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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sacred Tongkat @ Mai Thaw

 TALKING about Thai sacred amulets and charms besides bucha statues, votive tablet, takrut, bia kae, lek lai, phar yant, namman phrai, metta oil, meed mor and etcetera, the most sought after sacred thingy is MAI THAW @ MAI KRU @ TONGKAT. In Malaysia, MAI THAW @ MAI KRU @ TONGKAT was popularized by our late Phor Than Kong of Wat Uttammaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek, Pasir Mas. In Kelantan and Southern Thai for example, most of the Siamese Wat had produced the various types of tongkat to be rent out to the devotees. Below are some of the monks and wats list  (  from Kelantan and southern Thai ) which are popular with their sacred tongkat;

i)     Chau Khun Chan - Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Tererek, Repek, Pasir Mas.
ii)    Than Dum - Wat Mai Naparam, Narathiwat, Thailand.
iii)    Phor Than Thit - WatMachimaram, Kampung Jubakar, Tumpat.
iv)    Chau Khun Onn - Wat Prakchumchontara, Narathiwat, Thailand.
v)     Chau Khun Eak - Wat Phikulthong, Terbak, Tumpat.
vi)    Than Boon Tham - Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Tererek, Repek, PasirMas.
vii) Than Noon - Wat Ariyakiri, Pauh Lima, Bachok, Kelantan.
viii)   Achan Pochai - Wat Phothikayan Phutthaktham, Kampung Balai, Bachock.

ix)    Phra Maha - Samnak Song Kampung Cina, Kusial.

TONGKAT, these are some of frequently asked questions when we talk or discuss about the sacred tongkat;

How to use Mai Thaw Mahathera ?
How to activate and make my tongkat effective ?
Do you have any good khata for tongkat ?
Do you have any Tok Raja’s tongkat khata ?
Do you know the khata to be used with the tongkat ?
I have a tongkat but don’t know how to use it !
Can you teach me on how to use the Mai Thaw ?
How to differentiate between the good and bad tongkat ?
How to determine the genuine and fake tongkat ?
Why my tongkat doesn’t work as claimed and expected ?
Does tongkat really work ?

Most of the Qs were about the khata akhom and the correct way of using the tongkat. To be honest, sometimes I just dunno how to answer those questions. As an inexperienced and new in this Thai amulet world, I would rather throw them back a series of questions about their rented tongkat.

Do you know the……………….

Ø wat / temple where you hd rented the tongkat ?
Ø monk @ creator who made your rented tongkat ?
Ø materials used to make the tongkat ?
Ø rules and specific usage of the tongkat ?
Ø purpose of your tongkat creation ?

Bear in mind that, differs monk created the tongkat differently.They used differs method, using differs material, followed the differs rules and withi sciences, inscribing and inserting the differs khata akhom plates / papers, blessed, chanted and plug saeg with differs khata akhom, last but not least different monks made their tongkat differently according to their differs purposes and wichah learnt from their gurus. The sacred tongkat secrets lie within the tongkat. These secrets sometimes remain unsolved and safe kept as a monk’s biggest secret.

Every Mai Thaw / Tongkat may differs in energy. Some are very strong and suitable ONLY for spiritual healers or  ‘Phor Mor’. It can be used in various kind of purposes and occasions. (to exorcise people being overpowered by negative energies, discard and expel evil spirit,making nam bun etc ). Some are suitable for laymen. ( for general safety purposes, metta, amnaj and charismatic power, etc ).

Something to be pondered with…........

The most important thing in collecting / renting tongkat / mai thaw are; by knowing on each tongkat background, WHO made & blessed them ? WHAT are the materials used ? WHAT is / are the purpose(s) of creation ? HOW touse it ? and the DOs and DON'Ts about the tongkat. Please beware of very numerous tongkat which are BUSINESS-ORIENTED, IMITATES, INEFFICACIOUS and MADE BY UNQUALIFIED ACHAN / GURU MONKS. Present-Period tongkats need more deliberate consideration because MOST ( not all, still have a good one ! ) of them are BUSINESS-ORIENTED MADE TONGKAT.  If we really know of their background, we could determine and select a good great tongkat with a reasonable prices. If you're not sure whether the tongkat is genuine or authentic one or not, kindly consult the real qualified and trustable experts.

As an inexperienced tongkat collector, my advises are……. try to collect STANDARD tongkat of a good background and avoid strange-design tongkat, unrecognised and weird-material used or unfamiliar names of monks ( achan / maker ), otherwise you will lose your money for INEFFICACIOUS and PROPAGANDA tongkats.

“ Sweet words are unreliable, but reliable words mostly are not sweet ”

My grandpa always advises me that……Thai Amulet world is rather complicated. It's flooded with propaganda and fictions. Please think twice because there are a lot of MOUTH-WATERING RUMOURS and PROPAGANDA stories related to the tongkat / amulets in general. Some of money making and propaganda mass media boosting the non-quality, non-standard, newly-made and mass-chanted tongkat for their huge profit. The propaganda and persuasive stories with miraculous events are well form to suit the readers request and plead. So think wisely while and after reading any stories related to POWEFUL-TONGKAT by a POWERFUL MONK / ACHAN !

THE FACT !.........among present period guru monks, not many are real qualified and don't be surprised by the fact that many famous monks who had made a popular tongkat / amulet and been sold with the price up to your nose ARE NOT real qualified ! Frankly to say, some of the top and famous monks in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are not so different. Only some of them can be accepted for their Dhamma practices and amulets. Most of them are not qualified while many are unknown. Being ordained for JUST a couple of years for example, suddenly appear from no where and made a public appearance with massive newly made amulets with a strange name and design. The truth is that, they had been targeted and prey by propaganda mass media. The news on their amulets and amazing stories are speedily go up high and been sold like a hot cake. 

They are popular but their names were not in ANY wat ceremony list, they are not even invited for any blessing ceremony organized by others prominent monks. Their amulets were solely blessed by their own, no other monks were joined or invited to. Their inefficacious, non-standard and propaganda amulets were produced occasionally in a year. ( even during the retreat season - Khau Phansa ). Their amulets even been exported and flooded in some countries. Thus, be yourself and don't be dragged and carried along or influenced by those hot-sale, propaganda items…….. tongkat!

TONGKAT's KHATA. According to Phor Mor Keaw, there are no absolute and specific khata akhoms that suite to be used for every tongkat. The analogies…. ...................

(1) It’s just like our nowadays mobile phone; there are no absolute perfect charger / battery for every mobile phone. To make your mobile phone works effectively, we need the specific charger / battery that fit for our mobile phone otherwise our mobile phone won’t work at all.

(2) Same goes with the medicine, there are no absolute medicine for every sicknesses. We need a differ medicines to cure a differ sicknesses. We don’t simply take paracetamol for all sicknesses right ? To cure the sicknesses we are advised to consult the expert.

My grandpa added that, even Phor Than Kong @ Tok Raja himself owned at least three types of Mahathera Mai Thaw. One as walking stick, one was inserted at his waist (sometimes was tied around his waist) and the famous Mai Thaw Mahathera as we normally seen in Phor Than Kong’s photos.

Phor Than Kong Photo with 2 different Mai Thaw Mahathera.

Many of my blog readers keep asking me why their rented tongkat was not as effective as claimed by the monk / achan / seller ? They had followed the instructions given on how to use the tongkat. They recited / chanted the khata given but still can’t see / feel the result and yet their their problem keep persisted, business deteriorates and even getting worse from day to day.

There’s a case of amulet die hard, he felt so cheated when he realized that his rented tongkat was almost useless and doesn’t shows the effect or perhaps does not work at all.  The problem started when ................................

Than Thit Mai Thaw Mahathera with both top and bottom inserted with sacred materials and khata akhom plates.

i) placed the tongkat under the monk’s statues stool / base. Hidden place!
(According to my grandpa, Phor Than Kong advised him that, we should place the tongkat in a standing position, except when you are using it, you can place under the pillow or put in your bag / sling bag etc )

ii) wrapped the tongkat in white cloth. White cloth means safe keep the tongkat and no longer in used.
(If needed, wrap the tongkat just using yellow cloth – evoking the power ! But bear in mind, Phor Than Kong himself doesn’t wrapped his Mai Thaw )

iii) learnt the khata from other guru monks and chant the inappropriate khatas to evoke the power of the tongkat.
This guy chants the khata for Metta Mahaniyom and call upon luck instead of khata for protecting the house / safety.  He chants the khata while the tongkat was wrapped and safe kept under the base of the monk’s statues.
(My grandpa said, to make your tongkat works more effectively, you need to hold / touch your tongkat while reciting the khata akhom )

Below are another Qs and statements asked regarding the sacred tongkat;

·         Why I can’t feel the power of the tongkat ?

Ø reasons, why we are renting the tongkat.
Ø monk @ creator who made the tongkat.
Ø materials used to make the tongkat
Ø purpose of the tongkat creations.
Ø rules and specific usage of the tongkat
Ø way to activate it.
Ø do’s and don’ts

We simply don’t rent a Mai Thaw just because…………

My grandpa used to say, a good amulet / tongkat doesn’t need a prove and series of fatal incidents / accidents as a solid evidence of its embedded power. The great superb power lies within the amulets/ tongkat. A good amulet will protect the wearer from the fatal accidents and would never let the fatal accident comes near (happen ) to them, not even scratching their skin ! 

Ø of miracles and amazing stories about monk who creates the tongkat.
Ø of superb physical appearance – beautiful hand craft
Ø of it ages and high renting price
Ø of want to have / own one, because my friends owned one !

Differs Tongkat with Various Purposes;

Ø Type 01 – Sacred toolfor phor mor / achan / monk
108 of usages / purposes (activate only with differs / specific khatas )
Endowed with six senses and prediction power s Thai Amulets world, my answer to them are; A real good tongkat does not require any khata akhom, as it already blessed with. What you have to do is just put your believe and faith in Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. Khata akhom only needed IF, we want to evoke / energize its power for certain circumstances.

Below are some of the SHAREABLE MAI THAW’S KHATA AKHOMS,  khata akhoms learnt from my gran style="line-height: normal; margin-bottom: 0.0001pt;"> Conquer, discard and dispel black magic / voodoo
Making holy water
Cure sickness and pains
Conquer the enemies / gun /sharp objects

Ø Type 02 - Wealth Fetching tool
Call upon wealth and prosperity
Blooming business chances and opportunity

Recite all the selected khatas trice ( in front of your bucha statues ). Wait until the incenses burnt and remove the plate from altar. Lit the 2 candles and 3 incenses ( from the plate ). Place the flower and the red packet with RM0.12 under any big tree. Memories the khatas by heart. If you are confident enough, burn the written khata paper under any tree.
Create a strong relationship
Enhancing / saving broken relationship

Ø Type 04 - Peace and Protection / Khan Phai
General safety from danger
Avoid mishap and unlucky occurrences
Ward off unlucky stars
Protect the houses /premises
Ward away back stabber
Chakh Phakh Kha Sakh,
Makh Aa Ukh,
Ukh Aa Makh.

Om Sithi, Om Sithi, OmSithi.
Sadhu ! Sadhu !


Ø Type 05 – the combination of type 01 to 04 features
Mai Thaw Roi Phet ( Tongkat 108 / various purposes )

Ø Type 06 – tongkat as black magic tool
Mai Thaw Maaw Phee ( Tongkat for socerer, witch-doctor, black magician, exorcist )

 As i said before, differs tongkat come with a differs design, equip with differs features, used differs materials and blessed with a differs khata akhom. Some tongkat are filled with sacred materials and inserted with khata akhoms in both of the head and bottom of the tongkat, some are just inserted with khata akhom plate in the top of the tongkat.

Any tongkat with inserted takrut and materials in the top ( head ) of the tongkat was the most common tongkat created.  It does not requires any complicated material, ritual and processes. By inserting a single takrut with inscribed khata akhom, the tongkat are ready to be used.

Phut Takh Sar Mikh, Nakh May Thikh, Nakh May Thikh, Nakh May Thikh
Nar Rar Arahang,
Nakh Makh Phakh Thakh

For the novice collector like me, we need to be more selective and sensitive in collecting the tongkat according to our requirements and wishes. We don't simply rent the mai thaw without knowing the exact purposes of renting, the exact design, features, and Khata akhom used to finish the tongkat. Sacred tongkat normally comes with specific rules, purposes and features. These rules, purposes and features laid within the tongkat. Sometimes it's just can be activated by chanting the specific khatas. Choosing and chanting the correct khatas will definitely evoke the power of the tongkat.

Phor Than Kong's Mai Thaw with both top and bottom inserted with sacred materials and khata akhom plates

Chau Khun Chan's Mai Thaw with both top and bottom inserted with sacred materials and khata akhom plates

Than Thit Mai Thaw Mahathera with both top and bottom inserted with sacred materials and khata akhom plates.

Than Thit Mai Thaw Mahathera with just top of the tongkat inserted / filled with sacred materials and khata akhom plates.

Than Noon Thaw Khan Phai with just top of the tongkat inserted / filled with sacred materials and khata akhom plates BUT can be used for both top and bottom because the khata akhom inserted were deep inside and suitable for various usages / both sides ( top andend ).


No Sweet Truth !

As we have discussed earlier, avoid the BUSINESS-ORIENTED, FAKES, INEFFICACIOUS and MADE BY UNQUALIFIED GURU MONKS / ACHAN tongkat. Below are another Qs and statements asked regarding the sacred tongkat;

·         Why I can’t feel the power of the tongkat ?

·          Does my tongkat really worked ?

·          My friend has a good tongkat, he put his tongkat in his car dashboard and he met with an accident. What a miracle, he suffered from a multiple broken legs and ribs but still alive.

·          A monk says his amulet just saved a man from a terrible attacked by a parang wielding man. He’s badly injured but the  amulet just saved him although had been admitted to the hospital for almost 1 month. It’s true ? Where can obtained   such   a powerful amulet?

·          I have rented one tongkat from wat ***** ***and made by * ****. I wore it together with his powerful phra pidta.While   driving back home to **** I met with an accident. Terrible accident which claimed two of my colleague lives and I suffered   a serious head injuries and losttwo of my left fingers. Thanks to the amulets and luang phor. What a superb tongkat and    phra pidta !

Well, it sounds great yet seducing. After a serious yet fatal incident, the victims are still alive. These incidents they claimed it as a miracle, strange phenomenon and solid proves of the miracle power of tongkat and amulets. Just ask yourself…........ frankly, if you are given two different amulets to be chose. One with a great stories of fatal accident and one is without any fiery stories. Which one do you prefer ? The one with fatal accident and the wearer was admitted in ICU for a serious injuries but still alive or the one which who wore it for almost 3 or 4 decades but still no sign of fatal accident occurred / happened to the wearer ?

Stop and think and rethink again……have u ever heard about fatal incidents / accidents happened to Wat Uttamaram, Somdej Wat Rakang, Wat Pak Nam, Wat Bang Krang’s amulets wearer ? As far as I concerned, there’s almost none of the fatal stories related to and if there’s a case, it just a minor and isolated accident with a minor injuries or bruise. If we observed those phenomenon wisely, most of the PROPAGANDA & FATAL stories about the certain amulets miracle were from the NEWLY MADE AMULETS and perhaps from the BUSINESS-ORIENTED, INEFFICACIOUS and MADE BY UNQUALIFIED GURU MONKS /ACHAN.

My grandpa used to say, a good amulet / tongkat doesn’t need a prove and series of fatal incidents / accidents as a solid evidence of its embedded power. The great superb power lies within the amulets/ tongkat. A good amulet will protect the wearer from the fatal accidents and would never let the fatal accident comes near (happen ) to them, not even scratching their skin ! 

Same goes with the tongkat, tongkat with a series of miracle stories would never help the wearer. The real good tongkat lies within and will definitely distract / discard the unlucky or  fatal phenomenon away from the wearer. That’s why you won’t experienced the fatal accidents.That’s why your tongkat doesn’t show any effects of unwanted signs and incidents.That’s why your tongkat seem like to be useless. It’s because.....ACTUALLY, YOUR TONGKAT IS REALLY WORKED !  Worked well, until not giving a chance to the unlucky star to come near and approaches you, as my grandpa said…….... “not even a single chance of scratching your skin !" That's why your tongkat / amulet seen to be DEAF - None of fatal iccident / accident happen to you !

In conclusion, if you, yourselves owned a good tongkat but the unlucky signs and occurrences still fall upon you then you need to worry about your tongkat / amulet. You should doubt about the power lies within the tongkat / amulet.

Merely sharing of thought !
As inexperienced and novice tongkat collector, my advised are……………..


IN A NUTSHELL, differs monk created the tongkat differently. They used a differs method, using differs material, followed the differs rules and wichah sciences, inscribing and inserting the differs khata akhom plates / papers, blessed, chanted and plug saeg with differs khata akhom. The sacred tongkat's secrets lie within the tongkat. These secrets sometimes remain unsolved and safe kept as a monk’s biggest secret.

Any comparison regarding sacred tongkat and monk must be made wisely. Neither one of us has a right to criticise, condemn, label nor judge tongkat or any person who wore in yellow robes ( monk ). Whether they are good or bad, qualified or not, it's not our right to say so. Everyone of us brings and bounds to our own past kamma. Our past kamma will definitely affects our present lives and kamma. We have a choice,we have our right to choose, the right to choose the good and the best, then choose it wisely ! Comparing and condemning will just worsen the situation. Think wisely..........   make a wise decision ...........  a  wise person will make a wise decision wisely; as the wise words say.......... Take It Or Leave It !

Merely Sharing Of Thought !

Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
Sadhu ! sadhu !

Wie.sukhihotu10 !


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. 以簡單的行為愉悅他人的心靈,勝過千人低頭禱告........................................

  3. Dear Wie,

    Have been following your blog for a while, very interesting articles & sharing from you.

    I plan to visit Kelantan (from KL), mainly to Siamese wats to pay respect & maybe, if have 'fate', to seek some items to rent. Please advice suitable wats for me to visit/trusty people to contact. FYI, I'm not seeking collection for business/trading, more for my own keepsakes - am at super-novice level really.

    My email:

    Sukhi hontu!

  4. Yes,I agree with u that nowadays temple come out producing tongkat for sales, for the sake of getting donation from the public. many want toown this tongkat,but does not know hcw to used it. I own one made by C.K.Chan which I used it for healing people who has been charmed. I was Than Dee's jom until he passed away. As I am now a Spiritual Healer,can also test the power of the tongkat with mun. My contact no: 012 9080321 ( Mr.Lee) or at Wat Mai every Friday,asked for Ah Kow jom Than Dee at the Temple.



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