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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’

Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’ BE 2536  - Than Dam, Wat Mai Naparam. Takbai. Narathiwat.

close up pics

Featuring another little collection of mine – Rare and very hard to find Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’ BE 2536 by late LUANG PHOR DAM / THAN DAM of Wat Mai Naparram, Takbai Narathiwat. Thailand. These two BE 2536 pidta were self collected / rented in BE 2542/43. I went to Wat Mai Naparam with my guru – Phor Mor Chau Nan. Phor Mor Chau Nan was the one who sought ALUYAK from late Than Dam to rent these left over BE 2536 pidta ( kept by Than Dam in his room )   and other new stuffs made by Than Dam because I can’t converse well in Thai !

taken in differ dimme of light

The feature pidta is Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’, the very first and early batch of Pidta Bangsek ( following the Bangsek’s pidta designed by late Phor Than Kong ) made by Than Dam. The first and the finest workmanship pidta ever made from Southern monk. In a glance it looks like Than Kong’s Mee Hoo ( with ear ) Pidta Phakhawan. But to be honest, it was not made and crafted by Luang Phor Dam himself but was made by Luang Phor Dam assistant. Hand crafted by Luang Phor Dam’s close disciple! No hard feeling !

This is a very rare and hard to find indeed 4 in 1 Pidta  ( 3.5 inches bucha statue ) .  This 4 in 1 pidta statue made of wanj material, the same wanj used in creating Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’. According to Than Dam this kammakan batch pidta was made at the same time with Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’.  This special 4 in 1 batch pidta was made only 9 pieces and to be given away to the committee who helped him to make the BE 2536 Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’. 

 close up pic

 This piece was kept by Than Dam and Phor Mor Chau Nan requested it from Than Dam to be rented out together with his newly made Mai Thaw Thep Satra @ tongkat ( 1 pc of BE 2541 batch – with steel head / bottom, 2 pieces of BE 2541 batch with wanj Phra Pidta ‘Phon Tok Mok Khak Rak’ head / bottom ) dan special BE 2542 batch of Lek Nampee Pidta @ Din Nam Lom Fai Pidta ( soil, water, wind, fire elements ).

various angles close up pics

 Merely Sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontu !
Sadhu ! Sadhu !

Wiesukhihotu 12 !

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