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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tok Raja BE 2506 Rian by late Chau Khun Chan

Featuring another rare collection of mine. Tok Raja BE 2506 Rian by late Chau Khun Chan. These 2 rians were given to me by my grandfather before he passed away in  September 1999. According to my grandpa these 2 rian were originally given to him by late Chau Khun Chan as token of appreaciation after the Phutapisek ceremony.

Nowadays, these rare Chau Khun Khron BE 2506 Rian by late Chau Khun Chan were sought after by amulets / stuffs die hard.  It's a superb substitution for Chau Khun Khron rian ( Star, Rian Kao etc ). According to my grandpa, these BE 2506 rian were made by CK Chan using the material gathered by late Chau Khun Khron and the making processes were handled  and led by late Chau Khun Mit. It's not surprise to say that, most of the Chau Khun Chan amulets were ' ORGANISED' and 'MADE' by Chau Khun Mit. Chau Khun Chan were only 'COLLECT and 'SELECT' the materials,  'INSPECT', 'ADVISED' and 'BLESSED' the amulets. ( be discussed in depth ! )

My grandpa used to share 2 great stories about this BE 2506 rian.

The 1st story...... is a story of a couple, they faced with marital problems and her hubby uses black magic ( Thai and Indonesia black magic ) to curse his wife. His intention is to make his wife to obey and put his wife under his control. Her husband tries various ways of charms to cast a spell / curse his beloved wife but failled. He uses his body dirt ( 'daki' in Malay ) and after bath remaining water to be mixed with the food and refreshment. Via Indon shaman, his hubby uses his under garment dirt and dirt from private part to be charmed and chanted before adding it together with his wife foods.

After a few attempts, his wife still did not showed any sign of being charmed / cursed. But the problem occurs when his son begins to murmuring and talking unconciously. Crying and shouting after dawn. This house wife brngs his son and  consults  my grandpa and seek for his help. After 'scanning through' the problem faced by this boy, my grandpa comes to the conclusion where his hubby voodoo / balck magic were  affected / cursed his son because she is wearing this BE 2506 amulet. This BE 2506 amulet, diverted and discard all the black magic that had been SENT to her. As a result, his only son who had stayed with her been cursed with the black magic which were originally sent to his mom.

The 2nd a story about one old folk in Kampung Lubuk Jong. He suffered from a sudden hearing impaired. The incident happened when he wakes up and realised that he could not hear and his ears were suddenly deaf. Before the incident, this old folk was as normal as his usual day. There's no problem with his ears. This is so weird and this old folk thought that he was put under a cursed / spelled. He immediately met and consulted  my grandpa. After the 'scanning session' my grandpa told him that, in order to cure his hearing impaired problem he needed to go back home and search for the SACRED amulet in a box and 'SET HIM FREE'.

This old folk rushed home and search for the box but failed. This old folk had searched the box up and down but still can't locate the box mentioned by my grandpa. This old folk went back to meet my grandpa and my grandpa  asked the the old folk to unwrapped his sarong top rolled and took out his small tobacco tin. After uncovered the tin lid / cover, my grandpa took out the Phor Than Kong BE 2506 rian by Chau Khun Chan and this old folk stumbbled in disbelieved. He himself almost forgot about the amulet in his tobacco tin. My grandpa smiled at him and ask him to lit the 9 josstick, 2 candles and 3 cups of water ( Chinese tea, black coffee and plain water ), seek for forgiveness - KHOR THOT ( sorry ). After the lit incensess burnt, took the plain water to wash his face, hand  and ears. Drink the Chinese tea and pour the coffee under the big tree trunk. Miraclely within 24 hours, this old folk problem ( hearing impaired ) solved ! From the incident, my grandpa advises his look sit - disciples, amulet wearers and including me -  to poke in a tiny hole at  amulets casing and never put the SACRED AMULETS inside any air tight tin or box !

Example of 'Sarong' top roll and old tobacco tin used by old folks ( mostly Malay and Siamese ) in Kelantan to store / keep their tobacco and 'daun rokok' -  ( made from the leaves of the nipa-palm and used for smoking in Malaysia and Indonesia. Smokers peel their leaves and roll the tobacco inside the leaves ).  Most of siamese folks ( typical old folks ), they used this tiny box not just to keep the tobacco but their amulets and takruts and rolled it in their sarong top roll.

Talking about these two pieces of BE 2506 rian. There's no doubt of its originality, especially for the 1st rian ( A ). When come to the 2nd rian ( B ), the rian was worned out because of direct contact with the body. When i asked who used to wear the rian. My grandpa said that, he has no idea and as far as his concerned the rian were save kept with him and nobody had wore it before. Butaccording to my grandpa, in l990's ( before and after CK Chan cremation ceremony ) he been visited by numbers of CK Khron and CK Chan amulets die hard. Their intention were to persuade my grandpa to let go some of CK Khron and CK Chan amulets ( Pidta Phakhawan, Rian and tongkat ). Perhaps, one of them  had exchanged the rian ( B ) with this worned out piece without my grandpa knowledge........... perhaps !

  ( A )

 ( B )

Although these 2 rian were claimed as a genuine pieces of late CK Chan stuff but i'm still doubt of the B Rian authenticity.  I'm saying this because they said that there were 2 batches of this rian. 1 is short leg and the other 1 is leg leg. (  the analysis of these two rian base on my novice experienced and knowledge on Chau Khun Khron and Chau Khun Chan's stuffs ). Perhaps the reals expert out there wanna help me to shed the light and solve the feature amulets authentification status !

My analysis about these rian are..............the khata akhom grid lines between these two rian are differents. If we observe carefully the spaces between the two spaghetti lines are vary and there is a huge differents on the curve line on the bottom of spaghetti line. The A Rian the bottom curve and the khata akhom letter is wide / far from the line. Whereas the B Rian the letter  is close and nearly touches the curve spaghetti line.

Do observe carefully, especially the outer border lines of these 2 rians. The outer border lines between these two rian are not equal in sizes. The rian A seem to be more narrow compared to the B rian. Same goes with the dots in between  of the two lines, the sizes are varies.

Whether these two phims, genuine or fake stuffs. It's does not change the fact that....... these two BE 2505 rian were inheritted from my grandpa - Phor Mor Keaw. As my grandpa always says...... 

" Hold on firmly to your faith and believe and then there's not genuine and fake.  If you have a strong believe and faith in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, even a small tiny green leaf can helps you to save your life "

Many keep asking me, where did i get all of these stuffs - Phor Than Kong and Chau Khun Chan's stuffs ? Cut and paste from other blogs / webs ? - pictures.  Borrowed and snapped from other collectors ?  Inheritted from my forefather ?  Perhaps, merely bluffing and purposely made a false claimed by producing the various old stuffs from other guru monks and claimed it as Phor Than Kong's stuffs ( ........because nobody cares and nobody knows about the exact stuffs ).

Sharing and dropping a line for everybody via this weblog / blog does not mean to force anybody to believe me blindly.  The sharing and discussion are merely based on my naive and inexperienced in thisThai Amulets world. A novice collector like me, still needs and requires some guidance from the Thai Amulets experts out there - Phor Than Kong's stuff especially. Drop me a line, contribute something useful to be shared ......... guide and show us the ways ( novice collectors ). and never ever   HIT   AND  RUN  !

As i mentioned earlier ( disclaimer ), setting up this blog is just merely sharing of thought. Does not meant to hurt - insult anybody, does not try to be smart and show off either. As i always said............................

Merely sharing, do correct me if i'm wrong !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu !

wiesukhihotu 10 !

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