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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Respect Copyright Please !

Respect Copyright Please !

No Hard Feeling, jus sharing  2 of the local Thai Amulets magazine from local publisher & printer. Sharing some examples of SUPERB copy & paste and MARVELLOUS direct translation of articles from www:// These examples of RETARDED ACTS  been committed merely because of DOLLARS and CENTS !
As the official owner / blogger of www://, honestly I don't not mind ( not at all ) of all copy & paste activities as long as it is for SHARING & EDUCATING purposes. In contrast, I feel offended when my SHARING OF THOUGHT been misused by the certain irresponsible parties to gain profits ! I dun mind if you all SHARE / REUSED / REPOST / COPY / PASTE / PLAGIAT / XEROX bla bla bla bla bla bla bla as long as  ............... the source (s) is / are mentioned !
These are jus 2 examples ( out of 4 )  of Thai Amulets Magazines by local publisher that been CAUGHT RED HANDED of illegally involved in this Copyright acts. Friends of mind used to advise me to pursue a legal action toward these 2 magazine publishers ! hahahahahahaha thinking of it seriously now !
1st magazine, published in 2013

2nd magazine, published in 2010

Those are only few examples taken from the 2 magazines showing the seriousness of the copyright issues ! Bear in mind, especially cucutokraja's blog readers / followers please be informed that some of the articles posted in www:// were TAKEN / COPY & PASTE from other blog / site / forum as well but 2 thumbs up to the blogger as HE NEVER FAILED to mention the sources !    hahahahahahahaha


sabbe satta sukhita hontuk
sadhu sadhu


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  1. I don't know how else to contact you... I read you blog... very interesting.
    I just need to ask you if you could suggest anywhere i could go to find "real" minyak pengasi. Spend so much money on so called very powerful minyak BUT it's all a waste...
    I'm in Kelantan now, flying back to KL by end of the week... Hope you can help....