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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Composing stars on May 2014
信不信由你 !

Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak, Tonyuk Luang Phor Khron Bangsek, Phim Roon Wai Kru 57 Maha Mongkhun by Phra Maha Phusit – Wat Prutu, Songkhla.

The very 1st batch of Phra Pidta  by Wat Prutu, Songkhla, another great amulet from Southern Thai guru monks. The fund and proceeds raised will be used to complete the construction / building of the gigantic Luang Pu Thuad statue in Wat Prutu as well as to restore Wat Prutu chapel.  These batches of amulet known as PHRA PIDTA KLUK RAK, TONYUK LUANG PHOR KHRON BANGSEK, PHIM WAI KRU 57 MAHA MONGKHUN. There are 4  major phims / batches of this PHRA PIDTA WAI KRU 57 MAHA MONGKHUN.

  1) Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak Tonyuk Luang Phor Khron Bangsek Phim Song Nar – 2 Sided Phra Pidnar, inserted with 2 golden rolled takrut beneath Phra Pidnar crossed-legs, made only 157 pieces & phim without takrut, made only 457 pieces.   
   2.  Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak Tonyuk Luang Phor Khron Phim Kammakan - Triple set of Phra Pidnar - 3 pieces in 1 set, made only 300 sets
  3) Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak Tonyuk Luang Phor Khron (Thin), made only 657 pieces
   4.   Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak Tonyuk Luang Phor Khron Phim Phung Pong (Big Belly), with khom and phim smooth skin & without khata akhom, made only 657 pieces for each phim.

10 top Southern great guru monks were invited for the grand Phutaphisek ceremony which was held on 29 - 30 June 2014  ( BE 2557 ). The Phutaphisek was led by Luang Phor Kheow of Wat Hui Ngok, co-blessed by other guru monks such as;
01~Luang Phor Kheow, WAT HUAYNGOR ( master of Ceremony) 02~Phra Maha Phusit, WAT PRUTU (temple abbot)
03~Archan Prasoot, WAT NAI TAO
04~Archan U-Thai, WAT WIHAN SOON
05~Luang Phor Phan, WAT THUNG KHA
06~Luang Phor Iad, WAT KHORYAM
07~Luang Phor Wan, WAT SABARYOR
08~Luang Phor Chan, WAT SRI MAHAPHO
09~Archan Somyod, WAT KLANG

According to the official leaflets, these pidnar were 100% custom hand made by skilful artisan. The pidnar was hand crafted one by one personally by the artisan. It took more than a year to complete all the crafting works. There are many sacred materials used in creating this phra pidnar. The materials were gathered for years from many great Southern  Thai gurus, secret Phong ( powder ) by Luang Phor Kheow and including the broken Phra Pidnar Bhagawan of late Khron Ratchanaren of Wat Uttamaram Bangsek. According to the official leaflet, the Sacred Materials used are ;

> Phong Saksit Kraduk Kae  ( monk's ashes )
> Din Kui Pu ( Sand collected from Crab's hole )
> Wanj Roi Pet ( 108 sacred herbs )
> Phong Phatamang
> Phong Itijea
> Phong Bailan Chinabanchorn ( burnt's script ashes)
> Jank Rak ( Lacquer )

 Official temple certificate

  serial code

 Wat Prutu official embossed stamp

Luang Phor Kheow was the master of the ceremony and had inscribed the sacred Khom on the phra pidnar. The making process was inspected closely by Luang Phor Kheow himself. Most of the phra pidnar were lacquered with thick black lacquer.

 Collection of Mine - For sharing purposes only !

It’s another great amulet from Southern Thai guru monks to be kept by the pidnar lovers, particularly Pidnar from the temples that have had a PAST LINK with our belated Khron Ratchanaren a.k.a Tok Raja of Wat Batu 3 Bangsek.

 Various photos taken during the grand Phuthapisek in Wat Prutu.
photos adopted from other social networking sites for the purpose of sharing.

This Phra Pidta Ner Phong Kluk Rak Tonyuk Luang Phor Khronhe renting price is steep climbing, right after the Phutapisek ceremony ended, the dealer MARKED UP the renting prices to RM 157 for the single piece of the Pidnar Phim Bangsek, RM 357 for the triple set  (with the same serial code each ), RM 357 per piece for the Phim Song Nar without takrut and RM457 per piece for phim Song Nar with 2 gold takruts.

 The dealer kept on using the WAI KRU 57 MAHA MONGKHUN number --- 57 as their LUCKY NUMBER. The reason is simple, all of the pidnar were PRE BOOKED / PRE ORDERED by the dealers before the grand Phutaphisek held. None left in Wat Prutu shelf, by hook or by crook you have to pay for it. Take it or leave it ! The renting prices 157, 357 & 457 are the quoted prices by the 1st dealer’s hand, can you imagine the price when these pidnar are on the shelf of the 2nd, 3rd  or perhaps the 4th dealer ? Pitty !

Monies man  Monies ! They work hard for it and they are good in persuading their customers with their POPPYCOCK yet LUDICROUS stories. As for them they deserve for it, as wise saying goes..... He who pays the piper calls the tune, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and money is a good servant !

But bear in mind that, money doesn't grow on tree ! It's not easy to get money. We have to work hard to earn money. We can't just walk around and pick it like fruit from the trees !

Composing stars on October 2014
信不信由你 !

Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk

wiesukhihotu 14

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