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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Sacred Tongkat Secrets Finally Revealed 01

The article / stories below were retold according to my grandpa stories (before he passed away in 1999) about the secrets of Tok Raja's Sacred Tongkat. ( In Kelantan, we called it as Tongkat Keramat Than Chau Khun Krone ).

These are some of the sacred materials used by Tok Raja, Chau Khun Chan and even some of the guru monks and phor mors in Kelantan to finish their sacred tongkat. Most of the tongkats were inserted with these materials, especially the one made for Achans and Phor Mors. Some were made for laymen. ( only by special request ).

Nowadays, we hardly find these materials inserted in the tongkat. Even Than Thit doesn't used and make used of it for his normal made tongkat. Than Thit did used some of these materials for his special made tongkat for himself and closed devotees.

WHY ? We strongly believed that, it's because of the purpose of the creations and afraid of normal laymen couldn't "take care" and misused of it.

Bear in mind, tongkat is a sacred tool or thing that can be used for many purposes and occations. Tongkat also can be used in a negative way. Tongkat, meed mor and even amulets are sacred ! We believed that, none of these items were made neither to harm nor hurt people. These sacred things may harm and lead to the violent and destructive, if people mislead and misused of it.

Tongkat, of course can be made by anybody.... u ? me ? Just anybody out there. But...the question effective it is ? Whether the tongkat is able to protect you and your family ? Can your homemade tongkat works or it's just simply a piece of wood, a decorative item to decorate your home altar perhaps.

The differences between the good and the low quality of tongkat are......the purpose of its creations, the person ( achan / monk ) who creates it, the materials or the ingredients used, the person who owned the tongkat and of course the most crucial thing is the khatas that uses to activate or awake the power of the tongkat.

My grandpa said.... " It's just like a medicine, differs medicine have differs curing effects and purposes. It's depends on how we use it. It can help people and furthermore can be fatal if we misused of it "

Below are the sample of "Kradat Wau". These various colours of "kradat wau" been used by Tok Raja to be inserted in his "Mai Thaw Mahathera". But.....not all of his Tongkat were inserted with kradat wau. Most of his tongkat were using normal rolls of tin and copper plates.

According to my grandpa, this is the crucial part and the most top secret in his tongkat making. Most of his tongkat were inserted with the basic ingredients / materials as i mentioned above. Both into the head and bottom of the tongkat.

Various Colours of "Kradat Wau"

Even in making his amulets, most of his phakhawan were inserted with white kradat wau, inserted from the bottom of phakhawan. In Kelantan, there was a case where one amulet die hard collector ( Ah Gu - deceased ) didn't believed what he had heard about the kradat wau and takrut inserted. He brought the phakhawan to the dentist to scan / x-ray the phakhawan. Came to his surprise, the xray images showed that the centre of the phakhawan was inserted with a roll of sacred paper. ( kradat wau )

Below are the example of on how the takrut ( kradat wau ) was inserted inside the phakhawan.
( This is not a genuine Tok Raja phakhawan ).

This amulet was secured from my grandpa home altar, in 2002 and couldn't be recognised ! It was made of wand materials. The beneath of the phakhawan was filled and inserted with a roll of takrut and been sealed with the candle wax. I am strongly believe that, it was a new creation and imitation of Tok Phakhawan mould and technique.

sadhu ! sadhu !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

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