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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long Kuan @ Chau Kuan @ Tok is leaving us for Parinibanna !

Photo adapted from

Chau Kuan @ Long Kuan @ Tok is passed away due to the old age and suffered from serious asthma. Last  3 / 4 weeks when i was in Kelantan, i went to mete him but his house is empty / locked. According to kampung folks, he was admitted / hospitalized  in Kota Baharu for several days because of his bad asthma and health deteriorate  due to old aged.

It's a big lost to the Kelantanese Buddhist and Bangsek folks. Last time i met him was on May 2008 ,during school breaks. I went to pay him a visit and collect my Mai Thaw from him. It been 6 months with him, since i brought the red Mai Jangrak / Jangrak wood to be inserted with the yants / khom. 

I brought the blank jangrak wood tongkat him in November 2007.  Actually, he kinda refused to make any Mai Thaw anymore, he said .......

" Ku Kae Laew, Khian Yant Mai Dai... Mai Hean Laew ! "
(  I'm too old, cannot inscribe yant any more, can't see well )

After convincing him and he finally agreed but he said it will take quite sometimes to finish it and i have to wait for at least 3 to 5 months. He said the hollow part of the tongkat must be in 13 cm deep. He kinda surprised when i said that, i knew bout that and already made 13 cm long / deep hole.  I asked him what are the materials needed, for his Mai Thaw, he said he just  need to insert the mai thaw with  khom ( yant inscribbed ), nothing more !

It's true when it's takes almost 6 months and when i collected the mai thaw, he smiles at me and said ..........

" Mai thaw tham arai, mor neh ? "
( own mai thaw for what, wanna be a bomoh ?)

After a short conversation with him, i asked him whether he still have the Mai Thaw Pakka - Pen Tongkat ? He smiled and said .........

" Mot Leaw "
( Finished ) 

I reply this to him ...........

" Tham pakka mai dai mai ? "
( can make the new one for me ?)

He smiled , stood up and went to his drover and searching for something, after sometimes he came back and gave me 2 pieces of Parker Pen - Mai Thaw Pakka and said it was really last two pieces. Dunno why still have 2, he thot it was finished taken by Penangites. Ha ha, it was my luck day.  He said the clips of the Parker pen are rusty and bit faded and i might not like it. I just grabbed the pakka without any sigh. Rusty ? Must be kept for a long time i guessed !

I asked Chau Kuan further bout his Mai Thaw Pakka - Pen Tongkat. Especially the types of khom that he inscribed and the materials used. He just smiled and kinda refused to reveal his pen tongkat's secrets. I guessed i know what to do when you ask him a question but he / she just smile at you. Acccording to his looksit and Bangsek folks, Chau Kuan used a special type of shinning paper as its pen tongkat yant and it look likes Aluminuim Foil. Chau Kuan stuffs experts out there might have something to be share !

After the short conversation ( not fluent in Thai, spoke Kelantanese Hokkien, Malay and broken Kelantanese Siam language ). I paid him the thamboon ( RM200 each for Pakka Mai Thaw ) and special red packet ( angpow ) for the inserted yant with khom for my jangrak mai thaw and KRAPP him trice before leaving. Well, these 2 Mai Thaw Pakka and Jangrak Mai Thaw such a special TONGKAT instead , because i had never owned any of his stuffs before. It will be my treasure then !

If i could back to those year  ( 2007 ) and meet him again,  i would beg him and bring the BLACK SHIRT, 3 meters long of PLAIN / WHITE CLOTHES, 1 piece of "DAI DIP" ( benang basah ), PENGERAS and "PHAN" .......... presented to him and  WAI KRU him as my guru !

"annica watasang khara..................."

sadhu ! sadhu !
wie.sukhihotu10 !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Featuring the super rare Phor Than Kong's Bucha Plague. Very very rare amulet instead. Phor Than Kong Bucha Plague ( holding a tongkat with an arm bowl, phra pidta on top right hand side and Yant Nak Mo Phut Tha Yak on top left hand side ).

This super rare plague was made of mixed sacred powder. The original plague was made without frame. The plague was framed in order to give an extra protection and to avoid it from damage. There are no proper documentation on this plague and the exact date / year of this plague was made was unknown. The volume / pieces of this plague also unknown, but according to Than Kong stuffs - Kelantanese, especially from Bangsek, this plague was made in small quantity and only distributed to the closed disciples of late Than Kong, Than Chan and Kru Thong.

plague without frame

There are three different version story of this plague. Most of the amulet collectors, especially Tok Raja die hard fans say that this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan but the making processes was led by late Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong.  The second version of the infos stated that this plague was made by Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong and was well ONLY blessed by late Chau Khun Chan.  The third version of the story is this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan and  Nak Chau Thong @ Chau Thong @ Kru Thong during Phor Than Kong eras and WAS blessed by Phor Than Kong himself.

According to my grandpa, this plague was made by late Chau Khun Chan and Kru Thong. Both of them were involved in this bucha plague making processes. Whether our late Phor Than Kong DID BLESSED this plague or NOT ......... tak sempat la pula i tanya !  Ha ha ........confused right ? I also confused bout this. Perhaps, Phor Than Kong's stuffs experts out there wanna break the silent and say something to shed the light !

Personal home bucha altar with the plague placed at the back of Phor Than Lek's statue.

Dear bro / Than Kong's stuffs expert. Uploading my home bucha altar here just merely for sharing as i was been in a  HIT & RUN situation. They claimed themselves as an expert in Than Kong's Phra Kreung ( amulets ) series and keep on condemning  me and convincing me that my inherited Than Kong's stuffs are NOT REAL / FAKE. They said that most of my phra kreung are not in my SAFETY BOX actually. I just own the photos / pics. They added that , i'm doing a good jobs in copying and pasting it from somewhere - via blogs / webs !

Some even worst, first they convinced me to show them my phra kreung because they wanna have a closer look on the Phra Kreung that i hd HUNG around my neck, TIED around my waist, ZIPPED in my sling back and  WRAPPED in my pocket. They said ........ most of them are FAKE and NOT from Than Kong instead. Then they keep on showing theirs' collection to me, saying this and that, these are the marking, these are the codes, these are the materials, so on and so forth. Well, ok then, i just nodded my head and appreciated  their comments and point of view to the fullest. No hard feeling !

My personal point of view......... some of them forgot that while they are browsing, BELEK-BELEK ,and TILIK-TILIK under their magnifying mirror, they actually keep on SWALLOWING THEIR ACCUMULATED SALIVA and perhaps to avoid SALIVARY FLOWS ........... !

Based on the HIT and RUN situation above, meaning to say that............

My grandpa had left / inherited the fake phra kreung to me.  Meaning to say that, our Phor Than Kong used to produce a series of the fake phra kreung and gave it to my grandpa, that's why now i'm inherited the fake Than Kong's Phra Kreung ! 

 Mmmmmm...... masuk akal juga ya ?

front and back views

close-up pics of  front and back views of the plague

back view with hand engraved khata akhoms

close-up pics of  front views of Than Kong images

close-up pics of  Phra Pidta and Yant


Merely Sharing.....
Correct me, if i'm wrong !
shadu ! shadu !

wie.sukhihotu10 !

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mai Thaw Pakka - Phor Than Pream, Wat Balai, Bachok.

Featuring my latest collection of Mai Thaw Pakka by Than Pream ( Phra Kru ) of Wat Balai, Bachok, Kelantan Darul Naim. After 3 months of preorder / reserving / booking and 5 months of waiting the newly made Mai Thaw Pakka is ready to be collected.

This mai thaw pakka was made and blessed by Than Pream for more than 3 months. This mai thaw was kept in the ubosot during the Khao Phansa for another 3 months. Than Pream said that, during Khao Phansa, this mai thaw was blessed and plug saeg for continuous 3 months - at least 3 times daily.

The materials used for this mai thaw lies within the mai thaw and remained as Phra Kru's ( Than Pream ) secrets. Than Pream kinda insist to reveal the secret recipes of this mai thaw. Ha ha .......  I requested for another piece of this mai thaw, Than Pream asked me back..... " How many pieces that you have booked ? " . I smiled and her did the same thing, i guess i know the meaning of that smile ...... ha ha, padan muka !

That means, for the late comers, this mai thaw pakka is out of stock and you need to wait for another / new batch of mai thaw pakka.

Personal experienced ......... since collected from Than Pream, haven't tried, haven't tested and haven't wore. Purpose of collecting, just to complete my mai thaw collection from Kelantan Guru Monks.


sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
sadhu ! sadhu i


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