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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chau Khun Chan Phayants

Featuring an old phayant of late Chau Khun Chan from Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek, Pasir Mas, Kelantan. This is a rare stuff instead. This phayant was given to me by my late uncle in 1989. My uncle said, this Chau Khun Chan handwritten yant was personally given to him by late Chau Khun Chan in early 80's. The yant was inscribed onto an old yellow clothes. Same clothes used by late Phor Than Kong ( Tok Raja ) to make his 6-hand Phakhawan Phayant.

I have showed it to my friends but none of them know about this pha phayant, some said it was Tok Raja's handwritten, some said it was Chau Khun Chan's handwritten. May be somebody out there knows something about this phayant and kind hearted to share his knowledge about this phayant.

Featuring the whole views of late Chau Khun Chan's phayant.

Featuring the official temple stamp and code with the name Ratanavongse and the address - Kg Teresek, Repek.

Bottom left is the image of Mae Nang Khuat.

Featuring another old phayant from Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek. This phayant was given to me by my grandpa. My grandpa said, late Chau Khun Chan gave him this phayant. But he doesn't know who and when this phayant was made ? From the old Jivorn ( robe ) uses, handwritten inscribed yants, somebody said it was Tok Raja's phayant. As for me i can't give any comments as i have zero knowledge about this phayant. The thing for sure is.... it was given to my grandpa by late Chau Khun Chan and was given to me in 1997.....merely sharing !


  1. Nice prayant,when i saw like Tok Raja writing.I think Tok Raja prayant.I saw at singapore also same like that,but just bigger than your prayant.

  2. I heard a lot of people make Tok Raja statue or Pitta Tok Raja without permission,they will suffer or make them crazy. So powerfull our master.

  3. Thanks for the comments and sharing ! So, i'm such a lucky dude la. Got another superb collection of Tok Raja.

    shadu sadhu !



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