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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Phor Pheum, Wat Porm Gaw, Ayutthaya

This is another present period great guru monk. Long Phor Pheum of Wat Porm Gaw, age of 82 (BE 2552) from Ayutthaya province. LP Pheum's amulets especially the Phakhawan Maha Uth ( BE 2542 ) was among the famous, rare and almost sought by amulet collectors. Although LP Pheum's name were not as famous as other guru monks and there's almost none of his amulets propaganda heard. Instead it's very very rare and diffilcult indeed to obtain or to see his amulets display on the shelf of the amulet shops or outlets.

This is because LP Pheum's amulets were not mass produced amulets. Most of LP Pheum's amulets were created for fund raising purposes which is either to build or renovate the temple. Below were 2 photos taken from the thai amulet magazine showing the magic proof of LP Pheum Phakhawan Maha Uth. According to the articles, this man was hit thrice by a hire gun man. His shirt was thorn out but amazingly, none of the bullets could penetrate his flesh / not even a single scratch on him.

Miracle of Thai sacred amulets by Long Phor Pheum, Wat Porm Gaw Ayutthaya .The man shows his shirt with bullet marks on it.( front and back ). My collection of Phakhawan Maha Uth (BE. 2542 ) Luang Por Pheum Wat Porm Gaw Ayutthaya.


Luang Phor Pheum's Meed Mor. ( BE 2542 )  Luang Phor Pheum's Phra Sangkhachai (BE 2542). 

Videos collection of LP Pheum blessing his new creation of sacred amulets. 
LP Pheum old and newly made sacred amulets. Pictures and images were taken from other Thai amulet forums.

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