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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Featuring another rare collection of mine - Phor Than Kong's Pidnar Phakhawan, this superb pidta was believed to be  made around BE 2480. It's hard to determine the real date / year of when this pidnar bhakhawan was made as there's official documentation.

There's ongoing debate and arguing regarding the real name of Phor Than Kong's Phra Pidtnar Bhaghawan. Many of Than Kong amulet's die hard CALLED / NAMED this Pidtnar Bhakhawan as  PIDNAR - หน้า  ( Buddha who covers his face ) and not PIDTA ( Buddha who covers his eyes ). As for me i still name and call it as PHRA PIDNAR BHAKHAWAN. My reason / explaination  are simple..........

i]  Most of the PIDTA figures are PIDNAR because of their physical characteristics  - most of them are actually covering their  FACES and not their EYES.

ii] According to Phor Mor Keaw, our late Than Kong used to name / call all of his PIDNAR as BHAKHAWAN or PIDNAR BHAKHAWAN.

iii] My recent achan ( still alive one ), Phor Mor Chau Narn ( 85 years old ) provided the same infos by saying that our Phor Than Kong called his PHRA PIDTA as PHRA PIDNAR BHAKHAWAM or just BHAKHAWAM.

iv] What happen If the Buddha is covering his  EARS ? or  MOUTH ?  Should we or shouldn't we called them as PHRA PIDHU or PHRA PIDPAKH ?

Personal experienced..........

This superb pidnar bhakhawan was inherited from my grandpa when i was in six former. Grandpa gave me this pidnar after i was involved in a one to two fought. ( 2 verses 1 ). I managed to overpowered both of them and kicked their ***.  After that their gang members kept on challenging and disturbing me, they corned and surrounded for a couple of times but i refused to fight back as they're in  a group of 6 to 10 members. I skipped school for several days and when back to my grandpa's house, he then gave me this pidnar bhakhawan and 2 rings. He taught me some special fighting Yant and Khata Akhom. My grandpa taught me on how to inscribe the yant onto my palm, recite the specific khata and slap both of my shoulders and forehead.

inherited old rings

I went to school as usual and they a kinda keep a distance from me, kinda calmed down and forgot about the previous incident. But it won't last longer as i wished for. The gang members, also the one who fought with me earlier challenged me right after i stepped out from school compound, i walked back home and kept on ignoring him, he followed me closely with his motorcycle . I just keep on reciting the incantation, suddenly i stop and went closely  to the boy and slapped him.  His mouth bled and he called his gang members and within a minutes 4 of his gang members ( Local Chinese gangster - Kuala Krai, Kelantan ) corned and surrounded me, they keep on pushing and tapping my shoulder. Suddenly one of the gang member took off his SGV helmet and hit my left arm repeatedly.

In order to protect myself, i blocked it with my left hand and punched him,  (   blow under his chin ) he fell down, groaned and moaned in pain. He mouth bled and the blood smeared. The other 3 members keep on kicking and punching me, i fought back and with a little humble Muay Thai and Silat Spelek skills that i have, i managed to fought back and suffered a minor bruise and swollen on cheek and hip. It was a miracle when my friends said i fought like a crazy bull, punching, kicking and elbowing until a few adults managed to stop us and the sent us back to school for disciplinary  action, the police and parents were called up and the incident was recorded and all of us were suspended for 1 week, awarded 1 stroke each, and stern warning was given by the policemen.

To cut it short, after the incident. I was a TAI KOR in school, nobody dare to KACAU me anymore and even whenever there's any fighting incident they will call me up and ask my BLESSING. Even the discipline teacher - Mr Lim ( deceased ) will call me and ask my favour to control the Chinese students and advised them to well behave. Ha ha ha !

  pics taken in differ dimmed of lights
 front and rear views

Ha ha ha, merely sharing. Dunno whether the pidnar bhakhawan, rings or the khatas made me fought like a crazy bull. My grandpa said.......

"Ku bog leaw, yar tham, chai yern yern "

["I have told u not to do so, be patient"]

 closed-up pic

The physical appearance of this phra pidnar is still superb and can be said is in 90 %. condition. The front side of the pidnar is still in perfect condition ( the jankrakh - sapt tree extract still perfectly intact and superb ) but the rear side was a bit worn out and the lotus yant was hardly seen due to the old style casing ( cased with copper lid and wrapped inside the clothe and hung or pinned  onto their shirt's pocket or collar ). The surface of the phra pidnar ( front and back ) are completely dried due to the old age.

There's an uncle from Johor offered me RM20K for this pidnar - 'exchanging  hand cost'. He used to offer me RM18K before. Besides him i just turned down an offered of RM25K -  RM30K from the popular Thai amulets store in Penang - K******  V*******.  Just 2 months before the grand sales of Phor Than Kong's Amulets Collection. During the sales, I saw the same pidnar ( same phim with 70% of  clear lotus srcipt )  was sold at RM48K .

The funny thing bout this pidnar is there's one phor than kong's pidnar die hard had offered me RM3K for this pidnar. He said that this is a superb 100% imitate Than Kong pidnar. He advises me not to keep this pidnar as it will bring bad luck to me. He offered me such a high amount becos of its superb imitate condition. He said he wanna keep it as his collection as he cannot afford to buy the real / genuine one.

I just replied this to him ............

"If this pidnar is fake, that means my grandpa gave me the fake pidnar. My grandpa gave me the fake pidnar because he received the fake pidnar from Than Kong. Meaning to say, Than Kong made a fake phra pidnar and gave it to my grandpa ! "

Merely Sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !


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