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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Phra Pidta Phakhawan, Phim Bao Phrakop Mee Hu Lek

Featuring another rare collection of mine. Phra Pidta Phakhawan, Phim Bao Phrakop Mee Hu Lek ( small ears ) by late Than Kong @ Khron Ratchanaren @ Tok Raja of Wat Bangsek @ Wat Uttamaram. This Phakhawam believe to be made and consecrated around BE2480-98.
 Sorry for amateur photos capturing

 Both knees touch the acrylic  casing
Sharing this Phakhawam does not mean to show off or to gain respect from other bloggers ! The intention is really simple, SHARING ! Sharing was actually not my intention in the 1st place, 2 weeks back I took out my Phakhawam from the safe box and then I just realized that the clear acrylic casing was worn out and the casing made in year 2001 by late Ah Gu touches the both of Phakhawan’s knees and back. Afraid of the casing would damage the Phakhawam, I have forced open the casing to ensure the casing would not affected the knees.

Suddenly the sense of SHARING struck upon my mind. Perhaps it is the right time to share another one of my precious Than Kong’s Pidta Phakhawam collections with my blog readers. Before my Granpa – Phor Mor Keaw passed away he used to warn me not to share the Than Kong’s stuffs openly especially the RARE ITEMS ( 6 hands Phakhawan Paryant and Phim Song Nar – depicted Than Kong half body image with a thick Chivorn and phra Phakwam at the reverse side ) as the irresponsible parties might copycat and produced the fake / imitate to cheat people. It’s true that as you can see the fake Than Kong’s Phakhawan flooded in our amulets market.

 Luckily both of the knees and back  are not affected by the rough acrylic  casing

Before the sense of sharing struck me, some of my blog readers a kinda CHALLENGE me to show / share more Than Kong’s stuffs ( especially Pidta Phakhawam ) by spreading the malicious rumour via other social chat room by saying that all of my Than Kong’s stuffs are not mine. The stuffs are only for SHARING base and of course taken / sharing from other people collections. Some of them even sent me a CHALLENGE MAIL by provoking me to share all my Than Kong’s collections as claimed.

To cut it short, I decided to share this Phra Pidta Phakhawan, Phim Bao Phrakop Mee Hu  Lek with my blog readers neither because of the SHOW OFF, CHALLENGE, nor PROVOKING but MERELY because of the COINCIDENCE ! Coincidentally the casing is damage and I have to force open the casing ! That’s all guys ! 
Featuring the photos of Phra Pidta Phakhawan, Phim Bao Phrakop Mee Hu  Lek taken in different dim of lights !


Sharing a superb story  …………

In year 2004, when I was travelling alone to Sungai Petani to fetch my missus from IPG, the motorcycle ridden by a couple of Malay old folks rammed my rear bumper at the traffic lights junction. I parked my car by the roadside near to the guard post and off my car to see what had actually happened. The old folks scolded at me and accused me to stop without warning, the IPG guard came out and helped me to help the old folk.
Within minute, a crowd of Malay guys from the stall nearby rushed over and dashed across the road and within second I’m was surrounded by at least 7/8 young Malay guys. They confronted me and accused me for reckless driving. I denied it and told them that it is a traffic lights junction, I had slower down and stopped when the traffic lights turn red, they said they saw I stopped the car when the traffic lights turned to yellow n not the red. They said, Yellow means I have to drive and not to stop.  Bla bla bla bla ………. Pissed off !

They keep on shouting and yelling at me. Nothing much I can do as surrounded by 7/8 of them, the only thing I could do was BEGGING and SEEKING help from Phakhawan, the only Than Kong’s stuff with me ! The rest of the stuffs ( 6 hands Phkhawam Paryant, phim Song Nar and mai kru were kept in my sling back inside my parked car ).

I touched the Phakhawam and chanted the Than Kong’s Kambang Tuar ( Pelilau ) verses ………. 

Mup Kap Mup Mup,
Rup Mai Chai Rup,
Rang Mai Chai Rang,
Hean Pean Ngau ……………
( Do not recite this incomplete verses ! )
Amazingly, the verses successfully to subdue the anger and the situation settled down and that 7/8 Malay guys one by one retreat their anger and shut their mouth up then dispersed from the scene. Some of them murmuring and babbling while crossing the road to the opposite stall. Only 2 of them left to help the old lady to calm down before sending her to the guard post bench. Both of them suffered the minor cut on the knees and elbow.

The Malay guard then came to me and said the old folk rammed the left side of my rear bumper when he tried to stop his machine at the junction. He seeks my apologizes because couldn’t not able to disperse the crowds because they’re too FIERCE !  Hahahahahahaha luckily not after my Missus collected my body and then you will say sorry ! Damn, a  typical statement from a damn typical security guard !

Merely Sharing !

Wisukhihotu13 !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

Sadhu sadhu

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  1. Dear Wie

    Thank you so much for your once again another eye opener article!

    Mr. Wie if you are willing to let go this phakawan for a price, please let me know. I am looking at 50k ++ for such a beautiful piece for own wearing purposes.

    Honestly, I am ashamed to ask you for this phakawan as this is your inheritance and maybe it is for the next Wie's generation. But should you feel that you wish to please let me know.

    Regardless of your decision, thank you so much again for all your wonderful articles!

    Best wishes and Happy New Year!