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Monday, November 15, 2010

Luang Phor Ee, Wat Sataheep's, Chonburi - Phakhawan Maha Ud



Featuring my little collection of Luang Phor Ee's 4 pair hands Phakhawan Maha Ud. This Phakhawan Maha Ud was made around BE 2490 - 2497. Luang Phor Eee's phakhawan was made of  Mekapat - from Leklai family.

Not many people know about this old batch phakhawan.  In Kelantan this phakhawan was distributed to the devotees by Wat Uttamaram - Phor Than Kong .  According to my grandpa, Luang Phor Ee had  invited our Phor Than Kong to join the plugsaeg ceremony of this powerful phakhawan in Chonburi. After the plugsaeg ceremony, Luang Phor Eee distributed the phakhawan to Phor Than Kong as a token of appreciation, to be brought back and  distributed to the devotees in  Malaysia - Kelantanese devotees.

According to my grandpa. Upon arriving in Kelantan, the phakhawan was kept in the Ubosot and was reblessed by our Phor Than Kong or a period of time before distributed to the devotees. The phakhawan was reblessed according to the Wat Uttamaram Pidta's Secret.

My grandpa added that, this Luang Phor Ee Phakhawan was given away as a substitution to his pidta phakhawan. As usual, before giving away his phakhawan, Phor Than Kong will foreseen and  forecast about the compatibility - KESERASIAN of the devotees and his phakhawan.  That's why not all devotees / look jom / disciple were given his phakhawan. My grandpa said that, Phor Than Kong a kinda SELECTIVE and SENSITIVE before given away his phakhawan. Because of this,  Phor Than Kong will just give away Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan instead of his phakhawan.

Thai Amulets magazine's articles on Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan 

There are 4 great stories about this Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan. Three of the stories were retold to me by Phor Mor Keaw nd Phor Mor Chau Narn. The 4th story was based on my own experienced.

1st story......

There is a devotee who approaches Phor Than Kong and asking for  a favour to help him in order to solve his court case - hit and run cases. Phor Than Kong advises this devotee to look out  for the Luang Phor Ee Phakhawan to be worn during the trial. Phor Than Kong advises this devotee to mum the phakhawan - put it secretly under the tongue or insert at the right cheek wall. Phor Than Kong asks this devotee to practice on how to talk fluently while mumming the phakhawan.

He went for the hearing and the opponent was unable to speak upon him. The lawyer also staggered and halted while reading out the case. The court was adjourned for several times because the opponent was unable to bring out the prima facie and the witness was  absent for the rest of the hearing. Then the case was solved / closed.

2nd story......

The story is about a Chinese Deity medium of Guang Ti / Gong. This medium in his late 40s was arrogant and did not believe in Siam Amulet / Votive Tablet. He always look down upon votive tablet. He said his Guang Ti / Guang Gong was above all Siam amulets power.

This medium got his lesson when one of his friend purposely placed  / inserted the Luang Phor Ee 's Phakhawan inside his pants belt before inviting Guang Ti to enter his body. The ritual was made and done as usual but Guang Ti was failed to posses - failed to get into trance. After waiting for half and hour, the medium went for a plead bow by kneeling in front of Guang Ti altar . Still this does not work. The medium was about to seek apologies to the devotees when his friend smiled and asked him whether he is wearing any other amulets / tangkal.

The medium checked his pants and released his belt, the inserted phakhawan dropped onto the floor and in his disbelieved Guang Ti started to posses and he was successfully came into trance. His friend told / explained the incident to this medium and shed the lite of what had  actually happened. After the incident, this medium set his  small Buddha / Siam Amulets altar in the next room of this main Guang Ti altar. He would pray and ask for permission from the Buddha and Phor Than Kong statues before conducting any rituals !

3rd story.......

The 3rd story is about Tiong Chai. A typical Kelantanese Chinese. He LOVES to fight, creates chaos and bullies the weaker people. 

Tiong Chai is wearing / hanging the Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan. That's why he is always in bad temper, couldn't control his behaviour and always in a GOOD MOOD while fighting...... ha ha ha ! God's will. This small young guy got into trance / possesses by this Phakhawan's spirit and fight like a real fighter - crazy bull !

This young guy acted like a professional boxer and keep on punching, and  kicking  his opponents - 2 verses 1. Kampung folks try to calm him down but failed.  After a few attempts, Tiong Chai finally cool down and it takes 5 adults to keep Tiong Chai calms.

4th story.......

This is the story based on my real experienced in consecrating Luang Phor Ee's phakhawan and testing the phakhawan by using fire arm. Friend of mine, Ah Gu ( deceased ) from Kota Bharu is an amulets collector. He has 2 Malay friends who also get crazy in Thai amulets. These 2 Malay guys worked at Pudu Jail. One of this guys is a Pudu Jail warden and the other one is the HANGING MAN. His works is mainly to carry out the duty to hang the convict.

These 2 Malay guys, asked Ah Gu the amulets that can defeat gun. Ah Gu had introduced this Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan to him.  We went off to the open area ( somewhere in Kota Bharu - still active as a testing area. Ha ha.... ) to test the amulet. This Malay guy used the pump gun as their testing tool. They tied the phakhawan onto a chicken neck and let the chicken ran freely.  The Malay guy, pulled the trigger but the pump gun  failed and halted. The guy pointed the gun to the sky and 'bang, bang' the pump was in a good condition.

For another attempt, i saw these 2 guys changed the bullets and tried it for several times but again the pump gun was unsuccessfully to be triggered. They took back the chicken, collected the phakhawan released the chicken and tied the phakhawan onto a tree trunk, they tried for several times, the pump gun still did not functioning. The guy pointed the gun to the other tree trunks and the gun was successfully to be triggered.

The stories are just for sharing purposes, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME ! Although you are now hanging the Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan.
Luang Phor Ee's Phakhawan is FIERCE and will make you  LOOSE  your temper easily. Do not wear it if you are a hot temper person.  Ha ha ha .........

Merely Sharing.

Shadu ! Shadu !
Sabbe Satta Sukhita Hontuk !

wie.sukhihotu10 !


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