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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Secrets of Phra Pidta of Wat Uttamaram, Repek, Finally Revealed !

Phra Pidta of Wat Uttamaram was followed the traditional way of making Phra Phakhawan of Achan Long Phor Khron. Present wat abbot, Phra Khru Boon Tham is issuing of this limited hand made edition of Phra Pidta.

Associates with the 45th anniversary ( BE 2550 ) of Khron Paranibbana, Phra Khru Boon Tham ( Than Boon ) revealed to the public the traditional ways /methods of making Phra Pidta. These methods are using / following the same methods used by Tok Raja in those day. According to the Long Chei, the pidta was created for the fund rising purposes. The purpose of making this superb Phra Pidta was due to the lack of fund to complete the Chedi and cremation hall, Achan Long Phor Khron appeared in Than Boon dreams and had ordered Than Boon to create the this special phim of Pidta amulet to be rent out to the devotees.

The Achan Long Phor Khron’s traditional mould gadget was made of 2 pieces of wood which are connected with the hinge. There were two holes on the woods surface to place the Pidta mould, hinged woods with 2 holes to fit the Pidta mould, one on each sides. The Pidta mould was made of fibre.

These two pieces of woods were pressed together tightly by using hand to mould the Pidta. The moulded Phra Pidta was painted and coated with Black Janrakh Wax or Getah Rengas Hitam ( not the normal crystal clear rengas ) by local folks. Each Pidta was individually pressed and blessed by Than Boon then.

Pictures of blessing for ALUJAKH ( Seeking Permission ) from Achan Long Phor Khron before the making pidta processes begin.

Pictures showing Than Boon is preparing the wanj.

Pictures showing Than Boon is inserting the wahn into the mould.

Pictures showing Than Boon is moulding the Pidta by pressing the two pieces of woods.

Picture showing Than Boon is applying the Black Rengas onto Pressed Phra Pidta.

Pictures showing Than Boon is picking out the Pidta from the mould.

Pictures of the successfully moulded Phra Pidta.

These traditional ways and processes were rather complicated than the modern ways. Which are using the moulding machine and the amulets were pressed and completed within a minutes compare to Long Phor Khron traditional ways. Than Boon spent around 30 to 45 minutes to complete each of the Pidta amulet. This is why Phra Pidta / Phakhawan from Wat Uttamaram is very special indeed.

Apart from this special phim of Phra Pidta. There were several phims of Phra Pidta / Phakhawan which were hand made, pressed and blessed personally by Than Boon or Chau khun Mit. In order to identify such special hand made amulets, there are some hand print marks on the reverse side of the Pidta amulets.

Some old batch of hand made Phra Pidta of Wat Uttamaram.

Modern moulding machines to produce amulets.

a. Hand press moulding machine

b. The mould / block

c. Computerize moulding machine

According to wat committee, a total of 300 pieces of this special phim Phra Pidta were made and the thambun for this pidta is RM 3999. The devotee who rent out this Pidta will be given away a tongkat too ( made of janrakh tree, which strike by lighting, a donation of amount RM699 if renting out the tongkat individually ). Do correct me if I’m wrong .

You can’t find this pidta on the wat shelves. If you are interested in, kindly contact and consult Than Boon personally. Why ? Should ask Than Boon……

as for me..... just merely sharing !

sadhu ! sadhu !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !

Wiesukhihotu09 !


  1. Cadangan semoga anda dapat menulis tentang wat-wat di pantai timur lebih banyak lagi.

  2. Wie, dah bulan oktober nie tak ada barang-barang ,cerita-cerita atau photo power ker?Ramai penyokog tengah menunggu anda.

  3. Ya tuan, saya sedar tuan. Cuma masa tak begitu mengizinkan tuan.Banyak sangat kerja2 yang tertangguh yang nak diuruskan. Maklumlah kerja makan gaji.

    Saya sedang cuba sedaya upaya untuk mengemukakan post2 yang baru dengan stuff2 yang baru. Tapi masa memang mengekang dan mencemburui saya. Hanya curi2 tulang untuk menjengok sat blog saya......

    terima kasih atas sokongan tuan itu !

    mohon diri....permisi !

  4. now the mae thau fa pa (mae thau using wood that struct by lightning already displayed)its RM699 to be rent.

    nice pics on making pitta, but i think those available on left hand side of the Wat when u enter the building right?

  5. Ya the same pics. Why ? Is there's any problem with that ? or i should take the pics from other angle to convince u ? thanks anyway

  6. Hello, mr. Wie. I've read your and it's really interesting. Most info you provide is very useful and helpful, especially for those whom interest on pidta amulet. I do saw a pidta for sale and it claim it is from Phor Than Boon. The figure is almost as same shown here on your blog and it catch my interest. Is it possible that Phor Than Boon pidta price is below RM100? Kindly advice. Thank you. Sadhu sadhu sadhu.....



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