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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Phor Than Kong Famous BE 2505 Taolit ...... part 2


The features amulet is another collection of mine, the Phor Than Kong Taolit BE 2505 by our late Chau Khun Chan. This taolit was made by Chau Khun Chan. They’re 2 batches of this taolit. One with clef lip and one was without the clef lip. There’s a romours about this taolit.  According to the secondary sources, the BE 2505 taolit with clef lip was the 1st batch or the earlier batch. The one with clef lip was the 2nd batch or later batch.
BUT….according to Chau Khun Chan, ther’re no such first and second batch of this BE2505 Taolit. Chau Khun Chan stressed and added that, he jus made those taolit once, no redo / reproduced batch of this taolit. BE 2505 taolit with or without clef lip were produced / made at the same time and using the same block. The clef lip just happened / occurred by chance. This is because BE 2505 taolit were produced in huge quantity and the BE 2505 Taolit block / mould was cracked around the upper lip of Phor Than Kong’s image. That’s why the clef lip of BE 2505 were produced. The clef lip taolit was later discovered by the committee after the final / finishing process of this taolit. It’s was happened by accidents and without any intention of creating such of marking line / mark as claimed by some irresponsible sources.
This Phor Than Kong BE 2505 Taolit by Chau Khun Chan was popular among Phor Than Kong amulet die hard. It’s a sought after amulets, as a substitution of the famous BE 2505 taolit by Phor Than Kong himself. Yet, the renting price ( in Kelantan ) for this taolit is reasonable and still below RM 1K and if you are lucky enough, you can get this taolit ( without clef for just around RM 400 and the one with clef lip for just RM 600 ). BUT…….. beware of the fake / imitate BE 2505 Phor Than Kong Taolit

Below are some of the BE 2505 Phor Than Kong new taolit made in BE 2540 – 2542 by late Chau Khun Mit. At your first glance you may be cheated  as the genuine BE 2505 Phor Than Kong taolit. If you observe carefully ( especially the material used ), the brass / copper used was the RED brass / copper not the YELLOW brass / copper used in genuine BE 2505 taolit.

Some times it’s hard to determine and differentiate the old genuine taolit from the redo / reprinted batch. As for me, ( the naïve and inexperienced in this amulets world ), the crucial marking technique to determine the genuine BE 2505 Taolit is by observing the upper lip of the Phor Than Kong image. The redo batch of taolit printed with the clef upper lip while the genuine BE 2505 taolit  by Phor Than Kong was no clef lip.

Below is the original batch ( before retouched and dipped in chemical substance ) Phor Than Kong BE 2505 Taolit, new made taolit ( BE 2540 –2542 by Chau Khun Mit )

Phor Than Kong BE 2505 Taolit, new made taolit ( BE 2540 – 42 by Chau Khun Mit ). After the retouched and special dipped / soaked in chemical substances and been casing by using the conventional method  to make it looks older as the genuine Phor Than Kong BE 2505 Taolit.

FYI, those taolit were still the genuine taolit from Wat Uttamaram. The taolit were dipped, soaked and worned just to make it worn out and older. This new made taolit also been framed / cased using the old / conventional style of casing method. Just to make it more convincing and to persuade the novice collectors to fall into their prey.

Sample of conventional Phor Than Kong BE 2505 Taolit casing box/ copper casing lid

Those copper lid and steel box were originally secured from these Phor Than Kong BE2505 Taolit

Merely sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !

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  1. i dont know much about amulets and stuff, but what i see from people around bangsek's amulets, there are long headed 2505 and normal headed. some people claims that long headed is first batch and stuff.

    i think most of people saw 2505. do u mind to share pics of old rian of Phor Than Khron?

  2. Sorry bro, that's all i got. Why not you yourself contribute and show us about Phor Than Kong old rian. I would like to learn from u as well. I do believe that, you have and definately more expert and experienced than me.
    Hope u dun mind to share !

    shadu ! shadu !