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Food 4 Thought !

Food 4 Thought !

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rings ! Rings ! Rings ! 02

Sharing my another favourite ring ( Not from my grandpa but obtained from the Jawa Man, traditional medicine practiser ). The superb ring with the combination of 11 sacred teras and materials. Below is the testimonial paper. Stating the advantages of each sacred woods. Featuring some of the auspicious teras and its charactheristics. Some of the characteristics may not seem accurate to some people out there. As for me, the characteristics suggested below were gathered / learnt from my late grandpa and of course from my personal experiences. If there's any conflicts or differences in the characteristics stated. It's because of our knowledge background towards the teras thingy. I am neither to provoke nor try to be smart here. Just merely.....sharing !
Teras & Its Powers
00) Larak Salah makes the wearer invicible to their enemies, good to be used to avoid danger and mishap, persuasive and influencing purposes, taming your fussy misses or bosses
01)Buluh Tumpat khong kha phan chatri or invulnerability, protection against black magic, protect house from break in / theives
02) Raja Kayu king of all trees, general protection for your skin, protect your skin from sharp objects, defence & counter spiritual attack ( black magic ).
03) Kayu Senduduk Putih metta mahaniyom, metta maha Sanaeh, for charming purposes.
04) Teras Gemunggal / Kelo the most powerful tree, counters black magic, discard evil forces, insert bites antidote and repels evil forces.
05) Tempurung Buta invisible to your enemies, house protection again break in / thieves
06) Sulur Bertam protection, khong kha phan chatri or invulnerability.
07) Penawar Hitam defence & antidote for pain and inserts bite and poisonous plants.
08) Gading Gajah self protection, cooling down your temper, cure high fever, superb for kids protection
09) Paruh Burung Menilin antidote for poison / santau thingy
10) Kayu Tas Putih/Hitam healing, protection & tamer of wild animals.
11) Rotan Songsang defence from human betrayal, possess of charismatic, discard enemies and black magic, superb for kids that cry at midnite ( for evils thingy not insonmia plzz ! ).
12) Teras Kayu Menang / Laka good for influencing people, successful in whatever you are involve in ( Menang ! )
13)Besi Kuning Gong Pecah Ceribon increase your inner spirit, bravery, possess of charismatic power and amnaj, persuasive and influencing purposes
14)Path Nar Thang possess of charismatic power and amnaj, protection against evil forces, sharp object and even bullet, bring luck and prosperity
15)Lek Nam Phi bravery, possess of charismatic power and amnaj, protection, discard evil forces, bring luck and prosperity

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