at the back of Phor Than Lek's statue.

Dear bro / Than Kong's stuffs expert. Uploading my home bucha altar here just merely for sharing as i was been in a  HIT & RUN situation. They claimed themselves as an expert in Than Kong's Phra Kreung ( amulets ) series and keep on condemning  me and convincing me that my inherited Than Kong's stuffs are NOT REAL / FAKE. They said that most of my phra kreung are not in my SAFETY BOX actually. I just own the photos / pics. They added that , i'm doing a good jobs in copying and pasting it from somewhere - via blogs / webs !

Some even worst, first they convinced me to show them my phra kreung because they wanna have a closer look on the Phra Kreung that i hd HUNG around my neck, TIED around my waist, ZIPPED in my sling back and  WRAPPED in my pocket. They said ........ most of them are FAKE and NOT from Than Kong instead. Then they keep on showing theirs' collection to me, saying this and that, these are the marking, these are the codes, these are the materials, so on and so forth. Well, ok then, i just nodded my head and appreciated  their comments and point of view to the fullest. No hard feeling !

My personal point of view......... some of them forgot that while they are browsing, BELEK-BELEK ,and TILIK-TILIK under their magnifying mirror, they actually keep on SWALLOWING THEIR ACCUMULATED SALIVA and perhaps to avoid SALIVARY FLOWS ........... !

Based on the HIT and RUN situation above, meaning to say that............

My grandpa had left / inherited the fake phra kreung to me.  Meaning to say that, our Phor Than Kong used to produce a series of the fake phra kreung and gave it to my grandpa, that's why now i'm inherited the fake Than Kong's Phra Kreung ! 

 Mmmmmm...... masuk akal juga ya ?

front and back views

close-up pics of  front and back views of the plague

back view with hand engraved khata akhoms

close-up pics of  front views of Than Kong images

close-up pics of  Phra Pidta and Yant


Merely Sharing.....
Correct me, if i'm wrong !
shadu ! shadu !

wie.sukhihotu10 !

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mai Thaw Pakka - Phor Than Pream, Wat Balai, Bachok.

Featuring my latest collection of Mai Thaw Pakka by Than Pream ( Phra Kru ) of Wat Balai, Bachok, Kelantan Darul Naim. After 3 months of preorder / reserving / booking and 5 months of waiting the newly made Mai Thaw Pakka is ready to be collected.

This mai thaw pakka was made and blessed by Than Pream for more than 3 months. This mai thaw was kept in the ubosot during the Khao Phansa for another 3 months. Than Pream said that, during Khao Phansa, this mai thaw was blessed and plug saeg for continuous 3 months - at least 3 times daily.

The materials used for this mai thaw lies within the mai thaw and remained as Phra Kru's ( Than Pream ) secrets. Than Pream kinda insist to reveal the secret recipes of this mai thaw. Ha ha .......  I requested for another piece of this mai thaw, Than Pream asked me back..... " How many pieces that you have booked ? " . I smiled and her did the same thing, i guess i know the meaning of that smile ...... ha ha, padan muka !

That means, for the late comers, this mai thaw pakka is out of stock and you need to wait for another / new batch of mai thaw pakka.

Personal experienced ......... since collected from Than Pream, haven't tried, haven't tested and haven't wore. Purpose of collecting, just to complete my mai thaw collection from Kelantan Guru Monks.


sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu i

Monday, November 15, 2010

Luang Phor Ee, Wat Sataheep's, Chonburi - Phakhawan Maha Ud



Featuring my little collection of Luang Phor Ee's 4 pair hands Phakhawan Maha Ud. This Phakhawan Maha Ud was made around BE 2490 - 2497. Luang Phor Eee's phakhawan was made of  Mekapat - from Leklai family.

Not many people know about this old batch phakhawan.  In Kelantan this phakhawan was distributed to the devotees by Wat Uttamaram - Phor Than Kong .  According to my grandpa, Luang Phor Ee had  invited our Phor Than Kong to join the plugsaeg ceremony of this powerful phakhawan in Chonburi. After the plugsaeg ceremony, Luang Phor Eee distributed the phakhawan to Phor Than Kong as a token of appreciation, to be brought back and  distributed to the devotees in  Malaysia - Kelantanese devotees.

According to my grandpa. Upon arriving in Kelantan, the phakhawan was kept in the Ubosot and was reblessed by our Phor Than Kong or a period of time before distributed to the devotees. The phakhawan was reblessed according to the Wat Uttamaram Pidta's Secret.

My grandpa added that, this Luang Phor Ee Phakhawan was given away as a substitution to his pidta phakhawan. As usual, before giving away his phakhawan, Phor Than Kong will foreseen and  forecast about the compatibility - KESERASIAN of the devotees and his phakhawan.  That's why not all devotees / look jom / disciple were given his phakhawan. My grandpa said that, Phor Than Kong a kinda SELECTIVE and SENSITIVE before given away his phakhawan. Because of this,  Phor Than Kong will just give away Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan instead of his phakhawan.

Thai Amulets magazine's articles on Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan 

There are 4 great stories about this Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan. Three of the stories were retold to me by Phor Mor Keaw nd Phor Mor Chau Narn. The 4th story was based on my own experienced.

1st story......

There is a devotee who approaches Phor Than Kong and asking for  a favour to help him in order to solve his court case - hit and run cases. Phor Than Kong advises this devotee to look out  for the Luang Phor Ee Phakhawan to be worn during the trial. Phor Than Kong advises this devotee to mum the phakhawan - put it secretly under the tongue or insert at the right cheek wall. Phor Than Kong asks this devotee to practice on how to talk fluently while mumming the phakhawan.

He went for the hearing and the opponent was unable to speak upon him. The lawyer also staggered and halted while reading out the case. The court was adjourned for several times because the opponent was unable to bring out the prima facie and the witness was  absent for the rest of the hearing. Then the case was solved / closed.

2nd story......

The story is about a Chinese Deity medium of Guang Ti / Gong. This medium in his late 40s was arrogant and did not believe in Siam Amulet / Votive Tablet. He always look down upon votive tablet. He said his Guang Ti / Guang Gong was above all Siam amulets power.

This medium got his lesson when one of his friend purposely placed  / inserted the Luang Phor Ee 's Phakhawan inside his pants belt before inviting Guang Ti to enter his body. The ritual was made and done as usual but Guang Ti was failed to posses - failed to get into trance. After waiting for half and hour, the medium went for a plead bow by kneeling in front of Guang Ti altar . Still this does not work. The medium was about to seek apologies to the devotees when his friend smiled and asked him whether he is wearing any other amulets / tangkal.

The medium checked his pants and released his belt, the inserted phakhawan dropped onto the floor and in his disbelieved Guang Ti started to posses and he was successfully came into trance. His friend told / explained the incident to this medium and shed the lite of what had  actually happened. After the incident, this medium set his  small Buddha / Siam Amulets altar in the next room of this main Guang Ti altar. He would pray and ask for permission from the Buddha and Phor Than Kong statues before conducting any rituals !

3rd story.......

The 3rd story is about Tiong Chai. A typical Kelantanese Chinese. He LOVES to fight, creates chaos and bullies the weaker people. 

Tiong Chai is wearing / hanging the Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan. That's why he is always in bad temper, couldn't control his behaviour and always in a GOOD MOOD while fighting...... ha ha ha ! God's will. This small young guy got into trance / possesses by this Phakhawan's spirit and fight like a real fighter - crazy bull !

This young guy acted like a professional boxer and keep on punching, and  kicking  his opponents - 2 verses 1. Kampung folks try to calm him down but failed.  After a few attempts, Tiong Chai finally cool down and it takes 5 adults to keep Tiong Chai calms.

4th story.......

This is the story based on my real experienced in consecrating Luang Phor Ee's phakhawan and testing the phakhawan by using fire arm. Friend of mine, Ah Gu ( deceased ) from Kota Bharu is an amulets collector. He has 2 Malay friends who also get crazy in Thai amulets. These 2 Malay guys worked at Pudu Jail. One of this guys is a Pudu Jail warden and the other one is the HANGING MAN. His works is mainly to carry out the duty to hang the convict.

These 2 Malay guys, asked Ah Gu the amulets that can defeat gun. Ah Gu had introduced this Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan to him.  We went off to the open area ( somewhere in Kota Bharu - still active as a testing area. Ha ha.... ) to test the amulet. This Malay guy used the pump gun as their testing tool. They tied the phakhawan onto a chicken neck and let the chicken ran freely.  The Malay guy, pulled the trigger but the pump gun  failed and halted. The guy pointed the gun to the sky and 'bang, bang' the pump was in a good condition.

For another attempt, i saw these 2 guys changed the bullets and tried it for several times but again the pump gun was unsuccessfully to be triggered. They took back the chicken, collected the phakhawan released the chicken and tied the phakhawan onto a tree trunk, they tried for several times, the pump gun still did not functioning. The guy pointed the gun to the other tree trunks and the gun was successfully to be triggered.

The stories are just for sharing purposes, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME ! Although you are now hanging the Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan.
Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan is FIERCE and will make you  LOOSE  your temper easily. Do not wear it if you are a hot temper person.  Ha ha ha .........

Merely Sharing.

Shadu ! Shadu !
Sabbe Satta Sukhita Hontuk !

wie.sukhihotu10 !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sebut sahaja POWER, ramai dalam kalangan kita yang akan tertanya-tanya. BARANG ( barangan mistik keagamaan ) siapa yang lebih power. BARANG achan inikah ? BARANG sifu itukah ? BARANG sami tersebutkah ? BARANG bomoh tua itukah ?

Demi memperoleh BARANG yang power kita sanggup membelanjakan ribuan ringgit dan bergolok bergadai. Kita sanggup terbang ke sana ke mari merentasi lautan dan bukit untuk merealisasikan impian kita untuk memiliki barang yang power. Natijahnya, oleh sebab BARANG yang power kita kehilangan RM dengan sekelip mata, penjualnya pula untung tanpa mengerdipkan mata !

BARANG yang power hanya ada satu iaitu ANDA, anda yang bakal menentukan sama ada BARANG anda power atau tidak. Pakailah barang Tok Raja sekalipun, kalau anda dan diri anda tidak YAKIN dan BERTAKWA serta TAWAKAL pada Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha. Barang power anda itu hanyalah seumpama seketul batu / segumpal tanah / serpihan pokok yang tidak bermakna apa-apa pun.

Saya pernah diceritakan tentang TANGKAL SUPER POWER oleh mendiang datuk saya - sebelah ayah. Pada zaman Darurat dan keganasan komunis bermaharajalela,terdapat sekumpulan 6 orang anak-anak Cina Siam Kelantan menyertai pasukan askar / tentera. Sudah menjadi lumrah dan adat sebelum menuju ke medan perang, ibu dan ayah kepada anak-anak Cina Siam Kelantan ini akan ke ketik - wat siam untuk mendapatkan tangkal dan azimat.

Terdapat seorang pemuda Cina kacukan Siam dari Kampung Cepa / Chepa yang yatim kerana kehilangan ayah sejak kecil lagi. Pemuda terbabit pulang ke rumah dan meminta ibunya ke wat untuk mendapatkan tangkal azimat sebelum berangkat ke Kem di Gua Musang. Pemuda itu memaklumkan ibunya bahawa kawan-kawannya sudah memperoleh tangkal daripada sami  Ibunya tersengih  kembali ke bilik dan kembali sambil memberikan satu bungkusan putih yang lusuh kepada anaknya itu.

Apabila ditanya, ibunya menjelaskan bahawa dia tidak ada apa-apa azimat atau tangkal yang keramat. Hanya sehelai kain putih peninggalan ayahnya dahulu yang tidak sekeramat tangkal sami. Anaknya terus menerima bungkusan kecil kain tersebut dengan bangga, menciumnya dan memasukkannya ke dalam poket baju JUNGLE GREENnya itu. 

Semasa berada di Merapoh, Gua Musang. Ditakdirkan mereka telah terserempak dengan segerombolan komunis dan berlakulah kejadian tembak-menembak yang sengit. Ramai ahli komunis yang terbunuh dan ramai juga pasukan askar yang terkorban dan cedera, termasuklah ke lima-lima pemuda yang memiliki tangkal serta azimat keramat turut cedera.

Kelima-lima anak-anak muda terbabit berasa hairan kerana rakannya selamat drp kejadian tembak-menembak terbabit dan bertanyakan pemuda terbabit. Tangkal apakah yang dipakainya dan siapakah sami yang keramat itu. Pemuda itu berasa bangga kerana AZIMAT BIASA yang diberikan oleh ibunya itu AMAT LUAR BIASA. Diapun mengeluarkan bungkusan putih lusuh itu dan membukanya ........

Pemuda terbabit berasa terkejut dan malu kerana AZIMAT LUAR BIASA yang dipakainya selama ini hanyalah cebisan KAIN BENGKUNG IKAT PERUT  ibunya selepas bersalin dan masih mempunyai kesan darah kering. Pemuda terbabit menyumpah dan memarahi ibunya kerana menipunya, terus mencampakkan kain bengkung terbabit dan berlalu dengan perasaan hampa dan kecewa kerana terlalu malu oleh tindakan ibunya itu.

Contoh bengkung moden berdasarkan bentuk dan design bengkung tradisional

Contoh bengkung moden

Selang beberapa lama, setelah selesai operasi dan semasa dalam perjalanan pulang ke kem mereka, sekali lagi mereka telah diserang hendap oleh pengganas komunis dan pemuda terbabit telah terbunuh dalam kejadian tersebut. Salah seorang daripada lima pemuda yang juga rakan kepada pemuda terbabit terbunuh dan empat terselamat daripada serangan hendap terbabit. Sekembalinya daripada Gua Musang, salah seorang daripada keempat-empat pemuda yang terselamat tersebut telah berhenti daripada  menjadi askar dan berguru kepada datuk saya. Beliau telah menceritakan semula kejadian tersebut kepada mendiang datuk saya untuk iktibar dan teladan kepada semua.

YAKIN ! Itulah kata kunci kepada cerita teladan di atas. Walau dengan hanya BENGKUNG IKAT PERUT ibu yang melahirkan pemuda tersebut tetapi kerana yakin dan percaya pada ibunya bengkung tersebut  mampu menyelamatkan nyawa anaknya.  


YAKIN ! Kita pula mengejar sami-sami untuk mendapatkan CHIVORN dan TALI IKAT PINGGANG CHIVORN para sami kerana kita percaya bahawa kain terbabit mampu membantu dan menyelamatkan kita !

YAKIN ! Kita pula mengejar mayat-mayat reput yang mati dengan kejam ( dibunuh, kecelakaan jalan raya, gantung diri ) untuk mendapatkan kain-kain serta tali ikatan  kafan ( kain balut mayat ) untuk dibuat tangkal dan azimat bagi tujuan POWER yang tiada had.

YAKIN ! Kita juga cenderung mendapatkan GUNI SERKUP serta TALI GANTUNG yang digunakan dalam proses hukuman gantung di penjara-penjara atau kes-kes bunuh diri kerana kita yakin bahawa tali serta serkup kepala terbabit boleh memmurahkan rezeki serta menjaga keselamatan kita.

AKIBAT DARIPADA TERLALU YAKIN ! Kita sanggup melakukan apa-apa sahaja untuk mendapatkan barangan yang dianggap power tersebut. Sanggup bergolok bergadai kerana mempercayai insan2 yang memakai kain kuning ( sami ) atau kain putih ( achan / bomoh ). Kita sanjung dan puja kain-kain dan tali-tali KOTOR yang diperolehi dengan harapan menggunung agar hidup kita berubah, nasib bertukar, dinaikkan pangkat, anak-anak serta isteri mendengar kata dan menghormati kita, rakan sekerja menyukai kita, orang mendengar cakap kita  dan yang paling penting PULUS ( RM / duit ) datang bergolek-golek ke arah kita.

Kita lupa bahawa, setelah barang2 power itu bertukar tangan daripada achan kepada kita, nasib kita memang berubah...............

duit semakin kurang                 ==>       achan semakin kaya
pangkat dinaikkan                     ==>       musuh dalam selimut ramai
anak2 serta isteri takut             ==>       keluarga porak peranda
rakan sekerja menyukai kita    ==>       belakang mengutuk mengeji
orang mendengar cakap          ==>       kita semakin angkuh lupa diri
orang mengikut telunjuk         ==>       kita semakin panas baran
duit datang bergolek               ==>       perginya melayang
hidup rasa puas                        ==>       hati tak tenang
sedap mata memandang          ==>       pahit untuk ditelan
hidup dalam istana impian      ==>       hutang keliling pinggang
sami / achan pulang ke Thai   ==>       tinggalkan hantu dan syaitan
sami / achan bina istana          ==>       kita hidup merana
roh barang kotor merayau      ==>       kita meracau-racau
roh minta balasan                    ==>       kita tercengang-cengang
bila roh jahat berkuasa     ==> HANCUR HIDUP KITA !

POWER ! Yakin dan percaya pada Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha dan mendapat restu kedua-dua ibu bapa dalam apa-apa juga perkara yang kita lakukan adalah pencetus kepada kuasa MAGIS YANG SUPER POWER !

Zaman dahulu kala, orang menghormati ibu bapa, ibu bapa dianggap mulia dan suci malah dalam masyarakat Cina, taraf ibu bapa dianggap semulia Tuhan / Buddha. Bagi mendapatkan barangan mistik yang power, tidak perlu bergantung kepada kain kafan, tali gantung atau chivorn sami cukuplah apa yang ada pada kedua-dua orang tua yang melahir dan membesarkan kita.


Oleh sebab itulah, pemuda-pemuda pada zaman dahulu menghormati dan meyanjung kedua ibu bapa mereka. Bagi memperoleh BARANG yang POWER mereka mengambil SEMUTAR dan KAIN LEPAS ( Pakaian  bagi majoriti lelaki Kelantan sehingga 100 tahun lepas. Kain pelekat lepas, semutar - sejenis lilitan kain di kepala ) yang dipakai oleh datuk dan ayah  untuk dijadikan azimat serta tangkal. Dewasa ini, kebanyakan golongan muda mengejar KAIN ELA  buatan kilang yang DICETAK  / COP dengan azimat tertentu dan yang dijual dengan harga yang tinggi melambung tapi powernya umpama, 'Kokok Berderai-Berai, Ekor Bergelumang Tahi' - Cakap sahaja, hasilnya tiada !

Tidak keterlaluan jika dikatakan, ramai antara kita - golongan muda terutamanya sudah tidak kenal apa itu SEMUTAR , KAIN LEPAS dan BENGKUNG  !

Contoh gambar kaum lelaki Kelantan bersemutar di kepala.

Akhirulkalam, ingatlah ibu bapa mengajar dan mendidik kita, mohonlah POWER daripada kedua ibu bapa kita. POWER kedua ibu bapa kita melebihi power BUDDHA, DHAMMA dan SANGHA. Memiliki POWER, Buddha, Dhamma, dan Sangha tanpa diiringi  POWER Ibu Bapa umpama pokok tidak berbunga.

Ingat ibu bapa, ingat sejarah. Ingat sejarah, maka ingatlah kita bahawa sejarah mengajar kita erti kehidupan, sejarah mencorakkan masa depan kita dan sejarah jugalah yang mendewasakan kita - Tanpa sejarah, kita tidak akan kenal siapa itu TOK RAJA BATU 3,  REPEK - KHRON RATCHANAREN. Tanpa sejarah, tiada ibu bapa !

sadhu ! sadhu !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu10 !

Monday, October 18, 2010

........ unless stated as ..........

Hi bros,

Just wanna clarify some of the misunderstanding and miscommunication here. All featured stuffs of late Phor Than Kong, Phor Than Lek, Phor Mor Keaw and others are SOLELY  MINE - from my personal collection, either inherited from my late grandpa, uncle or my wichah gurus. All of my stuffs are from my  little humble collection, UNLESS stated that it was taken from another blog / web or sharing from my friends !

Do accept my apologises if my claimed and sharing 'hurt' u guys. I have read many comments and critics on my stuffs - via blog's comments, FB, and email.  Bros, u all are welcome to comment and critic what ever u all wanna to but please .... leave my personal life alone. As i mentioned earlier DON'T HIT and RUN, bear in mind that i'm writing / sharing not because of DOLLARS & CENTS !

I know that i'm too young for u all. How can, a late 30's guy owned so many rare stuffs from great guru that you never heard before. So strange right ? Suddenly, out of blue........i came out from no where and claimed these & that. Ridicules !

Bro, to cut if short, if u want ........ set a date, time and place so that we can meet and u can see it by your own eyes. Frankly, u r welcome to do so. Perhaps u wanna show me ur GREAT STUFFS too. ( Shamed on me ...... too bombastic with my little collection ! )

no hard feeling !
sadhu ! sadhu ! 
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk!

wiesukhihotu10 !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Phor Mor Keow rare stuff - See Pheung Maha Metta Naree Phai

Featuring another rare collection of mine. See Pheung Maha Metta Naree Phai ( Charming Wax - Woman is defeated )

The remaining of the wax after more than 14 years. ( given to me in year 1996 ). Just half of the wax in the box / container left. The smell of this wax is nice and pleasant. For this see pheung, i couldn't get much info on it. Dun really know and sure bout the materials used to create this see pheung. 

The only thing that i know is, Phor Mor Keow  says that he added a special blended CHARMING stuff gained from late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri. Pengeras for this see pheung is RM 2.12. The rest is on Thamboon based.

The see pheung is still in its original box / container. Perhaps somebody out there who have had visited Phor Mor and own this see pheung wanna say / share something.

 Personal Experienced,;

Is a good stuff for charming purposes ( male and female ). Although been called as Naree Phai See Pheung. My sister used to share a great story about this see pheung, until she stop using it because of superb attraction. Attract not just gud people but even people who you dun expect to be / dun wan. Superb tool to gain attraction from people around you, even people who you dunno will smile or nod a head upon seeing you.

Merely Sharing !

Shadu ! Shadu !
Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu10 !

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minyak Pengasih Belangkas - Phor Mor Keow, Lubuk Stong, Rantau Panjang.

Featuring my rare / personal item. Namman Meng Da ( Kelantanese Thais Pronunciation ) by my grandpa - Phor Mor Keow.  Phor Mor Keow uses the fat gathered from both female and male fat and eggs including both fat from their sexual organ during their mating season. Phor Mor Keow will only grad the both Belangka when the male horseshoe crab select his  female mate and cling onto her back.
As far as i concerned, NONE of Phor Mor Keow stuffs ( namman metta / sanaeh or see pheung ) uses the corpse remaining /  namman prai. Including this Namman Meng Da. Phor Mor Keow uses pure oil from Dok Thong, Senduduk Putih, and Cempaka Telur

 Belangkas ( mating )

cempaka telur


Without using a single drop of namman prai and a single piece of human corpse remaining, the Namman Meng Da still embedded with a superb power of charming and opposite sexes attraction. My grandpa made this bottle specially for me when i was in teaching college ( 22 years old ). I need to prepare RM27.12 for PENGERAS of this Namman Meng Da and my name and date of birth was written on a piece of white kradat wau and the betel leaf stalk ( used in the making - reciting khata akhom ceremony ) was cut into small piece and inserted together with the kradat wau in the bottle before dipping the extracted oil from horseshoe.

Phor Mor Keow  made / chanted / blessed this Pengasih Belangkas only on full moon day ( selected months only - not during khao phansa ). Phor Mor Keow said that, this Namman Meng Da is a good yet powerful charming stuff. The charmed / targeted person will fall in love with you, like and stumble upon seeing your face. For married couple, your spouse will love and keep clinging onto you until death apart both of you. 

You no need to dip into your targeted person food of body part as normal namman prai / metta  used to be. What you have to do is just pray / say your wishes by mentioning the targeted person name / nick name, then you only need to apply the oil at your eyebrows once and just carry it with you at all time. When you meet your targeted person then recite the khata ...........................

Nakh Ee ........ ( for woman  ) Nern,
Nakh Ai .......... ( for man ) Nern,
Heain Nar Khu, 
Chop Ku,
Heain Nar Khu,
Rakh Ku,
Heain Nar Khu,
Nam Tar Tokh.

Personal experienced..........

SUPERB !  The only word that i can used to describe the power of this Namman Meng Da.

merely sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk!
sadhu ! sadhu !

wiesukhihotu10 !


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