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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sharing the precious information of Phim Yim by Brother Sikkha - As mailed to me by Bro KienLai

SUPERB ! The only word uttered and can be used to explain my feeling after reading the translated article about Luang Pu Thuad Phim Yim @ M16 by Brother Sikkha as mailed to me by Brother KienLai - Thanks bro, for the superb sharing and helping me to shed the light regarding the Luang Pu Thuad  Phim Yim.

To all my blog readers, before you keep on reading and browsing the article in depth, do accept my apologizes for the misleading and distorted information and sharing on Achan Nong's Luang Pu Thuad, Phim Yim @ M16 --- Do accept my apologizes for naive gathering, adapting and adopting the infos from various malicious Achan Nong's amulets manual.

A big applause to Brother KienLai as he dares to correct and sent something to me to be shared. I also considered myself as lucky because successfully to own this complete hard cover book of Luang Pu Thuad of Phra Achan Nong after searching up and down for this book from the book store in Betong, Thailand.

After went through the article for several times and personally heard to the translation of Achan Nong Manual by my 2 close Thais buddies, i come to the conclusion that's ......... the article by Brother Sikkha should be used to REPLACE all the articles and story written and posted by me and others webs / web logs / illicit manual of Achan Nong and etcetera.

Below is the full article and photos by brother Sikkha which were mailed to by Brother KienLai...............

This is the complete hard cover book of LPhaw Thuad Phra Ajahn Norng.And regarding the correct information and origin of LPhaw Thuad M16 name on page 132.Contrary to popular belief and distorted information that M16 with a,"N 72" behind is second batch or remade batch.

The Correct Version Of M16 Story From LPhaw Thuad Ajahn Norng Hard Cover Book

On the same occasion another batch of sedge content was produced from various sedges. It was produced by Mr Nopa Wong Prem Soon Torn in order to get funds for Wat Sai Khao by having a consecration ceremony on 30 March BE2534.

An amount of 30 000 pieces were produced with ore strewn on each and every pieces. It got 2 colors and there are altogether 4 phims

1)Phim M16
2)Phim M16 with,"N 72" behind
3)Phim Glang, stamped and non-stamped
4)Phim Phra Rord

Origin Of The Name,"M16"

After this batch was launched, miracle was experienced and later it was named,"M16". Due to unreliable sources and distorted information about the origin of M16, the correction version of M16 is published here according to the newspaper.

It's stated that, on 23 April BE2534, Mr Jaroon Hong Manee staying in the capital city of Yala with 2 subordinate driving a vehicle filled with gas heading to their customer at Beteng. The distance is about 120 km. When they passed 12 km at Grong Pinang place sub-district of Grong Pinang,the 2 side of the road were thick forest. At the foot of the hill, far away from the houses there 3-4 villains carrying M16 appeared and gesture them to stop. At that time, it's about 5 am.

The driver, Mr Jaroon thought that they are probably villains so he decided to speed so to escape. However, the 2 villains from opposite direction fired in front and the windscreen got shattered. Everybody were down hearted, Mr Jaroon patted on his pocket and recollected on LPhaw Thuad and beg LPhaw Thuad to help him able to escape when he try to speed.

After sometime, the gun shot got silence. When they reached Bun Nang Sadta district they rushed to inform the police officer and he examined the damages occurred..

The police officer counted altogether 16 bullets exactly and he asked," Is there any gas in the tank ? " Then he realize that it got a tank full ! The police officers exclaimed, "Oh ! How did it escape ? "This batch was later remarked as, "Roon M16" from the above miracle that occurred.

Besides this, the fame spread to Singapore and Malaysia which was also called another name,"LPhaw Thuad M Sixteen."

A closer look at LPhaw Thuad Wat Sai Khao Neua Wan Phim M16 BE2534 on page 132

Do correct me if i'm wrong.

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !


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