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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Phor Cau's Stuffs

Composing begins on 13 June 2015.


Featuring the only collection of late Phor Chau @ Than Lek @ Phra Kru Ariyasangworn of Wat Ariyakiri, Pauh Lima, Bachok Kelantan.
A. Phor Cau Taorid

The taorid was encased with vintage style - steel lid  ( Bungkus Kuku Lipan in Malay ). This 1st batch taorid believe to be made around BE2518 / 2519. This Phim Niyom taorid is sought after by most Phor Cau die-hard fans.

This taorid is endowed with the baramee of Metta Hean Do, Khlew khad, Khan Phai and Antarai Plod Pai. As my personal experiences, this taorid is superb for Metta Hean Do and Ler Kin Ler Cai as in Malay known as "Pengasihan @ Belas Kasihan" dan "Murah rezeki @ Senang Cari Makan".

Nowadays, this taorid ( including 2nd batch that made by Cau Lor and Cau Su or widely known as Poklor and PokSu by local Aril folks ) has been classified into many phims. Such as;

Phim Niyom
Phim Yim Kha Yau
Phim Yim Kha San
Phim Nar Lek
Phim Nar Kae
Phim Nar Yim
So on and so forth ...................

After the classification, then the rumours spread and false claimed made by certain parties by saying this phim is genuine and those phims are fake.  Wars of words begin. Dim of dozens of comments and claims made. Certain parties fought for their stand and claim. Whereas the real collectors puzzled ! Rumours spread and claimed that all phims of 2nd batch taorid should be sent back to temple for authentication / official stamp. Stamping of " NAK " - khom character on the left chest ( chivorn)- robe. Romours spread by saying that the 2nd batch taorid without NAK code stamping is considered as FAKE or REDO batch. The truth is .......... RUBBISH ! NO such fake or redo batch for the 2nd batch taorid. All were made only once by late Poksu ! Perhaps the 2nd batch taorid with NAK character on the left chivorn is now RUBBISH !

Amazingly the price for these 1st batch and 2nd batch Phor Cau Taorid suddenly sky rocketing !  In 2014, I hd been offered sum of RM3500 for this taorid. Last 2 months, a guy from KB offered me RM5000 for this Roon Rek Phor Cau Taorid .......... hahahahahaha ! 

信不信由你 !

B. Phor Cau Rian

The one and only Phor Cau rian that I have. This rian gained its popularity nowadays. This rian is sought after as a superb substitution of the 1st batch taorid. Having to say that this rian endows with the same baramee of Metta Hean Do, Khlew khad, Khan Phai, and Antarai Plod Pai.

Sharing a great story on this rian. An old folk was stung by swamp of  hornets ( Tebuan Tanah ) while he was clearing the plot behind his house.   He accidentally hit the hornet's nest with his Parang Baekok ( curve shape machete ). He said he saw a swamp of hornets flew toward him and stung him. The old man said he can feel the hornets hit (stung) his face and body repeatedly. He ran for his life, but amazingly the hornets stopped chasing and stinging him. When he reached home he realized that he survived from the hornets attacked  !
The man added that, the only thing that he could remember was the hornets  stung / hit his body  repeatedly like a Bullet Rain but amazingly - none of the hornets able to sting him ! He believed that this PhorCau rian had saved his life from the hornets attack.
信不信由你 !

 C. Takrut Phra Cau Sip Hok

The stunning hand inscribed and pumped takrut Phra Cau Sip Hok by late Phor Chau.  These takruts consist ALMOST the same yant / khata arkhom / arkhara with the Phor Cau hand written pharyant. Perhaps this takrut was inscribed SLIGHTLY DIFFER from arkhara compare to the pharyant. Inscribed  with some extra yant / khata arkhom / arkhara to make this takrut almost complete and can be used for differ purposes.

According to Phor Chau, his takrut can be used for 4 main purposes - Si York ( 4 different directions ). The 4 directions usage were indicated by the special formulated yants with the 4 spikes pointed at the 4 directions. The 4 spikes / arrows yant is as below;

This takrut is a type of KHAD EAOW THITSERMON - waist type takrut. Meaning to say that, this takrut will only work well if the takrut  is tied around the waist ! Phor Cau ( including his disciples - PokSu, PokLor and Than Noon ) used to advise the devotees to place / drag the takrut to the correct directions as wish. Sometime this takrut been called as Takrut SIE YORD - 4 Spikes representing the 4 directions of usage..............

1. Nar (Front) -
Khlewkad, Khong Kraparn & Antarai Plod Pai

2. Lang (Back) -
Khan Phee, Khan Khun Sai & Kambang Ton
3. Sai (Left) -
Metta Mahasaneh Mahaniyom (PuChai - Man)

4. Khwa (Right) -
Metta Mahasaneh Mahaniyom(PuYin - Girl)

The mons that used to enhance / evoke the supreme power of this takrut and the Yant Phra Cau Sik Hok are as such;

Ik Ra Sha Kha Ta Rak Sa
Tik Hang Cak To Ro Tik Nang
Pik Sam Rak Lo Phut Sa Phut
So Mak Nak Ga Rik Tha Tho
Pak Sam Samn Wik Sak Tay Phak
Kha Phut Phan Tho Tha Wak Khah
Wa Tho No Ak Mak Ma Wa
Ak Wit Su Nut Sar Nut Tik    ( Itikpikso Paed Darn )

Nak Mak Nak Ak
Nor Gor Nak Gak
Gor Or Nok Ak
Nak Ak Kak Ang              ( 16 Akharas / Syllables)

Uk Mi Ak Mi
Ma Hik Suk Thang
Suk Nak Phut Thang
Ak Suk Nak Ak                ( 16 Akharas / Syllables )

According to PokSu, Phor Cau did not satisfy with the pump type takrut because of the Akhara Yant not as clear and too rough as compare to the hand inscribed takrut. That is why the pump type was produced once compare to the hand inscribed which was produced in various types; lead, thick yellow and red coppers, and thin red and yellow coppers. The feature hand written takrut above is the thick yellow copper.

Both hand inscribed and pumped takruts were added / inscribed with extra by Phor Cau himself. Most of us didn't realise bout this extra khom / akhara. The extra akharas were hand inscribed by Phor Cau at the reverse side of the takrut. Phor Cau inscribed with 7 letters of chosen khom / akhara.  These 7 letters of akharas were inscribed in two styles - some were inscribed with KHOM  and MODERN THAI alphabets.

信不信由你 !
D. Pharyant Phra Cau Sip Hok

Featuring Pharyant Phra Cau Sip Hok.  This pharyant has the same yant / khata arkhom / arkhara with the takrut Phra Cau Sip Hok by Phor Cau. Most of us thought that this pharyant was made / inscribed by late PokSu. According to my late Aunt - GorPo Tuli ( hearing impaired Aunt), she said that she got this pharyant from Phor Cau himself together with the Phor Cau self portrait pharyant. Meaning to say that, this pharyant MAY BE was inscribed by late PokSu ( Chau Su ) on behalf of Phor Cau but we believed that this pharyant was personally hand inscribed by late Phor Cau and not by late PokSu based on the styles and khom chracters.

The pharyant was fully hand inscribed by late Phor Cau by using MERK CHIN ( Chinese Calligraphy Ink ) abstracted from the ink stone and stick.  

Japanese Sumi Inkstick & Rectangular Inkstone
 Ink-stone and Ink-stick

Based on the Akhara and Ong Phra, both pharyants consist of / been written with the same styles. Although the self portrait pharyant was using modern printing machine but the template / block was inscribed by the same person - Phor Cau indeed !

 Ong Phra from Phor Cau self portrait pharyant

  Ong Phra from Phor Cau 
Phra Cau Sip Hok pharyant

信不信由你 !

E. Pharyant Roupmeurn Phor Cau
Featuring Pharyant Roup Phor Cau. This machine printed pharyant was made by order by late Phor Cau. The distribution of this pharyant halted for quite sometimes because of the printing error one of the khom / akhara.
As retold by late PokSu, after Phor Cau discovered the akhara printing error on the pharyant Phor Cau decided to reprint all the pharyant but it was too costly to make a new block / template. Phor Cau then decided to make an alteration by himself. At the first glance nobody notices about the ERROR and the AMENDED akhara by late Phor Cau

Please bear in mind that the authentic pharyant with error SHOULD  consist of  BLUE  / BLACK ( most of them are in blue )BALL POINT PEN ALTERATION of the akhara. The khom / akhara - letter NU ( as shown in the photo ) was printed wrongly. It was  then hand amended by late Phor Cau himself. I hope this revelation could rubbish all the misleading claims and roguish  accusation on the pharyant.

A superb story to be shared about this Phor Cau Roupmeurn  Phayarnt.
According to my late aunt, she PLACED / PUT  this pharyant in her kebaya pocket. One day she went to collect debt from a Malay folk in Bandar Kuala Kusial ( near to the Guillermard bridge @ Jambatan Kusial ), now the town was abandoned and most of the residents were moved out from the town. She went to collect the DUIT KUTU from this Malay guy, the man refused to pay her. My late aunt keep on insisting him to pay his debt and would not leave his house unless he paid the KUTU. The Malay man pissed off and threaten  her with long machete ( Kelewang Jambul ). 

The man kept on pointing the machete at my aunt with the intention to hurt her. My Aunt keep on reciting the Itikpikso Thoi Lang when the man threaten her with the  machete. Amazingly the man suddenly threw away his machete and went to his room and came out with sum of KUTU money and gave to my aunt and said..........

"Mek, mum ambik duit ni, gi jauh2. Aku tetok mum kae " ( You better leave before my machete hurts you).

My aunt then went back to her house ( Kusial Town ) and thanked Phor Chau for sparing her life. My aunt went to Wat Aril and met Phor Cau, my aunt told the whole story to Phor Chau.  My Aunt believed that Phor Cau pharyant in her kebaya saved her and subdued the man anger ( Hong Khlai Pen Dee ).
Suk Sik Suk Sang Arahang Phutho,
Phutho Phutho Phutho,
........... Jang Ngang,
Sik Suk, Sang Suk ...............

This is the real ( long version ) Suk Sik Suk Sang khata by Phor Cau. Most of us only knew / learnt/ be taught for the 1st and 2nd lines of the khata.

Suk Sik Suk Sang Arahang Phutho,
Phutho Phutho Phutho,

The short 2 lines khata (above) were genuinely taught by late Phor Cau to his devotees. The long and complete khata only be taught to the selected disciples. This is because the complete khata can be used for all round purposes including to harm people. Those long version khata was originally used to smite the enemy !

There was a great story told by late Phor Kae Ae Tui @ Tok Ae Tui from  Kampung Belimbing, Tanah Merah on this khata. To learn this khata it took me almost 2 years to convince him that I won't misused the khata to harm people. A year before he passed away, he called me up and performed a special Waikru / Jog Kru before teaching me this khata. Tok Ae Tui told me that he learnt this khata from Phor Cau himself after he heard the story from his Manora teammates  from Aril ( used to stay at Wat Ariyakiri for Manora performances ) that Phor Cau overpowered 3  thieves ( Pencuri Lembu ) with this khata. The details and in-depth stories on how this khata was used and  the ways to use the khata couldn't be made openly here. Sorry guys !

Dear friends, sincere advice from me................
DO NOT RECITE those khata  ( even the short - 2 lines khata ) if you are running a business / dealing with customers or business thingy ! Except if you are in danger while dealing your business. Other than that, please don't !!! Believe me, the khata is NOT Phor Cau HEART MANTRA as claimed by certain parties. The khata was once used to SMITE  ENEMIES  !

If you need / want the real Than Lek's Heart Mantra, contact me personally via my email. It is not a promise but we will see then !

信不信由你 !

 F. Takrut Khan Barn - Takua


Sharing another rare stuff from Phor Cau is the black lead takrut. It was hand made by using vintage latex rubber pressing / rolling machine. The lead to make this takua takrut was gather from the;

1.   vintage toothpaste tube
2.   old style wiring ( cable ) clip
3.   lead from fishing rod - sinker
4.   lead from car battery - terminal and electrode
5.   ancient lead coin

This Phor Cau hand inscribed black lead takrut was made in 4 pieces meant to be used as Takrut Khan Barn - Takrut for house / premises protection.  This Yant Karn Barn actually were made in 4 pieces ( Nar Lang Khwa Sai ) for 4 directions. Out of 4 only 2 pieces were secured from our old home ( 1 at the pillar and the other 1 at the door frame ).

 After Phor Cau moranak, this type of takrut Khan Barn was then inscribed by late Cau Su and Cau Lor but the takrut was in much smaller size. Cau Su learnt this rare wichah from late Phor Cau. The takrut were inscribed ONLY with the certain akhra of ITIKPIKSO PAEDARN or YANT KROPETCH but the power of this takrut empowered by the MONS used to plugsaeg. Phor Cau used specific mons to evoke the power of this takrut. The mons are as such;

Ik ...........
Tik .........
Pik .........
So ..........

Om...................Tik Bun..........
Om...................Tak Sin..........
Om...................Pak Chim ......
Om...................Uk Dorn ........
信不信由你 !

H. Phra Pidta Phakawan Maha Ud

Featuring my little collection of Phra Pidta Phakhawan Maha Ud by late Phra Kru Lek of Wat Ariyakiri, Pauh Lima.

This phakhawan believed to be MADE by Phor Cau during the Japanese ruling areas in Tanah Melayu. Believed to be somewhere around BE 2486 - 2490 ( 1942 - 1945 ). Some of the Pauh Lima old folks said it was NOT made by Phra Kru Lek but ONLY distributed by Phor Cau after the Japanese eras.

The second source of this phakhawan origin is said that, this phakhawan actually ONLY DISTRIBUTED after Phra Kru Lek's parinibbana. They said that this phakhawan was distributed by late PokSu and PokLor.
The third source of this rare phakhawan is, this phakhawan made by Thai's monk and then blessed by Phra Kru lek before been distributed to the devotees. Kelantan's amulets experts, perhaps Phra Kru Lek's stuffs expert out there, contribute something to be shared and help me to shed the lite on this. 
At first glance there's nothing special about this phakhawan rian. It is just a small piece of thin copper / bronze plate. Perhaps the shape of the rian are quite strange and not many rian were made / printed in these rectangle ( above pic ) and oval ( below pic ) shapes. Besides its special shape / design. This phakhawan is supreme in power. TESTED to be possessed a superb amnaj, kongkhapan and khlew khad powers to the wearer. The great story to be shared on this phakhawan is ............... ( as retold to me by Phor Kae Tharhap from Beris Kubur Lama, Bachok, one of Phor Than Kong and Phra Kru Lek's disciple  ).
This phakhawan wore by a Malay kampung gangster ( late 80s ) from Pasir Putih. He was among the most wanted person because of cock fighting cases ( Laga Ayam ). He also wanted because of illegally  possessed of a fire arm.  In a high speed chase, the police successfully corned him and forced him to fight back. It take 4 policemen to overpower him and one of the policeman whipped out the gun and pointed at the man forehead, he pulled the trigger and opened the fire at point blank. The bullet hit the man forehead but the bullet could not penetrate the man's skull. In disbelieved, the policeman pulled another trigger and hit the man stomach but again, the bullet failed to penetrate his body.
The 4 policemen shocked and immediately made a body searched and discovered 2 Siamese amulets on this gangster body - a rolled takrut tied around his waist and a amulet hung around his neck. The policemen seized the amulets and sent the man to the police station. The story was retold by one of the policemen after the man was sentenced to life imprisonment. The amulet then was shown to late Phor Kae Thaharp and it was identified by late Phor Kae Thaharp as Phra Kru Lek's Phakhawan Maha Ud. 
Phor Kae Thaharp smiled and said..... he dunno whether the phakhawan or the takrut that make that man so invulnerable. The takrut was missing, the policeman who owned and showed the phakhawan to Phor Kae Thaharp said, it was taken by his friend, the one who pulled the trigger and he secretly OWNED the phakhawan -- OFF RECORD  !

信不信由你 !

IMaha Peth / Mor Peth
Phor Cau's Maha Peth / Mor Peth made of rattan from Fan Lukminit @ Fan Lukmit bind with Dai Dip (Benang Mentah) from Manora Puja Offering and Wai Kru Mor. This rare item and wichah on how to ACTIVATE - USE it  will be discussed in depth via separate post !
  信不信由你 !
J. Phor Cau Roon Nen Bucha 

 信不信由你 !

K. Pharyant Mae Nang Khuat 

These Pharyant Mae Nang Khuat were made by (order) Phor Cau. These Pharyants were blessed and distributed durin Phor Cau era. These pharyants were given to my late mum by Phor Cau himself.
After parinibanna, these pharyants ( especially the yellow pharyant ) were then distributed by Pok Lor and Pok Su to the devotees.

 信不信由你 !
Composing ends on 20 September 2015.

Merely sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

sadhu ! sadhu !

wie.sukhihotu15 !

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