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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“ Luang Pu Thuad Maha Lap Ariyasap” - Wat Chai Mongkol, Chainat province.

Featuring the “ Luang Pu Thuad  Maha Lap Ariyasap” bucha statue from Wat Chai Mongkol, Chainat province. This superb Luang Pu Thuad bucha statue was made of  “Nuea Lek Nam Phee” mixed with “Thad Gaiyasit”.  Luang Phor Adoonjaruwan, present wat abbot leads the project. The purpose of making this superb Luang Pu Thuad statue is to raise fund to build the church of Wat Chai Mongkol.

This is my first Luang Pu Thuad statue. I would never rent any Luang Pu Thuad statue before. The one that I had it on my altar was from inherited and already been there for quite something, my late beloved mum said, it was from Wat Chang Haiy but dunno from which year – never checked.  I’m rented and collected this Luang  Pu Thuad statue because of TWO main reasons, first of all, because of the super rare blessing ceremonies held to bless this statue. There were many events and ceremonies to bless this “Luang Pu Thuad Maha Lap Ariyasap”. The main and important event and ceremonies that held were  …………….
 ( Wednesday )
6th  January 2010  

The officers from Ministry of natural resource and environment went to meet Mr. Fung Chuennoppha Khun to verify the “Lai Dam Nam Phee” mineral that people believe that is holy posses a great super natural power of protecting thw worshipper from dangerous, bad things, mishap and even black magic.

According to Thais old folks, this holy mineral can make worshipper to be invulnerable. Dr. Adichak who is the administrator Department of Mineral Resources said this mineral is composed of many minerals such as Silica and iron. Moreover, he said “Lai Dam Nam Phee” is very rare and can be found only in Utaradit and Naan provinces.

( Thursday )
15th  July 2010  
Special ceremony held to worship “Chao Pho Bo Lek Nam Phee” and blessed holy materials to be used in the making processes at Wat Chai Mongkol by many top guru monks.
a.       Luang Phor Wijitthammarot from Utaradit province,
b.      Luang Phor Suwimonjuntarasan from Wa Luang Playang,
c.       Luang Phor Surin from Wat Nam Phee,
d.      Luang Phor Sophitnanthakhun from Utaradit province,
e.       Luang Phor Siripornpiphat from Wat Sriutmporn,
f.       Luang Phor Winaithornthai from Utaradit province,
g.      Luang Phor Winai from Wat Khai Kaeow,
h.      Luang Phor Sathapornwarogat from Wat Doy Kaeow
i.        Luang Phor Suwimonworakit from Wat Tha Din Daeng.

( Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday )
20th  - 22th   July 2010  
Luang Phor Adoonjaruwan, abbot of Wat Chai Mongkol went to Wat Chang Haiy, Pattani to pay a respect to Luang Pu Thuad, conducted a special prayer and begged Luang Pu Thuad’s supreme power to help, assist, and blesse him in making of this bucha. The special built altar was set and the special praying ceremonies was lead by Wat Chang Haiy abbot to seek the “approval” and “blessing” from late Luang Phor Thuad in front of his bone / ashes chedi.
( Tuesday ) 
12th  October 2010  
Grand ceremony was held to bless Luang Pu Thuad. These top monks also been requested to inscribe the khata akhoms on the metal and lead plates and then strongly hallowed the substances / materials to create this “Luang Pu Thuad Maha Lap Ariyasap”. Those prominent yet popular guru monks involved were………...
1.      Luang Pu Sai, Wat Thaa Mai Daeng
2.      Luang Phor Phan, Wat Sai Khao
3.      Luang Phor Prariya Withan, Wat Khlong Poh
4.      Luang Pu Kheak, Wat Soonthorn Pradit
5.      Luang Phor Huan, Wat Phutthai Sawan
6.      Phor Than Khiao, Wat Huay Ngor
7.      Luang Phor Udon, Wat Mornmai
8.      Luang Phor Lek, Phitsanulok province
9.      Luang Phor Tiw, Wat Manee Chonlakhan
10.  Luang Phor Iat, Wat Khokyam
11.  Luang Pu Erm,  Wat Bang Nian
12.  Luang Pu Chuen, Wat Naiprab

The second reason for renting this Luang Pu Thuad Maha Lap Ariyasap statue is because the materials used to finish this superb statue.  According to the text / poster / description manual ( brochure from wat ), the main materials used were “Lek Nam Phee” and “ That Gaiyasit”
“Lek Nam Phee” is rare miracle mineral that was found  more than hundred years ago. Lek Nam Phee  only can be found in Utaradit province. Thais believe that “Lek Nam Phee” is a sacred substance, during ancient time this substance only used  to make sacred weapon of the high rank people.   People  believed that the swords made of Lek Nam Phee can destroy the witchcraft / witch master or black magic.
Moreover, Lek Nam Phee endowed with a supernatural power to help /  make the  worshipper  invulnerable and safe from sharp object / weapon, dispel / discard black magic and put a mishap / disaster at bay.  Based on the history evidences and literatures, most of Thai ancient great warrior and king owned the sacred sword that made of Lek Nam Phee such as:
1. Halberd of King Naresuan Maharaj
2. Great Sword of King Somdej Phra Narai
3. Great Sword of General Khun Paen
4. Great Sword of Phaya Phichai Dab Hak ( broken sword )
5. Great Sword of King Rama VII
“Thad Gaiyasit” is unblemished metal. This holy metal is believed consecrated by the great hermit. “Thad Gaiyasit” is one of great minerals that posses several superb powers such as protect worshipper from dangerous, bad things and black magic. In addition, “Thad Gaiyasit” can make worshipper invulnerable. On other hand, “Thad Gaiyasit” is very expensive because it is a rare composite and hard to find.

In a nutshell, the superb combination of “Lek Namphhe”, “Thad Gaiyasit” and sacred blessing ceremonies by prominent monks make this “ Luang Pu Thuad  Maha Lap Ariyasap” bucha statue such a special yet rare finding / collection to ME.

Merely sharing !
Shadu shadu !
Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

Wie.sukhihotu11 !

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