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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Kee Pheung !

Sharing with the bloggers, especially the Thai Amulets Die Hard the Great Real Kee Pheung from rak Kelantan ( Kelantan state ) by our late ....????..... I hope someone out there could shed the lite about this kee pheung. As for me........ i dun wanna to say and comments anything. ( at least for time being ! ).
Hope that SOMEONE who claimed to be an expert in Tok Raja, Than Lek and others great guru monks ( from Kelantan ) histories, stories, amulets and stuffs come out with the story / description about this kee pheung. Now, i'm shutting up my mouth and waiting for the real expert to drop by and share his expertise ! SIFU / GURU / EXPERT out there, drop me a line. Pen down something to be shared. Dun wait for me, because i'm good at lying and making up the stories ! People out there including me, the naive one are waiting for your stories. We know, we can count on you ! Featuring the broken wax casing, very very old wax casing indeed. Such a special view of kee pheung with a piece of khata akhom paper, written khata akhom and folded kradat wau. Kee Pheung closed-up pic. For the first time after a long period of times. ( since 1997 i guess ). The kradat wau was taken out from the wax just for the viewing purposes. Superb ! That's the word that i can say to describe this kee pheung. Featuring the dried and blacken colour of the kee pheung due to the ages. Besides the dried wax, something that will stumble you are the dried betel leaf and chewed betel nuts remaining mixed with the kee pheung.
Folded kradat wau with faded khata akhom.
No hard feeling !
sadhu ! sadhu ! wie.sukhihotu 09 !

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