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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Arwah Tok Mustafa @ Tok @ Pok Pa 


Who Is Tok Mustafa @ Tok @ Pok Pa  ?
Is He The Real Tok Raja's Disciple ?
Do You Know Him In Person ?
Is He Practising The Bangsek's Vichah ?

The famous Qs asked by my blog readers. My simple answer to all the questions is .........


I DON'T  KNOW who is Pok Pa, I DON'T  KNOW whether he is real Than Kong's disciple,  I DON'T  KNOW him in person,

last but not least, I DON'T  KNOW whether the vichah that he had practiced is according to the Bangsek's lineage or not  !

Recently Famous ?
Recently claimed as Tok Raja's looksit ?
Why recently ?

Frankly, my answer to those Qs is NO ! This is because, before the controversy sparks, he already claimed himself as one of Than Kong's Looksik.  Perhaps before year 2000 he already gained his FAMOUS status as  THAN KONG'S MALAY LOOKSIK. I used to meet him once in his house in Cherang Ruku Semerak, while accompanying my brother-in-law to collect his Pre-Order Nang Khuat's Pharyant in year 2002.

 Pok Pa’s Mae Nang Khuat Pharyant

 Tok Mustafa @ Pok Pa @ Tok Pa was famous with his "Pedarn Kai Khai Vichah " -  Discarding @ Eliminating  Long Khong / black magic by using chicken egg as it medium ( bear in mind that, the patient him/herself will bring the chicken egg for the ritual ). The amazing things happened when the egg that being rubbed with the soil and been cleanse will bear / depict the WEIRD / SCARY  IMAGES ( according to the sickness ) as such......

This is Tok Mustafa @ Pok Pa @ Tok Pa's newly famous printed pharyant that sparks the controversial via mass media thus was being denied and was labelled as INCONSISTENT with BANGSEK's KHOM / AKHRAK. Frens kept on asking me bout the consistency of the designs, From bottom of my heart, as for me perhaps Tok Pa is creating his own identity pharyant and don't want to get influenced / tied with certain temples or gurus so he comes out with his own specific styles and designs. It's not right for us to condemn him and his authentic designed pharyant. At least he's capable of producing one, being accepted by the community and been contributed to the people in-need ages before the controversial sparked and how about us ? Amazingly......
Talk Only ! Me la....... Hahahahahaha ! 

Back to the core topic and discussion. Frankly, I can’t give any comment or make any statement regarding Pok Pa’s status. My reasons are simple ………

(1)          I don’t know about his real status as I wasn’t there ( during his waikroo, if he ever there with Than Kong ! ). Nobody of us were there to witness or see him “ sneaking in and out “ Wat Uttamaram compound. Nobody was there to be a witness so it’s not right for us neither to condemn nor deny his status as Than Kong’s Malay Looksit !

(2)         Than Kong @ Tok Raja’s Vichah knowledge is / was beyond our laymen knowledge. Nobody can claim he himself owned 100% of Than Kong’s Lineage Vichah. As used to mention by late Mor Keaw……

Ilmu datuk tu ( by pointing to the Than Kong’s portrait ), uh belajar dok habis. Hok aku ado ni pun sikit jah. Macam-macam ilmu dio ado. Dio dok vi semuo, dio tengok ore jugok. Buke semuo ore samo dio v

Meaning to say that……..Tok Raja is very resourceful and his Vichah knowledge is unmeasureable and uncomparable yet he is very selective.  The vichah taught to his looksiks are varied from one to another thus not 100% similar

To Cut  it short……………

It’s not right for us to make a judgement by making the bias and unfair statement in order to justify Pok Pa as a FAKE THAN KONG LOOKSIT just because he doesn’t own the similar Bangsek Vichah as we do. Perhaps, Pok Pa was taught with some vichah that only can be taught to special person ( Malay ) like him ? Thus, it’s not right for me to criticize Pok Pa’s Vichah just because my gurus ( Mor Keaw, Phor Kae Taharp and Cau Nan ) didn’t mention about Pok Pa existence before ! Digest it guys !

(3)         I used to ask my present guru, Cau Nan ( 86’s years old, perhaps the only Than Kong’s Looksik that still alive ) about Pok Pa. Cau Nan said these to me ………….

Dio ilmu dia, aku ilmu aku. Aku dok tahu bilo dio g blajar. Aku dokleh nok oyak yor kor dok, masa aku duduk di Bangsek, aku dok jupo dio. Than Kong pun dok sebut. Mungkin dio g blajar selepas aku tubik atau g blajar senyak-senyak. Dio ngan Than Kong jah tahu, Aku dokleh nok kato buke, dokleh nok kato yor,  sbb aku dok tahu. Kalu dio betul2 blajar nga Than Kong, dio dok kecek belawok. Sebab Than Kong pese doh, blajar ilmu dio jangan kecek blawok. TAWAR ILMU  !

Ore hok kenal dio, dok ramai, ore hok tahu ilmu dio pun dok ramai. Hok bual besar, belambok. Aku ni pun ore oyak buke looksik Than Kong, sebab Than Chan @ Than Mit @ Bomoh Bangsek dok pernah sebut. Padahal, aku nga Than Chan g brubat skali dulu ( Tokeh Mee Choo Chin Hin ). Takdok ore tahu ja!”

Meaning to say that……..

Honestly, I don’t wanna interfere, he ( Pok Pa ) with his ( Bangsek’s Vichah ) knowledge and me with my knowledge. I can’t give any comment on that.  I don’t know when he learnt from Than Kong. When I was there ( Wat Uttamaram ), Than Kong didn’t mention bout him either. Perhaps, he’s sneaking ( secretly ) in Wat Uttamaram to learn from late Than Kong. I can’t give any comment. Only Than Kong and he know the truth. He knows the consequences if he ( Pok Pa ) tells lies because late Than Kong used to warn his looksiks not to indulge in lies as ALL OF HIS EVER LEARNT VICHAH WILL BE FADED ( ineffective ) !

No many know him in person, not many know about his vichah either. Empty cans ? Scattered around,  they used to accuse me as fake Than Kong’s looksik too, because they said late Than Chan, Than Mit and others Bangsek achans didn’t mention about my presence. Though me and late Than Chan used to work together to help the Choo Chin Hin ( owner of noodles factory ) from the Thai black magic influenced
Image result for proofImage result for Pointer Down
These Mp4 clips were made on 14/12/2014 ( in kelantanese  dialect, kindly get your Kelantanese BFF to translate the MP4 hahahahahaha !). The 1st clip depicts how Cau Nan narrated his true stories on how late Chau khun Chan ( Than Chan at that time ) introduced him to the noodles factory owner and personally requested his aid to help the owner to discard the black magic. The 2nd mp4 clip illustrates the meeting and conversation between late Chau Khun Chan and Cau Nan after Cau Nan successfully to discard the black magic !



(4)       Akhirulkalam, beliau telahpun kembali ke pangkuan pencipta-NYA, semoga roh Pok Pa @ Tok Mustafa ditempatkan di sisi insan-insan yang beriman dan dilindungi. Semoga dipermudahkan. Tutuplah kisah Tok Mustafa, usah diungkit-ungkit lagi kisahnya.  Siapalah kita untuk menjatuhkan hukuman ke atas amalannya sebelum ini. Belum tentu kita yang masih hidup ini lebih sempurna daripada arwah.  Sedekahkanlah Surah Al-Fatehah untuk arwah pok Pa. Al-Fatehah ! ( Sekiranya ada pembaca muslim di sini ).

        As a recap………..He ( Pok Pa ), already passed away few months back ( almost a year ). Just let him rest in peace, he won’t be able to defend and explain himself to you all. Just talk about the good deed that he used to contribute to the spiritual world ! My his soul Rest In Peace. Al-Fatehah !

It’s hard to swallow but you have to guys ! Money can BUY you but not your PRIDE ! Money can make you to TWIST the facts but not the TRUTH ! Speak only the truth !



                              YANG SALAH DIKATAKAN BETUL !


Merely Sharing,
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu 17 !

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