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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Out of sudden PILLOW popped out, derived and led me to write something on PILLOW ! PILLOW uses to support our neck while we are sleeping. Make sure you make a RIGHT CHOICE to SUPPORT your neck for a better SLEEP ! Hahahahaha, for this time sharing I would like to share my personal experience regarding the PILLOW. Something to do with the pillow, strange but true story about the pillow.
Sealy Posturepedic®MAXILOFT® Ultima PillowThe stories happened in 2007 & 2011. The first story ( 2007 ) happened when I was contacted by a woman, she said she is my best friend’s friend. She asked for my favour to seek help from my guru ( Phor Mor Chau Narn, 78 years old at that time ). She said her 4-year old daughter keep on crying and yelling for no reason when they entered the house and the situation worsen whenever they entered the room. The small girl ignored to enter the house, especially the master bedroom.

She added that she had sought various gurus and achans, including the Chinese medium. The situation seem solved for only 1 to 3 weeks and sometimes up to 1 month, then the situation getting worse. It became worsen after the HEALING process. According to the woman, most of the gurus and achan said, they were SPELLED / CURSED by black magic ( Long Khong ) but the spelled be fall on their daughter and not them. I met my guru, showed him the little girl and the house photos. I had enlightened him about the situation faced by the kid and woman. Guru smiled and asked me to go to this woman house to SCAN and DETACT the problem. Guru said it was only a MINOR PROBLEM and does not require him to be there. Guru said, it was not about the spell or black magic. Shocked in disbelieved, guru asked me and other looksit to go there and PERFORM the prayers.

To cut it short ………… we arrived at the woman’s house and upon entering the house I can feel the negative energy from inside the house. Upon seeing us, the girl shouted and dashed off the house into the garage / car porch. After ALUYAK ( seeking  permission ) from the couple and house deities ( Kuan Im and Kuan Gong, we begin the WITHI processes. I SAEG the mai thaw ( tongkat ) and the mai thaw pointed to the master bedroom and the mai thaw LED us to the room and suddenly POINTED directly at the pillow. After a short COMMUNICATION with the PILLOW and getting the enlightenment from Than Kong ( Khron Ratchanaren ), I know that there’s something wrong with the pillow.

The couple said, they bought the synthetic pillow from the direct selling ( ****way ). It was weird and odd when I said to them that the pillow was the CULPRIT. There was woman’s spirit inside the pillow. The couple seem doubted and from the face impression I know that they not only doubt but totally disagree with my COMMENT. I told them that the pillow was made from the recycle materials and one of it was recycled from the dead woman’s pillow who had died on it. ( committed suicide ). The woman’s spirit kept on roaming and following HER’S PILLOW. The spirit suffered and sought help to REBIRTH ! The spirit said her name is Xin Mei, the reason that she kept on ROAMING and DISTURBING is to get the attention and help.

The withi ended, we brought back the pillow and guru conducted a prayer for the spirit to RELEASE and SEND her to the spirit’s world. Miraclely the HAUNTING  PERIOD solved and the little girl now can sleep soundly without any interference !

The second story on PILLOW happened in year 2011. Me myself had experienced the strange, weird but true story on MY NEWLY BOUGHT KEKABU PILLOW !After giving birth to my 2nd son, my wife had decided to complete her 40 days confinement period at confinement center in Sungai Petani, because of that I have to travel up & down, rushing here and there for almost every weekend. During the 2nd weekend visit to the confinement center, I had passed by the small stall / shed by the road side. The stall was set up by the temporary peddler to sell HOME MADE KEKABU PILLOW. I stopped by the road side with the intention to buy the KEKABU PILLOW. It is hard to find the KEKABU PILLOW nowadays. According to my late mum, pillow made by KEKABU is a good pillow to support our head and neck and the seeds ( if included inside the pillow ) can improve blood circulation. I ended up by buying 2 nicely hand stich KEKABU PILLOW.

Nothing unusual happened during the 1st nite of using the new pillow. Comfort ? Improving blood circulation ? Well, still too early to determine that I guess. After the 2nd nite of comforting my head and neck by using my newly bought KEKABU PILLOW, I had experienced a neck stiff and back bone ache ! The pain didn’t disappear for the next 2 days. I took out the pillow for the SUN BATHE, hahahahaha ! According to the custom and believe, when he have a neck muscle stiff or bad back pain it must be something to do with the pillow ……. TERSALAH BANTAL as in Malay’s custom & believe. In order to cure that we have to put / expose the pillow under the hot sun for a couple of hours. I did that by hopping that my neck stiff will disappear but the neck muscle stiff was still there and seem TERSALAH BANTAL was not the priority reason. I took pain killer and consulted doctor but still the pain was still there and getting worse and worsen !
During my 3rd nite of using the BANTAL KEKABU, as usual before tucking up my blanket I have an hour of Samadhi as my Wan Phra day routine. After two hours of tucking up my blanket, I had a dream…….. I saw a terrible car accident, the car crashed onto the big tree and the driver ( woman ) died on the spot. In my dream, I saw our family TARJAI SEUR gave chased to the woman and suddenly I was  woken up by  the TARJAI SEUR
 I woke up immediately and grabbed the pillow, I knew that there’s something wrong with the pillow. I brought the pillow upon my bucha altar and lit the candle for a prayer. I grabbed Than Kong’s ( Tok Raja ) Mai Kru, performed a simple ritual and seek ALUYAK to enlighten me on the bad dream. Than Kong TOLD me that, the KEKABU inside the pillow was TAKEN from the big KEKABU tree by the road side of somewhere in SP. Than Kong had enlighten me on the details, long time before the KEKABU was harvested from the tree, a fatal accident had taken place. The car drove by the woman rammed the tree trunk and the woman died instantly, the woman’s roaming spirit  wandering around and stayed on top of the KEKABU tree. The roaming spirit resided and guarded the tree for years. Than Kong said, the roaming spirit keep on haunting the area and tree yet to be a coincidence RESIDED inside the one of the two pillows that I bought.

 After a short Samadhi, Than Kong advised me to dispose the pillow under a big tree. Before disposing the pillow Than Kong guided me on how to conduct a simple ritual and SENT HER OFF !

Beware, when u wanna to choose one !
Hahahahahahahahahaha !

 Merely Sharing !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

wiesukhihotu13 !

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