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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sharing another rare item of mine…….


The feature photo is an old gold takrut casing containing the Phor Than Kong’s bone ashes. This bone ashes was collected during the cremation day.  According to late Phor mor Keaw, late Chau Khun Chan and Late Chau Khun Mit gave him a small portion of ashes ( by request of course ! ) to be used and added with the 108 wanj.
Phor Mor Keaw safe kept some the ashes and inserted it a gold takrut casing. Phor Mor Keaw himself  wore this takrut until year 1998 before handed it to me ( of course by request also….ha ha ! ).  Phor Mor Keaw reopened and resealed the takrut just to show me the ashes. At my first glance, It’s just an ordinary ashes. It’s not a big deal but when i were told that it was our late Phor Than Kong’s bone ashes, my heart pounding and couldn’t believe my eyes.
 Phor Mor Keaw told me the story on how he gained this ashes. After the cremation, Phor Than Kong’s cremation area was guarded by local folks and Wat Uttamaram committee.  During the gathering bone and ashes process only late Than Chan, Than Mit and other close disciples were allowed to join the ceremony, including Phor Mor Keaw. As I mentioned above, Phor mor Keaw requested some portion of Phor Than Kong’s ashes  from late Chau Khun Chan and Late Chau Khun Mit  to be used and added with the 108 wanj and See Pheung.
Phor Mor Keaw added that, late Chau Khun Chan and Chau Khun Mit mixed some of Phor Than Kong’s  bone ashes in SOME of the Wat Uttamaram amulets ( mostly were pidta phakhawan ).  According to Wat Uttamaram committee, the last batch of Sam ( 3 ) Chau Khun’s amulets created by late Chau Khun Mit was also added with Phor Than Kong’s ashes.
Old style of gold chain and takrut casing with dragon leaping figure.

Merely  Sharing. No Hard Feeling !
Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
Sadhu ! sadhu !
Wie.sukhihotu2010 !

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