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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Phra Kru Lek Wiriyasangvorn Bucha

Phra Kru Lek Wiriyasangvorn 5'' fibre bucha in Commemorate of Parinibanna of Phra Kru Lek @ Phor Chau.

Sharing a great story on this great resin bucha by Than Kru Lek's disciples - late Pok Lor and Pok Su ( Chau Lor and Chau Su to commemorate  the demise of Phra Kru Lek Viriyasangworn, late abbot of Wat Ariyakiri ( Wat Aril ), Pauh Lima Bachok, Kelantan.

This resin bucha was GIVEN by Phor Chau ( Than Lek ) himself  !  Hahahahahaha must be KENCING - BLUFFING again ! The diction --- GIVEN is used to indicate that this bucha was SOLD @ GIVEN to me  in year 2002 after the GURKHA ARMY came into my dream -- smiling and pointing his right hand toward the big tree next to the Ubosod !
In year 2002, one of my relative passed away and his remain was kept in Wat Aril before the funeral procession. We put a night at Wat Aril and we slept in under the WAKAF surrounded by the 4 Armies - Japanese, British Army, British Army Officer, and Gurkha soldier.  
GURKHA SOLDIER  appeared in my dream.  Before meeting the Gurkha, I saw a business of flies flew and stopped on my old car boot - C8228 which was parked under the big tree next to the ubosod. As a result I hardly seen my car boot. I went closer and chased away that cloud of flies and those  flies varnished from my sight. I saw the Gurkha standing in front of me and pointing his hand to the big tree and again vanished from my sight. I woke up & rushed to the big tree as shown by the Gurkha. There was nothing there, I used my car beam to look / search  clearly at the tree bark. I  drove my car and parked it in front of Than Nun's Kuti and then slept in the car - hahahahaha  dun wanna meet the Gurkha again ! 
The next early morning I went to the big tree again and looked around. Nothing  !!!! Must be MIMPI MAINAN TIDUR  !  At 10 am, the Ubosod was opened for the Buotd Nar Sob ( special ordination in front of the demise ) of my 2 nephews. before entering the Ubosod I was sitting under the big tree and then I saw an old man, wrapped in his sarung cycled straight to me. He spoke in pure Kelantan Siamese dialect, he said he need help and needed some cash. He took out this bucha from JABIR ROKRAT - plastic bag ! He said he wanna SELL his Phor Chau bucha. He said this bucha was his and he HAVE to let go this bucha as he needed some fast cash. He asked for RM*00 for exchanging cost and without any hesitation I paid him in full sum and grabbed the JABIR ROKRAT  ! 

To cut it short...... This rare bucha is mine now !

 Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wie,sukhihotu 15 !


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