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Food 4 Thought !

Food 4 Thought !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

“Mai Thau” or “Mai Kru” or "Tongkat" - Brief view

“Mai Thau” or “Mai Kru” or "Tongkat"

In Malaysia, ‘Mai Thau’ or tongkat or ‘Mai Kru’ or ‘Mai Thau’ is popularize by LP Khron of Wat Uttamaram, Repek, Teresek, Batu 3.

Some Mai Thau are made of wood, usually not any kind of wood but most Mai Thau have items embedded into the wood body for instances various kind of yant and khata akhom ( 7 kind of kradat wau used by LP Khron of Wat Uttamaram, Repek, Teresek Batu 3 ), unproccess gold, silver and coppers takruts, gold ore nuggets…etc . Different guru may differs in practise. Than Dam of Wat Mai Naparam also popular and well known of making Mai Thau.

Basically Mai Thau is ideal for individuals of ranks where one needs ‘Amnaj’ (firmness, authority and power) energy. It gives positive energy to the bearer of Mai Thau when handling people issues and managing people. Most negotiations are about power-play. People whom are constantly engaging in negotiations for business or arbitration or individuals whom are of legal litigation professions which may be expose to harm or threat are encourage to own and carry one.  Every Mai Thau may differs in energy. I have owned and experienced LP Khron’s Mai Thau, it is indeed exceptional and very strong.

My favourite Mau Thau Mahathera, Made by Achan Long Phor Khron ( Tok Raja ) for my grandpa and i inherited it from my grandpa. Tok Raja used kayu Teras Gemunggal. According to my grandpa, Teras Gemunggal ( check-out for the details about this special wood in June ! )is a powerfull and hard to obtain. Being used widely by Malay bomoh to discard or dispell black magic and ghost !

According to my grandpa, Tok Raja made this Mau Thau Mahatherak just for selected phor mors / bomoh ) and taught some effective khatas in order to make this mai thau more powerfull. [ khata to 'plug saeg' for both top and bottom of the mau thau, khata enhancing power of mai thau to 'khan Pai', 'khan khun sai','khan pee', 'tham nam bun', 'okh pai u bath ti head', ' khan tuar', 'khan barn' and khlew khad'. Other khatas ???? My grandpa didn't mentioned and taught me ! ]

My Grandpa will carry this mai thau with him by inserting it at his waist. During bedtime, my grandpa will put it under his pillow.

                                                                    Unidentify old Mai Thau !

Old Mai Thau by Chau Khun Khron and Chau Khun Chan [ Given to me to be kept by my grandpa in 1997 ]

Mai Thau made by Chau Khun Chan and unknown Kemuning Hitam Mau Thau[ Inherited from my grandpa ]. This is a very special piece and very limited. Made from Black Wood ( Kemuning Hitam . Very exceptional rare piece made from kayu kemuning ( There are many types of kemuning hitam, the most popular are kemuning and penawar hitam )

This Mai Thau’s secret ingredients are reveal by Chan Khun Chan of Wat Bangseet that follows Mai Thau traditions of LP Krone. The top and end of this Mai Thau body was inserted with different yant and materials. This piece is very strong, very suitable for spiritual healers or ‘Phor Mor’. It can be used in various kind of purposes and occasions. (to exorcise people being overpowered by negative energies, discard and expel evil spirit, making nam bun etc ) .

Chau Khun Chan Pen Tongkat....very rare and powerful wor !

Mai Thau Khan Phai, Than Noon. Wat Ariyakiri.

Mai Thau by Than Thit, Wat Macchimaram [ 2551 ]

Dear net readers, actually the Mai Thau is made without Phra Pidta on the top of tongkat( Pidta amulet was not made by Than Thit but some Wat Committee "order" it from amulets distributer in Bangkok but being sold as Than Thit creations - Than Thit did blessed the pidta ! ), but due to the poor distribution of the this pim of Phra Pidta, Wat committee had decided to combine Phra Pidta and Mau Thau as a new creation of Wat Macchimaram and Than Thit !

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