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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing Some Info on Kelantan Sacred Tongkat - Mai Thaw Mahathera.

The very first batch of Mai Thaw Mahathera.

Pictures showing my grandapa aka Phor Luang Keaw is  holding the 1st batch of Mai Thaw Mahathera by Than Thit of Wat Utamaram. This mai thaw was made in year 1997/98. Thamboon for renting this mai thaw is only RM100. I had obtained 2pcs of this mai thaw, one given to my grandpa and one to be kept for myself. Then it was given away to my brother in law. It was a superb power mai thaw. Comes with certificate of authentification. Made of Mai Rakh, inserted with needles, white kradat wau jant, a piece of buluh tumpat and path nar thang.

The feature tongkat was named Mai Thaw Mahathera. The official name of Tok Raja’s tongkat. The word Mahathera was adopted from the Tok Raja’s Buddhist name;


The name of the building, on top of the main entrance to the Tok Raja’s main hall .....

According to Pali Buddhist Buddhism Dictionary, MAHATHERA (mahaathera) means "Great Elder". Mai Thaw Mahathera can be defined as The Great Mai Thaw. As for some Kelantanese the word MAHATHERA brings the differs connotation. As for us, the name Mai Thaw MAHATHERA was given to the tongkat as the substitution of ..... or to associate with.....the sacred Tok Raja Tongkat !

This Mai Thaw Mahathera was made around year 2002/2003 ( BE. 2546/47 ). The creation were associated with chief monk 71st birthday. The number of this Mai Thaw Mahathera created was unknown. It was a superb new creation of small and tiny tongkat. By donating ( Thamboon )RM100, devotees will get this superb Mai Thaw Mahathera. The specific and special khatas paper was given along to the devotees.

Due to its popularity, the Mai Thaw Mahathera was out of stock and then the fake n imitation of this Mai Thaw Mahathera were produced by wat committees and the number of this imitated Mai Thaw Mahathera was huge and almost out of control. The materials and ingredients used were beyond devotees expectation ! Later on the imitate tongkat prices flung from Thamboon of RM 100 to RM 200 per piece.

The authentic batch Mai Thaw Mahathera materials used;

( Special / Committee batch )

• 3 needles - Gold, Silver and Bronze
• 3 Copper takruts
• A piece of buluh tumpat

( Normal batch )

• 1 Silver needle
• 2 copper takrut

The authentic batch of Mai Thaw Mahathera, normal Mai Rakh and Mai Rakh coated with Janrakh……..

The imitate batch of Mai Thaw Mahathera materials used;

• Silver needle
• 3 pieces of photocopy of original copper takruts.
. Hand written yants at the reverse side of the photocopy yants.

The early batch of imitates Mai Thaw Mahathera……..
Few years back, due to the poor distribution of this imitated tongkat. Some of the wat committee decided to combine the tongkat with phra pidta amulet which is also deteriorate in sales. Phra pidta was attached to the top of the tongkat and being sold as the new creation of the chief monk. The imitate tongkats were still using the same tiny original tongkat from wat. I called / named it as imitattion tongkat because of the material used / inserted. The funny thing about this new creation is…..phra pidta was GLUED on top of the tongkat by using Elephant Super Glue !

Phra pidta amulet……..

The later batch of imitates Mai Thaw Mahathera……..

The sales of this tongkat was marvelous. Display and snap ……cash and carry ! The thamboon roses from RM200 to RM300 per piece. For the naïve tongkat die hard, it was worth to buy tongkat. As the thamboon of phra pidta per se was already RM130 plus RM200 for the tongkat. That means…..they saved RM30 per piece. So, why not ?

There’s a friend of mine….came straight away from Penang just to own this superb Mai Thaw Mahathera. He went to the wat and collected two pieces of this Mai Thaw Mahathera ( one phim each ). He put these 2 tongkats on his car dashboard while browsing around Tumpat to visit other wats. Upon reaching my home, he was hailing and yelling non stop upon reaching my doorstep. Yelled and shouted because the one of phra pidta attached to the tongkat was separated from the tongkat due to the hot/  high temperature while parking his car when visited other wats. I had shared with him some information regarding the tongkat. In his disbelieved, he disassembled both the top and bottom of the tongkat and shocked to see the materials inserted !

If u were one of the unlucky guy who had already rented this imitate Mai Thaw Mahathera, stop hailing…. yelling ….and shouting…... BEAR IN MIND that, chief monk nothing to do with this imitate version of Mai Thaw Mahathera, he doesn’t know and absolute innocent ! Jus consider that your RM 200 or RM 300 were a kind hearted thamboon to the wat. Shadu ! Shadu !

Why we need to be more sensitive and selective about the tongkat….

FYI, the real great sacred tongkat; Can be used as…….

Superb tool for Phor Mor / Achan
- To dispel / discard ghost and evil forces.
- To cure exorcism.
- To make nambun ( holy water ).

Tool to protect the wearer / owner.
- General safety from bad luck and unlucky star
- Avoiding mishap / fatal occurrences
- Possess of Amnaj power

Safe guard your house from;
- Break-in / thief
- Fire / danger
- Evil spirit – evil forces

In a nutshell, the real sacred tongkat power is absolute and no suitable words to describe its. As my grandpa said………

“Absolute 108 purposes and you don’t know the power of the tongkat, unless you own it”.
FYI, imitate tongkat …….

• Cannot protect the wearer.
• No absolute powers as the real sacred tongkat
• It’s just a piece of wood that means nothing to the wearer / owner
or more specifically, a piece of decorative wood !

“ Beautiful to see, nice to hold.once you used, you will know ! “
Shadu ! Shadu !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

Wie.sukhihotu09 !


  1. Wie,
    I think I have one of the TK Mahatheras in the box tat comes wt Khatas..I rented it couple years ago and it was one of the last 2 remaining one..How can I authenticate it as I remember it is disrespectful to the guru if we open it true? For past couple of years I have it recharge if I visit Than Tit on his B'day..Anyway, I think it is ok lah..thambun already, at least the goodwill already there..Since I dont even know how to use it..jus take it as a collection for own appreciation :)
    Found a pair of Kayu Tas from KK, will be bringing to KB this weekend for my friend..


  2. may i know? i have a 5"tongkat from friend,he tamboon at wat kuantan.i feel the power. u know the name ?Who s tongkat?Tq

  3. is it from Wat Sungai Soi ? Is so... u no need to be worried, it's an authentic Tongkat. Blessed by Than Thit, Than Soon and Chau khun Eak

  4. I m trying to look for the Wat Sg Soi in Kuantan.
    Anyone know the address? Not many ppl heard bout it..


  5. Bro, try this likns........


    The wat address as below.....


    Hope can help,


  6. Wat Dhamma Pattanaram
    Lot 3700
    Lorong Permatang Balak
    Kg Sg Soi
    25150 Kuantan Pahang

  7. There 2 tongkat in sg soi.
    the shorter one is RM188 for rent and the longer one is RM1888 (given for the Dhamma Cakka Pillar Donation)

    there's ceremony too for the tongkat, it already went for 7 temple, 7 months, including wai khru in jamu and bangsek.

    each people learn different wicha to make, perhaps each tongkat is unique. also the than bun Mae Thau Fa Pha, really a powerful tongkat. :)


  9. yupe, u r right bro. Differs monk makes the tongkat differently and blessed the tongkat differently according to their wichah and gurus.

  10. Bro phor, i think know who u r ? thanks for the Wat Sg Soi tongkat and stuff infos and adv !

  11. There are many Pidta Amulets flooding up the Kelantan market, especailly Than Dam's, Than Thit's & CK Onn's. Can any body tell me between Than Dam & CK Onn, which one is better in term of protection power?

  12. Disappointed, I posted in my question more than one month nobody like to answer it. Is it an offensive question? Believe that WIE can answer it.

  13. Sorry bro, doesn't meant to hurt you. As all comments r now needed 2 b moderated b 4 published, so seldom read the moderate comments. About Than Dam & Chau Khun Onn both of them r equally good, just depends on your needs and wishes.

    As Than Dam had produced various types & phim of pidta. For your information, Than Dam pidta needs 2 b more selective / careful as the imitate and fake one started 2 flooded in amulets market. If u r serious to collect Than Dam's pidta try to collect the phim made before BE 2545 / 2547. As there r a lot of Propaganda and Money Making pidta ( not from than dam but his name been used, bcos he was invited in plugsaeg ceremony). Plus there'r various phim and batch of Than Dam pidta and sometimes it's hard 2 determine the genuine batch !

    About Chau Khun Onn, 4 time being, i think u no need 2 worry much as, so far there'r no fake Chau Khun Onn pidta flooded as / bcos his 1st and 2nd batch pidta r still cheap and sold at reasonable prices. Plus so far Chau Khun Onn just produced 2 batch of 108 wanj pidta and 1 batch of black wood pidta. Frankly to say, it's worth 2 b kept.

    Bout who is the best ??? You no need 2 worry both gurus are equally SUPERB ! Just put ur believe and faith into their pidta / stuffs ! It's not my right 2 compare both of them as .... .....they'r at their best and still the best ! Just believe it bro.

    As my grandpa always advises me........doesn't matter who made it, as long as he is a qualified monk / guru and you hv your full faith and believe in Buddha, Dhamma n Sangha, ur amulet is the best ! Dun compare.....

    no hard feeling

  14. This is Point Of View for Mr Henry (sorry Mr Wi Chin Hin, sharing opinion here)

    For me the best in Phothan Khron pitta.

    in the term of protection, all amulets are good if they are under a good pitti pluksek, phuttha phisek. for a phor mor, usually when touching Phothan Khron amulets made 2505 and before his Nibbana, you no need to ask question about protection.

    and info for Mr Wi Chin Hin u r doing a very good job. in Wat Dhamma Pattanaram new batch of Black Wood tongkat were made by Phothan Nit.

    i found interesting article on Luang Por Taweesak. Perhaps you read it too. :)

  15. Ya agree with you bro, no doubt bout the supreme power of Phor Than Kong Pidta Phakawan.
    BUT......may b u r misunderstood bout above comment bro. Those comments just for Than Dam n CK Onn pidtas, as Mr Henry asked me about them. So the comments are excluded Phor Than Kong Pidta Phakhawan.

    Sorry, no hard feeling and thanks for the comments.

  16. Bro Wei (should I call u Bro?)

    Thank you very much for your answer, in which the written has rounded off all source of speculations, clear n understandable. It looks the written is by hand of a Pilitian's secretary. Good answer.

    I have a "Fake" Pungparkarn amulet. From the moment I bought it, had a sence of that should be of a "Fake", because of the casting of bronze with plastic casing n filled with oil (dont know what kind of oil, just assuming is metta oil), plus a very beautiful handcraft workmanship, but the price was low. Although I could not trace out the back ground of production, after wearing a period (on trial), felt that there is a good PR power (metta) attached. I am now in puzzle, please advise me.

  17. Great ! That's what we call Faith & Believe paid ! As u said, u used to doubt of....may b the fake one, but after a trial period, u still can feel and experienced the superb and supreme power of ur rented Jathukham Ramathep ( Pungpakarn !

    As my grandpa always said, just like Luang Phu Thuad amulets, his power ( Arahant Power ) is beyond our expectation. If u believe in him, put ur Faith & Believe without any sigh, then u will see & feel the power of Luang Pu Thuad, altho u hd rented the fake one. ( No Fake No Genuine - All Equally Powered ! ). But......of course, our Faith & Believe will deteriorate when somebody examine /determine our rented amulets as fake or imitate !

    Bro, my advise 2 u r ....... keep on believing ! Strengthen ur faith & believe. Do not doubt and stop asking around about ur amulets status. ( as the power already shown 2 u ! ) But......
    this does not means that i support the fake / imitate amulets ! ( My POV here is jus 2 discuss base on ur previous comments n POV !)

    Strictly no fake & immitate one !

  18. I saw a young guy testing amulet power at an amulet shop. He put the amulet on his palm and held it closely to his mouth then meditating silently for just a short while his hand started shaking. Being told that was Budhha / God power had already enchanted into the amulet. Curiously, a few questions have immediately arisen in my mind :

    1, Is this the effective and only way to prove authentic amulet?

    2, Can everyone learn up this kind of "magic work"?

    3, What is the basic requirement and condition for the learner that can pick up this course?

    4, By doing this, will you be considered having no faith in amulet (Buddha)? Will the power subsequently leave away the amulet?

    Bro. Wei, what is your comment of this testing? Hoping I will be able read out the answers in this Wed Page. - HENRY

  19. Bro. Wei,

    I have sent a posting of 4 questions relating to amulet power assessment to your web blog 3 weeks ago, but receive no response from you. Wondering that are those questions not conveniently replied me by open way? If so, you can e-mail to me. I am eagerly wanted to understand the truth. Thank you!

  20. sawasdee...i like the tongkat,any master you know the best one.? thks

  21. thanks for the write did help me alot..
    tonite i have decided to get the ck onn pidtha
    after reading this blog..
    of course for being a than dam fans,
    i have few considerations about ''pidtha''
    for me personally i dont look for the kongkrapan
    effect..i wanted to have the luck and metta factor
    which i got from than dam pidtha..
    so i will try ck onn pidtha..
    many thanks to all da ge here..